Yarnia Inspired Angels: Making a Beaded "Snowflake" Angel


Meet sweet and delicate "Snowflake"! She is the forth angel in the Yarnia Inspired Angels series and if you missed the others - you can find all six angels here and how to posts for the red angel, folk angel and quilted angel.

I just had to create an angel with beaded snowflake wings. A few years back, Diane turned me on to beading snowflakes. I completed at least 25 before putting the beads away - snowflakes enough to completely cover my seasonal tree every January.

Again, to create the body, scrap yarns are wrapped around and glued to a cone available from Yarnia. The how-to for wrapping is right here. Attaching the head instructions are here.

And the how-to for adding the beads near the bottom of the skirt is here.



I unwrapped each and every snowflake to find perfect angel wings!

If you have never made beaded snowflakes, I hope you will give it a try because they are so easy anyone can make them and once you have made one I just bet you won't be able to stop!

Here is a little video tutorial showing how to assemble a snowflake using one of the wire forms available at all craft supply shops this time of year.

And here is a text tutorial for a few different versions. If you want more - just Google "beaded snowflakes"!

If any of my readers have created a tutorial for beaded snowflakes, I would love it if you would share a link in comments.


You will need:

crystal and pearl beads of several shapes

24 gage wire

"crunchy" Styrofoam (saved packing material)

needle nose pliers


1. To create the little halo, I strung crystal and pearl beads on pieces of 20 gauge wire cut into pieces about 3 1/2" long.

2. Begin by making a 90 degree bend in one end of the wire - about 3/4" from one end.

3. Place your beads on the wire until you have about 3/8" remaining and make a little loop using needle nose pliers.

4. Make as many "halo rays" as you like - I made 5.

5. Cut a piece of packing Styrofoam (the "crunchy" kind NOT the soft plastic used for the wing braces in the red and quilted angels). The piece should be about 3/4' x 3/4" and about 3/8" thick.

6. Now, carefully open each of the 90 degree bends and insert the end of the wire into one end of the styrofoam. Bring it out near the other end and bend it nearly 180 degrees so that it is nearly flush or embedded in the Styrofoam.

7. Once all wires are inserted, gently but firmly squash the Styrofoam so that is is only about 1/8" thick.



1. Begin applying hair to the little head as is shown in this tutorial here.

Apply hair at the hair line near the face and the back of the head, but leave the area at the very back and near the top of the head open.

2. Place a glob of hot glue in the uncovered spot at the back of the head.

3. Place the back of the halo (the back is where  all the wires are coming out of the styrofoam) right into the glue and hold until the glue sets.


4. Now continue adding hair placing it where necessary to hide the Styrofoam.


Now the only thing left to do is to attach the wings!

Place a glob of hot glue about the size of a nickel at the back of the angel body where you want your wings. Press your snowflake right into the glue and hold until it sets, maintaining pressure the whole time.

If you make a nice round "glob" the glue will actually look almost like it is a part of the snowflake!


Back view! Looks pretty good, doesn't it? If you prefer, you can cover the center with a large bead or a button covered with glitter glue! Or sprinkle a bit of glitter into the glue before it sets.

Wheat Angel is up next!

Beautiful! I especially like

Beautiful! I especially like the wings. I think this one is my favourite

She's so pretty! You know how

She's so pretty! You know how much I love snowflakes too. At first I thought the blue Diane angel was my favorite but now that I see snowflake angel up close I think she might be my fav! Great job.