Come Blog Reading With Me


I actually have another post planned for today! BUT as I am catching up in my reader this morning, I have just had a brain storm!

Since I am always, always behind, I have a lot to cover! And I do find some really good stuff - that is why I refuse to hit the delete button. Every blog in my google reader is there because I want to read it so why delete?

OK so here is the brainstorm! I am going to simply link right here to posts I am glad I didn't miss!

And I am going to try this out for a time to see if this idea of mine works for me and for you!


So here we go! Today's finds!

From Polish Mama on the Prairie:  Recipes for Cabbage Rolls and Polish Roasted Chicken!

From the Pickled Herring a link to a recipe for Polish Cookies - can't wait to try these!

Crafty Intrigue shared her very own knitted Basketweave Dishcloth Pattern - very cool pattern and great for gifts! I am so making these.

Adorable Santa gourds made by Chrysalis Art and God Gourds.

Most of you know that I am NOT into skeletons or skulls.  But just check out THIS totally cool Skeleton Wreath I just found on Tried and True!

And these amazing -and might I add beautiful -  skulls on MegaCrafty.

I never knew Cyn who writes Cynchronicity actually also writes a cooking blog called Little Red Apple Tearoom!  And just look at this excellent tutorial teaching the basics of canning! And you can find recipes for jam on her blog Cynchronicity!

Now go grab a cup of something warm and yummy and come back and read this post I just found on Cynchronicity31 Days of Family Fun: Dinner Time.  Everyone should read this post.  Inspiring.

Four Tips for Happy Pinning on Pinterest by Average Jane Crafter.  Soooo helpful and as I understand  it - timely!

Gracie's very first tutorial on Gracie's Universe How to make a scrunchie for your hair. (Gracie is Joanie's - Nini Makes - talented daughter who is writing her own blog!)

Really beautiful cross stitch lids for jams and jellies from Likety Split!

Danish friend Margit (Papirklip ogÆsker) is at it again making beautiful printables - this time a whole wreath with flowers and leaves to cut and assemble.

This poof!  Designed and made by Michelle Made Me!  Patterns and instructions are included! I want one bad!

Ok - enough reading for today! Crafting to do, posts to write and oh - cook for my sweetie!

How sweet of you to mention

How sweet of you to mention me! I have to check out these blogs now. I agree, I have so many blogs (including yours!) on my reader that I never get time to read, although I wish I could. I love the basketweave cloths idea.

Oh, wow. I forget how many

Oh, wow. I forget how many amazing websites there are... BESIDES the ones I have on MY blogroll!! Good grief!

If only I were two people. No! A dozen!

Of course, that would only be trouble.

I love the idea of these

I love the idea of these posts. Lots of good stuff here! My mum makes dish cloths just like that :)

Glad you enjoyed the Skeleton

Glad you enjoyed the Skeleton Wreath and thanks for the link!

There are some great links

There are some great links here. I like the skull project. Thanks for mentioning my blog too.

Great idea for a post. So

Great idea for a post. So many awesome links I would have missed if it wasn't for you! : ) And thanks for including me in your reader roundup.

Thanks Pam! I found some new

Thanks Pam! I found some new fun things. I like the skeleton wreaths and the canning lesson.

So many beautiful blogs to

So many beautiful blogs to keep up with, isn't there Pam? I've learned to accept that I simply cannot keep up. I've definitely changed the way I deal with all the blogs I follow. I've made some really great friends on-line; my goal is to support and encourage those friends. That core group of blogs, I will consistently read and comment. However if I see something really great or somehow remarkable from other blogs I read, I will also take a moment to comment. Otherwise I'm skimming up a storm I'm afraid.

I want to say thanks for having me on your list. That's just awesome and most appreciated. I like your link list idea. I may have to give this sort of thing a shot myself!

Take care Pam,


This was fun. Saw some

This was fun. Saw some interesting posts...although I don't do many crafts. I like this idea.

Pam, You are so sweet to have

You are so sweet to have mentioned me here! I really appreciate it. I hope you find some more goodies on the cooking blog - everything has been tested in my kitchen and are personal/family favourites. I'm having so much fun too with my 31 Days of Family Fun series...doing some serious reminiscing about special times shared with my daughter! Thanks again!