Gorgeous Dala Horses to Keep Your Eyes Happy While I Am On a Break!


A beautiful surprise from Sweden!

My sweet friend Sasha sent me the most gorgeous Dala fabric in the whole wide world!

It arrived about two weeks or so ago and I am still just in awe every time I look at it!

The very minute Halloween is over, this beautiful fabric will be spread out on my dining table so I can enjoy it every single day.

I still just can not believe Sasha went to all the trouble to send me this amazing gift. She has her hands full with four beautiful children and her blog Squashed Tomatoes where she shares all their most excellent adventures.

Sasha's primary purpose in writing her blog is to create a journal, a scrapbook if you will, of family adventures so that her children can return to it as they get older and enjoy the fun they had all over again.

As a result, her writing is from her heart and the adventures shared are real life adventures. I love her blog even though my children are all grown up!

Anyway - back to the fabric!

I am taking a little time off from Gingerbread Snowflakes. We are very busy with our October activities at the Pumpkin Patch and I have lots to do to get ready for November 1st when I officially begin the Winter Holiday Season.

My THIRD Blogiversary is November 1. So be sure to check in as I have THREE prizes to give away to celebrate!

I may or may not pop back in with a post between now and then - right now i don't know.

But I am leaving you with these delicious images of my Dala Horse Fabric to keep your eyes happy til I get back!


"Leksand" design: Carola Bengtsson-Malmstrom ARVIDSSONS TEXTIL, Sweden


Don't you love the flowers too?


I can't get enough of looking at this fabric!


See you soon!


Oh you naughty girl to point

Oh you naughty girl to point me over to Spoonflower where I sink into the millions of pretty things for hours...

Hello sweet friend. Not much

Hello sweet friend. Not much time to visit these days but as you are on a break you probably aren't missing me ;)
Hope you're having fun with your pumpkin patch craft adventures and that autumn is treating you nicely. "See" you soon.

Definitely a gorgeous gift

Definitely a gorgeous gift Pam! Lucky you.
Apologies for not being around much, ahem....ahhhh not at all, but I hope you enjoy your break from blogging. If I don't manage to get back before, many happy returns for your most wonderful 3rd anniversary! Yay!!!
p.s. Many thanks, right from my heart, for thinking of me with those links you sent me. Big hugs. x

Isn't this a great time of

Isn't this a great time of year?! I always look forward to your pumpkin patch adventures and your holiday posts! You do the holidays better than anyone.

Beautiful fabric! Enjoy your

Beautiful fabric! Enjoy your break from blogging. I hope you aren't so busy that you can't take a bit of time here and there to do something you enjoy.

Been trying to find this

Been trying to find this fabric locally (within the US) without much luck (not even any in Lindsborg Kansas this past week!) I'd love to make table runners or bags for daughters and daughters-in-law!

Pam! I just checked out your

Pam! I just checked out your blog for the few time this week - and what should I see?! :() I'm so glad you love it! You deserve it for being such a generous blogger and an inspiration to people like me! It IS beautiful isn't it?!!!! xxx

Yup, a very pretty fabric

Yup, a very pretty fabric indeed, and it is just perfect for you, in all those happy colours. :-) I hope you take care and don't do too much stuff when the busy seasson comes around.

Beautiful fabric, lucky you,

Beautiful fabric, lucky you, enjoy your break from blogging. See you soon

How lucky are you to get this

How lucky are you to get this amazing fabic?! This is so adorable, I love everything about it - the horses, the flowers, the colors...beautiful!! I can't wait to see it in action! :)

Enjoy the break! I'll be

Enjoy the break! I'll be looking forward to your return.