Toadstool Play Date With Diane!


Play dates with Diane are the best!

And this one was especially good for both of us because we got to learn to do something neither of us had done before!

And when learning something new goes as easily as it did this day, and the resulting craft turns out so well on the first try - well THAT is the makings for a perfect crafty play date!

Of course, before beginning, we had to have a lovely cup of Earl Grey Tea in very special tea cups!


Photo and felted toadstools by Donni - The Magic Onions

Remember the little kit I purchased from the Fairy Folk Shop last summer so I could make felted mushrooms for my Christmas Tree?

Well, I have been so busy, I haven't touched it.

When I offered making needle felted 'shrooms as a play date activity, Diane jumped at the suggestion!


Diane's 'shroom is the clever one on the right!

Those who know us well and who have crafted with us know full well that once the tea was gone and the roving and needles were sitting in front of us, all chatter ceased. The room was filled with the "big silence" as we intensely concentrated on our respective knots of roving.

Donni's tutorial for making tiny needle felted toadstools is very thorough and easily followed. You can find it right here on her blog - The Magic Onions.

After a bit of time spent acquainting ourselves with needle felting, the "big silence" began to be punctuated by giggles. And more giggles.

And then we were done! Two totally adorable mushrooms! The camera's came out and the giggling flowed freely!

And then we made two more! And we did not want to stop!

So I divided my kit and shared half with Diane so we could both make lots of little 'shrooms for our trees.



You can find Donni's kit right here in her Fairy Folk Shop. The price for the kit is very fair and includes two felting needles, a felting pad and enough roving to make 10 little toadstools.

The instructions are included and also appear, as I mentioned, on her site.  And she has designed the pattern so that absolute beginners will have success on the first try!

Donni is very clear about one thing - if you make just one of her little toadstools you will be hooked!  She is not kidding! I am!  Diane is! And all it took was one!

Don't you think there should be a needle felting play date in your future?


I dabble in needle felting,

I dabble in needle felting, and I can only recommend it warmly. Shrooms are a great project for beginners, and they make you happy- without the need to eat them! ;) Pam, I think that next time my Mum visits us, I will have to craft with her, your happiest, sweetest posts always involve Diane :)

HA!! This made me giggle. I

HA!! This made me giggle. I love those little things!

Hmm...I know another crafty

Hmm...I know another crafty mama that just *LOVES* red and white mushrooms. She'd sure love one of these for her tree!

The little mushrooms so so

The little mushrooms so so cute. I haven't done any needle felting. I could see myself trying it though. I have seen some very cute needle felting projects.

Thanks for sharing this Pam-

Thanks for sharing this Pam- the mushrooms you both made are perfectly adorable and I'm thinking this kit may make a good gifty for my Mom. (love your 'tea' at the top, too!)

Isn't needle felting so

Isn't needle felting so addicting?! Your 'shrooms turned out adorable, no suprise there! :)

I love the little toadstools!

I love the little toadstools! I bought a needle felting kit a while back, I definitely need to bring it out and play.

They came out great! I love

They came out great! I love needle felting- it's so much fun.

The mushrooms are perfect!

The mushrooms are perfect! They would be so pretty on a all red/white Christmas tree!

So cute, and how nice do they

So cute, and how nice do they look on the branches. I've never done anything with felting so I can just imagine how much fun you and Diane had this day.