Check Out This Very Cool Book "Knitted Christmas Stockings"!


I hope you are not too tired of me mentioning the Christmas Stocking Giveaway that Robin at RSISLAND CRAFTS is hosting again this year.

It's just that I am just so excited! I feel like Santa Claus every time I think of something more to hide in the stockings!

And now, to top thing off, Robin is holding random mini mystery giveaways between now and Nov. 28th (THE official giveaway post date) and I won the very first one!

The prize? I couldn't believe my eyes when I opened the envelope to find this book! "Knit Christmas Stockings: 19 Patterns for Stockings and Ornaments".

Edited by Gwen Steege, the book includes designs from nine talented contributors and is published by Storey Books.

What could be a more perfect mystery gift?

Robin gives all the details about the giveaway here and as I understand it, there will be more drawings so keep an eagle eye on her blog and and put your name in the hat!

Read more about how to participate in the Christmas Stocking Giveaway here or click on the Stocking giveaway button on my side bar. (It is there thanks to my sweet daughter who takes such good care of her mother!)

You don't even have to make a stocking to play - purchased stockings work just fine!

Each blogger who is joining in holds a giveaway on their own blog for their own stocking. Robin simply hosts the giveaway by providing a link on her blog to all the other stocking giveaways so that there is a convenient way to find all the Stocking Santas.

Once the stockings are posted, you can go to as many giveaways as you like and enter!

Lots of chances to win a stocking!


Image taken of a page in "Knit Christmas Stockings"

I love my new book! Thank you Robin!

"Knit Christmas Stockings" is going to get a lot of use! Like stockings for next year's giveaway!

One thing I really appreciate about this book is that it is so clearly written and includes great information and basic "how-to". This is not always the case with knitting books.


And stockings patterns are both simple and....


more challenging. But with these instructions, I have no doubt I can successfully complete any one of them!

AND there are even patterns for ornaments! Little bitty socks, mittens, sweaters and felted stars, trees and hearts!

The book has been out awhile - since 2003 - but it is worth seeking out if you want a really great reference for knitting Christmas Stockings.

And one more time - THANK YOU ROBIN! I love my new book!

I'm glad you like your book.

I'm glad you like your book. Happy knitting!!