Six Yarnia Inspired Angels to Celebrate 90 Days Til Christmas!



I had so much fun making Angels using scrap yarn and cardboard cones from Yarnia that what started out to be an angelic duet turned into a choir of six!

The last time I was in Yarnia, I picked up cardboard cones and a couple bags of "scrap" yarn and a very sparkly cone end with the intention of making a couple angels to celebrate "90 Days til Christmas" using techniques similar to those used to make the Yarnia inspired Holiday Trees last year.

But one beautiful yarn covered cone led to another and another and another...


and before I knew it, I was taking notes and writing as fast as I could to capture ideas flying through my brain for wings and halos and hair to go with six angel bodies.


As you can see, there is a lot to share! So, every day this week, I am sharing the details for making one angel.

And today, I will share the basics that apply to them all - how to wrap the body and how to attach the head.

I am hoping to be clear and to cover everything you need to know to make your own angels; but if along the way you have any questions, please feel free to e-mail me with your questions or leave them here in comments.

What I love about this project is that it can be as simple or complicated as you wish to make it!  And angels can be made any size you like - even ornament size.

FYI the angels above were made using 7" cones and overall are close to 10" tall.

Kids will have no problems wrapping the bodies with yarn and then making folded paper wings and halos dusted with glitter.  Mom can help with the hot glue gun!

For the more advanced crafter, the angel body, wings and halo present lovely canvasses for creativity!


Fair warning - these tutorials are going to be  messy! There was no way, while glueing and sewing and cutting and beading, that I was going to clean up my work area every time I wanted to snap a process photo!

So things will look pretty much as they would if we were sitting at my craft table playing together!



All but two of the angel bodies were made using cardboard cones and baggies of bits and pieces of scrap yarn which are available at Yarnia.

Of course, if you have your own stash of bits and pieces of left over yarns by all means dive into it and find your angels!

Although styrofoam cone shapes could be used in place of cardboard cones,  I just really like working with cardboard cones - and I like their stability.

This tutorial will lead you through the steps for winding and glueing your yarn to the cone.

Aqua Angel's body (the sparkly one with the tin wings in the center of the second image at the top)  is actually a cone end found in a cone end grab bag. I happen to love the pattern Lindsey's magic machine creates as it winds yarn onto a cone, so I left the cone just as I found it!

And many of you will recognize the sock yarn Diane created at Yarnia last year. I still had a little left on the cone and used it "as is" for Folk Angel's body (far left in very first image at top).



After giving several options careful thought, I settled on using  1 1/2" wood balls available at most all craft shops.

Once all the fluffy hair is attached, 1 1/2"  heads seem to be in perfect scale to the 7" cones.


Other contenders - felted balls or styrofoam balls. It came down to the fact that I really like the warm, almost skin like look of wood.


Since any ball perched on that tiny narrow circle at the top on the cone could easily be tempted to fall off at the slightest provocation, I devised the following system for attachment that pretty much guarantees the heads are going to stay put.

1. Place your wood ball in a vice and drill a hole right through the center. My sweetie drilled my holes for me using one of those wonderful cordless drills and swears that it is easy as pie. So easy even I can do it!

But no thank you. I am not one to play much with power tools. I am very grateful to have a sweetie who plays with them so well!


2. Once the hole was drilled, he switched to a drill bit designed to created a nice little "counter sink" so when in place, the head of my anchor screw would not stick up above the surface of the wood.

It is a great idea and it works perfectly, but this step is not totally necessary because the fluffy hair will cover the top of the screw anyway.


3. Once the screw is dropped into the hole drilled for it, the angel's head is ready to be attached to the body.


NOTE: To prevent the vice surface from maring the lovely surface of your angel's face, place a bit of poster board or heavy paper in the vice as shown.

Yes.  Sadly we learned this the hard way. I now have a perfect candidate for a "pig pen angel"!


Tool tip: Most of the assembly was done using a hot glue gun. If you don't own one,  go get one! They are very inexpensive and will make many of your glueing chores quick and easy! Using my glue gun made all the difference in assembling my angels.

(Photo tip! Holding a hot glue gun and taking a photo at the same time - not a recipe for a sharp image!)

4. Place the tip of the glue gun right into the hole at the top of the angel body and squeeze a glob of glue inside. It is best to tilt your body at about a 45 degree angle so the glue won't just fall to the work surface.

5. Now add glue to the top edge of the cone.


6. Place the wood ball on top of the body pushing the screw through the glob of glue and holding firmly in place until the glue is slightly set.

The ridges in the screw provides a great bonding surface and with the screw anchored in the glue glob inside the cone, once the glue sets, the angel's head will remain in place.

Let the glue dry completely before proceeding.

So now we are ready to explore ways to make wings and halos and add hair! Join me tomorrow and every day this week, won't you?

Making the Red Angel (Lindsey)

Making Blue Folk Angel (This one is for Diane)

Making the Quilted Angel

Making the Beaded Snowflake Angel

Making the Wheat Harvest Angel

Making the "Littlest Angel" (tin wings)


Oh and before I go, I want to let international readers know that Yarnia now ships oveseas and provides a real time UPS shipping calculator right at check out!  How cool is that? 

So now anyone can create their very own yarn with the custom yarn creator no matter where they live!

Or order cardboard cones from the shop to make angels.

And Lindsey!  Since the red angel is your favorite, I am hereby officially naming her Lindsey! Thank you for inspiring me to play with cardboard cones and "scrap" yarn in the first place.

Happy "90 Days til Christmas" everyone!

Each one is breathtaking. You

Each one is breathtaking. You do some powerfully beautiful crafting, girl.

These are great and your

These are great and your tutorials are so easy to follow. Love them all! I'll be linking on Facebook :)

They're all amazing. Very

They're all amazing. Very creative!!!

What beautiful angels, Pam!

What beautiful angels, Pam! They definitely made me smile! Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos and great tutorial! Happy 90 Days to Christmas to you, as well! I'm about half done with my handmade Christmas gifts for this year, so I'd best get a move on it. Keep up the great work!
Big hugs,

These angels have a lovely

These angels have a lovely retro look! I love theme! :)

They are just delightful Pam,

They are just delightful Pam, you are so clever. It panics me to think only 90 days to go.

Wow those came out great! I

Wow those came out great! I cant wait to see the details on how you made them all.
: )

Hi I really like your angels,

I really like your angels, they are so beautiful an all different, as they have a personality.

Wow, Pam! Those are amazing.

Wow, Pam! Those are amazing. You know what I love? That I can see so many of your favorite crafts incorporated into one project - the tin punching, the weaving, the yarn winding. So, so good! I love how they each have a different personality - beautiful!

These look beautiful! I love

These look beautiful! I love how the yarn wrapping forms that pattern. Now I wish I'd have hung onto my end-of-the-cones from Yarnia instead of taking off the yarn and wrapping it into a ball. I love the use of the yarn painting on the wings of the blue one!