Perfect "Little Holiday Gift" Solutions!

Bracelets 056

Photo provided by Annie at A Spinner Weaver

This post was actually scheduled for a couple weeks ago - at the beginning of "90 Days til Christmas"! But my little band of angels had other plans and took over my life for a while!

Nevertheless, I have been anxious to share useful and pretty things two of my clever friends are making and selling in their shops.

And that would be - Key Fobs and Utility Bracelets!

I actually have considered this post for months, every time I dive into my purse to find my keys and they are easily found on my key fob! This has never happened to me before - finding my keys in my purse easily! It is a new and wonderful experience!

Annie over at A Spinner Weaver only recently started making the beautiful little bracelets (pictured above) on her Inkle loom.

You remember Annie - she made this beautiful woven belt (last one on the post) that I could not live without! And wouldn't you know it - now she is tempting me with gorgeous sari silk woven into a belt! Go check it out! Beautiful!

Of all the times to have to be good.  But I promised and I will be. But it is sooo hard.

Bracelets 014

Photo used by permission from Annie at A Spinner Weaver

As Annie sat weaving bracelet after bracelet - weaving is after all a very thoughtful and quietly inspirational thing to do - she realized that what started out as bracelets could actually have many, many other purposes!

A key fob for one!

Utility Bracelets

Photo from A Spinner Weaver

And for connecting things to things like water bottles to belts and lunch boxes to back packs!!

She refers to her utility bracelets as her "new kick" and you can read more and see more and learn more about their possible uses here!

Visit her shop and see them all! Aren't they beautiful? Bracelet, key fob or or utility bracelet - wouldn't they make really great stocking stuffers or teacher gifts? And aren't they the perfect answer to "what do I get for the office holiday gift exchange?"


Until about 6 months ago I had never even heard of the term "Key Fob"!

Robin, who hosts the totally cool Stocking Giveaway I am always talking about and blogs as RSISLAND CRAFTS, tucked this beautiful Tahitian Key Fob into the box with her little crocheted eagle that I won on one of her giveaways.

The zippered purse too! She made both and I often wonder now how I ever got along without either of them! I can't now, that is for sure!

july 2011 035

Photo by Robin at Rsisland Crafts

Robin has made lots of Key Fobs and you can find them here in her Art Fire Shop along with very cute Halloween (need a goodie bag?) and Christmas ( stockings for those who want only to stuff but not make!) goodness.

Her Etsy shop is still open too and if you are looking to crochet a Viking hat for your little ones, the patterns are available in the Etsy shop.

  When making her key fobs, Robin covered most popular sports - soccer, football, basketball... and there are key fobs for cheerleaders and even lady bug enthusiasts!

Again, perfect for those often needed little holiday gifts. Who wouldn't appreciate being able to find keys the next time they are looking!

There! Hopefully I have helped solve some of your difficult "little gift" quandaries - waaaaaay ahead of time!

I love these bracelets! I am

I love these bracelets! I am adding them to my idea list for Christmas. A vision of a woven book mark just popped into my head.


Those are beautiful, Pam! I

Those are beautiful, Pam! I can see why you are so tempted! Thanks for sharing Annie's wonderful work- these are a perfect idea for stocking stuffers!

It looks like Robin has a

It looks like Robin has a knack for choosing and combining pretty fabrics. The little zippered bag is lovely and you have a key fob to match! Funny how you hadn't heard of a key fob until recently and now you can't get by without one. I love practical and pretty things!
Thanks for featuring my Utility Bracelets.

Wonderful post Pam! I love

Wonderful post Pam! I love those bracelets in the first picture. At first I thought they were those friendship bracelets that most of us made at one point or other. It's funny but as I was reading the picture of your little pouch scrolled up and I thought WOW, I love that fabric. Then I realized how funny it was because I made the pouch lol. I guess I was too involved in reading the post.

I love all these little gifts that people are making. There is always a time when you need a little gift for someone you don't know that well. I like to keep a little basket with a variety of little gifts for those occasions.