Partridges and Snowflakes! How I Supported Crafty Bloggers in October


Some of you might remember seeing my beautiful snowflake ornament from Colleen at Some Art Fabric. It was sent as a gift along with the beautiful dove I ordered from her collection of Recycled Holiday Ornaments made from pop - mostly Coke - cans.

Well, I have just ordered two more so I can include one in each stocking I am giving away in the Stocking Giveaway 2011.

Look closely at the detail in the snowflake - notice the sweet little transparent plastic snowflake mounted right on top. And look at how beautifully the edges are turned under.

Colleen has worked hard to develop her skills and the results show it. I don't see how an ornament made from recycled Coke cans could be more professionally finished.


Just had to throw in the back view. Who ever knew recycled Coke cans could be so pretty?

You will find the same quality workmanship in her Recycled Soda Can Jewelry and her Sugar Skulls to celebrate Day of the Dead.

A huge part of Colleens business is in selling fabric through Some Art Fabric.  You might want to read a little about Colleen and how she came to create her business here.

Learn more about the fabrics on her home page where you will find a sidebar full of links to all parts of her site.  Don't miss the Christmas fabrics!


I can not wait to begin making Partridges for my Christmas Tree!

I just ordered this brand new pattern from Joanie at Nini Makes. The three page pattern includes patterns for two big partridges, two small partridges, pears and instructions for making - clearly illustrated with color photographs.

Joanie is offering her new - just in time for the holidays - patterns right here where you will also find several other beautiful patterns available.

You can order the "Partridges and Pears" or her newest arrival "Mistletoe Kisses" right now! An adorable little Gnome pattern will be available very soon (she gave me a sneak peak!).  And it IS adorable! Keep an eye on her blog for the announcement! Should be any day now.

Joanie is selling her patterns on a donation basis and you can read about that here. For myself, I donated what I would have paid had I ordered a similar pattern from other sites selling embroidery patterns.

Joanie has provided so many free patterns and projects the past many years she has been a part of the crafty blogiverse, and I am hoping this experimental effort will be welcomed and supported by all.


Close-up detail of marshmallow men embroidery on an apron gift from Rachel.

I will be back on Tuesday - November 1st to celebrate my third year anniversary with a few giveaways! And then - it is officially Christmas on Gingerbread Snowflakes!

Love the little embroidered

Love the little embroidered marshmallow guys - what a cute idea!

Remember that bit about

Remember that bit about dabbling? Add embroidery to the list!

You're such a sweetheart!

You're such a sweetheart! Thanks for your bloggy support and always the kind words.

Oh those can ornaments are

Oh those can ornaments are really beauteous. The recycling-ness is just an added bonus!

Looking forward to seeing your partridges; they'll make such pretty (and fitting) additions to your tree!

Oh and by the way Pam, I was surfing the net the other day and accidentally came across your mosaic eggs. You know what I mean? I thought these were just the most awesome things I'd seen in a long time (and I definitely want to make some someday), and when I found out it was you who'd created them I was thrilled! "Hey, I know her!" I thought to myself proudly. Funny eh? Anyway thought I'd let you know that I think they're great (and so are you)! :)

Can it really be almost

Can it really be almost Christmas time?! wow. I feel so behind! I love the recycled coke can ornament, so very clever. I would be afraid I'd slice my fingers when working with any type of can cut up...but I can be quite clumsy. :) Have a good weekend!

Very nice! Thanks for sharing

Very nice! Thanks for sharing all these great products and ideas. I'm going to pop over to their sites and check out all the other goodies! Your site makes me look forward to the holidays.

These are wonderful Pam.

These are wonderful Pam. Thanks for sharing them with us.