Yarnia Inspired Angles: My Littlest Angel


Almost named this angel "Trouble"! But all is forgiven now so that's not going to happen!

Instead, I have named her "My Littlest Angel" after the little angel in a much loved book (The Littlest Angel) remembered from my childhood. For a time the angel in the story just couldn't get the hang of things and kept inadvertently doing things that prevented him from getting his wings.

After trying on four different wings, my littlest angel finally found a pair she actually liked and  "got her wings".

Her lovely little halo is made of glass beads to match her sparkly dress and I set it on her head a little askew because, as I remember, the littlest angel's halo was never sitting quite as it should.

When I first finished her I was afraid she looked more like a "floozie" than an angel but Diane assures me that is not the case at all.

Her beautiful dress is actually a cone end  purchased at Yarnia. I loved the colors and the sparkle of the metallic thread, and of course the winding pattern created by the magical winding machine at Yarnia. I left the cone just as I found it.

Cone ends and gorgeous house blend yarns are available in the Yarnia on-line shop. And for creating yarn for that extra special Holiday gift, make up your very own custom yarn blend using the on-line custom yarn creator.

The tutorial for adding the head to the cone is here in the intro post. And the tutorial for adding the golden ringlets is here.


If you have been following the series, you will recognize this fabric originally destined to be her wings.  But in the end, these wings were better suited for one of her sisters. 

I should had known there was trouble ahead by how eagerly she gave them away!


In trying to come up with an alternative, I thought about this beautiful folded paper butterfly given to me several years ago. Definitely potential there.


I found a piece of aqua paper I have left over from the SCRAP packet of papers that I won a couple years ago on Dollar Store Craft. The color seemed perfect so I folded it and tied it in the middle.

It seemed a little too plain for her sparkly dress, however, so I brushed on some glitter glue and let the wings dry.


This is a great wing project for kids because it is so simple. But even though my angel and I liked the wing, it just didn't seem quite right.


So we tried another idea!

I have been saving those little clear disks that serve to keep the CD's from being scratched. Wings seemed like a very good use for one!

So I tested several glitter options - from applying glitter glue to applying Mod Podge and sprinkling with regular glitter.

"Sparkly Glitter Glue" in the color "Blue Moon" seemed to work the best. Most of the others acquired a definite pinkish cast once the glue dried.


So I covered one surface with a coat of glitter glue and let it dry - which took overnight. Every single coat took overnight. So this wing took almost a week to complete.


My original plan was to apply a coat to each side and create a fairly transparent sparkly wing. But unfortunately, the glue does not spread evenly and the areas of thick and thin glitter were not pretty. More coats needed.

After applying one more coat on the back side and two coats on the front to create density the CD looked very pretty sitting on the table!


But it still looked yucky when held in the same position it would be on the angel's body.


Another couple coats helped a lot. And while the last coat of glitter glue was drying, I got the idea in my head to drop a few of my little silver star beads into the wet glue to embellish the edges. And then I sprinkled white glitter in the same area.

I was getting desperate by now because my angel was getting crankier and crankier with each failed coat of glitter glue.


The wings aren't bad, but my angel didn't like them at all! The glitter was still uneven and the wings were just too small for her taste. She wanted really big wings. I wish she had been more clear about that from the beginning!


Well I do know how to make really big wings! I pulled out my aluminum roof flashing (that I use in place of tin because it does not rust), hammer and nail. I drew a pattern on the wings and punched it into the "tin" surface.

The tutorial for creating with "punched tin" can be found here.

Aluminum pie plates will work beautifully, by the way, and are discussed at the end of the above post.

I did not use a pie plate in this case only because missy angel - who was by this time not acting much like an angel at all - was so insistent that her wings be really big!

Actually, her wings turned out to be beautiful! And she totally loves them.


So one more look!

Use a hot glue gun to secure the wings to the angel's body in two places for stability. Hold them in place until the glue completely sets up - a minute or so.

The halo is made simply by stringing a few beads onto a 24 gauge wire and twisting the ends together. I did not glue the halo on to her head but you can if you like.

Some of you with sharp eyes will no doubt notice that in most of the pictures there is a bit of white fluff around her neck. Well, she grew to really dislike it and insisted it be removed.

Being the good mother that I am, I did so by  replacing it with a bit of lovely hand dyed yarn (from Kitchen Sinks Dye Works) left over from a pair of socks I made Diane.  Once I added a bead end and a hand blown bead,  I realized at once she was right.  This was a huge improvement and my littlest angel was thrilled!

And she has been behaving like a perfect angel ever since!

PS. If anybody wants the paper or CD wing - let me know.  It is yours.  First come, first served!

OK, I know I've said it

OK, I know I've said it before in your other posts but I really mean it this time- She is my favorite! Just gorgeous and brilliant. Definitely worth all the trouble, aggravation and extra pairs of wings! And I say that knowing we are alike and always want projects to jump right from our heads into reality turning out just how we planned on the first try.

Dear Pam I just loved loved

Dear Pam

I just loved loved loved the tin angel, please please authorize me to copy your idea as it is very beautifull. I do not have the cone but I believe can make one in hard cardstock and the wings are adorable.
I have so many cans available but I am not in the right moment to work with them but with something like this ... I believe I will make new angels for my outside creche.

all the best


Pam, you've done it again.

Pam, you've done it again. Lovely crafting and your troublesome angel is a delight. I think the more trouble they give you the more the really want your love. They are just being difficult to capture your attention. Wow, your home must look like a little piece of heaven at the moment.

Simply lovely. I just love

Simply lovely. I just love those punched wings.

She is so pretty! I remember

She is so pretty! I remember reading The Littlest Angel too. I loved the illustrations of that chubby little angel!

Even with all the complaining

Even with all the complaining I think in the end your little angel turned out to be just like she was supposed to. My family laughs at me when I tell them that a craft project just screams at you until you get it right and then there is peace.All your changes ended up for the best because this is another beautiful angel.

She is lovely! Ha ha, and I

She is lovely! Ha ha, and I never once thought she looked like a "floozie". :) I totally agree that the punched tin wings suit her perfectly!

I have always wanted to try that punched tin craft, I think I just may have a go at it soon. Where did your purchase your aluminum roof flashing?

Nice work on your littlest angel! :)

Your angels are so cute and

Your angels are so cute and beautiful. They are exactly as christmas angels should look like.