How I supported the Crafty Blogisphere in September


I could not resist this sweet little Knowme Angel hand made by potter Sharon Marston and offered for sale on her Etsy Shop Home Again Pottery.

In Sharon's story of her life with Knowmes, she writes that "for every Knowme there is a person who is a perfect match". Well - there is no doubt in my mind that this Knowme and I were destined to be together!

Be sure to read the full charming story of Sharon's life with Knowmes by clicking on "read more" near the top of the store page.

And don't miss the chance to find YOUR very own Knowme match right here on her shop!

Kimara at Wee Folk Art actually found three matches when she visited! And I can easily see how that could happen to anyone!

It is completely thanks to Kimara that I found my way into the Home Again Pottery shop in the first place. One look at Kimara's three teeny tiny Knowmes and I fell head over heels in love! I could not help myself.  I HAD to visit. And the rest is history!


I meant it when I used the words "teeny, tiny"! Here is an accidental shot I took while my sweetie was trying to help me position the little Angel Knowme so the crafty mess surrounding her would be invisible! Teeny tiny!


Tada! My new Dala stamp has arrived!

After ordering a Matryoshka stamp from Fanie's Etsy shop - "Fanie Grégoire",  I wrote her and asked if she would make me a Dala Stamp! I had to wait a bit because she was busy going to France!

But don't you think it was worth the wait? I sure do!


I also asked her to carve another Matryoshka (Russian Doll) stamp and a cup cake stamp so I can include them in the stockings I have made for the 2011 Stocking Giveaway.

Cute, cute, cute!

She has more of them all - Dalas, Russian dolls and Cupcakes - in her Etsy shop right now so pop over and grab one for yourself before they disappear!


This little set of stamps was a complete surprise!

The minute the envelope arrived, I of course tore right into it because I was so excited to lay my hands on the stamps! All of a sudden my mind registered - there are FOUR bags - I remember only ordering three stamps!

Then I "got" it! Fanie had carved me two little snowflakes and a gingerbread man! Gingerbread Snowflakes!

I would have never thought of this! But you can just bet that those stamps are going to find their way onto everything from personal notes to package labels! Maybe even gift wrap! Oh and gift tags!

I have asked my Sweetie who is much more computer literate than I to make me some cards for Gingerbread Snowflakes. Well, I think his job just got easier! These stamps are perfect! Now all he has to do is come up with a cool font for the letters! No illustrations necessary!

Thank you so much Fanie.

And thank you Kimara and Sharon for helping me find my very own Knowme twin.

I've wanted to get a few

I've wanted to get a few stamps made for quite some time. I'm going to pop over to her shop. Thanks for the link.

Such a cute little Knowme

Such a cute little Knowme Angel. The stamps look wonderful!

This month I picked up a couple new scarf patterns to crochet. I've been slowly buying a couple of her patterns her and there for awhile now. I'm sure I will be doing a bit more shopping before the month is over.