Happy Third Blogiversary To Me Tralalalalalala...


Father Christmas Dolls I put out every year on November 1.  Hand made gifts from Diane.

Three whole years! Three years since my sweet daughter - most of you know her as Sister Diane at Craftypod - finally succeeded in talking me into writing a blog.

She started in on me VERY EARLY IN 2008 and I would always say something like "no way, thank you"! And then, as many of you already know, she figured out how to get to her mother - suggesting a blog about Christmas that would only last for two months!

Well, it worked - clever girl! And three years later Gingerbread Snowflakes is still a happy and rewarding place for me to be! And hopefully for you too!


Of course, being that this is November 1st, my blogiversary ushers in the Winter Holidays! The next few days, there will be posts designed to share why I spend such a long time celebrating Christmas and the Winter Holidays, upcoming blog events and favorite places to shop for hand made Holiday gifts!

Next week is the first of two full weeks filled with  tutorials for making holiday crafts and decorations, and tips for surviving the Winter Holiday Season!

November is mostly centered on making and December is mostly about celebrating! I will be joined by several lovely friends who will be sharing holiday customs around the world. Doing all the research for the December posts has really put me in the holiday mood! I have been humming holiday tunes for weeks now!


I just wanted to take a few minutes to give you a little tour of my site.

Diane installed some pretty little hearts at the top of my sidebar recently. The orange heart on the left will take you right to a page where you can subscribe in your own reader. The red heart in the middle takes you right to my Pinterest page! And the white heart take you to flicker.

We have had so many requests for e-mail feeds that Diane added the option to receive my blog posts by e-mail!

You will see lots of colorful pictures of crafty goodness below the "about me" message. Click on any one of them to go right to the tutorial.

Below that - last year's cookie recipe exchange and direct link to the Stocking exchange page. More about them in a couple days.

Now this is the feature I really want to clarify! "Join My Flickr Group!".

Gingerbread Snowflakes at Play is designed to accomplish two things. One of course to create a display of seasonal tutorials from the Gingerbread Snowflake files. I change them every season. Click on any image and it will take you to the flickr page where in comments you will find a link to the tutorial! Sort of like an instant guide to seasonal tutorials.

The other purpose is to give readers a place to share pictures of their own creations made using tutorials on Gingerbread Snowflakes. And what is my hope is that in comments you will share a direct link to your own blog.

Diane has set this feature up so that it constantly rotates the most recent images so that your contributions will appear right there on the side bar and readers can then link right to you through Flickr. I am hopeful, more of you will take advantage of this feature so other readers can visit your blogs easily.


And now that all the business has been attended to - it is time to celebrate with Blogiversary Giveaways! There are THREE!

I am following this post with three separate Giveaway posts so you can leave comments on only those giveaway items you are hoping to win! Or enter all three! Just leave a comment. Why you like the holidays,  gifts you are making, your favorite cookie or a love note to me!  Whatever you want!

I asked Diane about a year ago why it is that so many of my long time blogging buddies don't enter my giveaways and her reply was that she thinks it is because they want to give others a chance.

Well, just so you all know, when I offer a giveaway it is always offered with everyone - including my friends - in mind! So don't be shy - put your name in the hat. Three times if you like!



Congratulations Pam, sorry I

Congratulations Pam, sorry I missed the exact date. Been busy with family and stuff and well time has passed so quickly. I wonder if I will see one year let alone three. Well done and you should be congratulated on your generosity the winners of your give-aways are lucky indeed.
I've got so much of your blog to catch up on it's going to take a pot of tea not a cup.

Well, this is the problem

Well, this is the problem with neglecting your feed reader ... you miss big milestone post like this one! Congratulations, Pam! I'm so happy that you started blogging because it gave me a chance to get to know you. You are a joy! xoxo!

Happy happy 3rd

Happy happy 3rd blogiversary!!! I'm looking forward to may more years! :()

Happy blogiversary to you,

Happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary to you, happy blogiversary, Dear Pam, we are grateful for you....and many more


Happy bloggiversary! I think

Happy bloggiversary! I think someone should nominate you as Fairy Godmother of Beginning Bloggers, because you have helped so many of us with your words of encouragement! Looking forward to many more (hopefully burnout-free) years of your beautiful photographs and projects.

Happy Blogiversary to

Happy Blogiversary to you,
Happy Blogiversary to you,
Happy Blogiversary Dear Paaaaaaaaaam,
Happy Blogiversary to you.

Congratulations on your three

Congratulations on your three years, Pam!!! That is so great. :) It's amazing how they build up after awhile, isn't it?!

I love the Father Christmases Diane made - those are fabulous! And I love that last scene with Rudolf and the snow monster, too. So cute! :)

Your comment about people not entering giveaways is so intriguing. I normally don't either, and I'm sort of happy to find that others think the same thing. If only because the side of giveaways one normally hears about is the frenzy of commentors who never return or add to the conversation otherwise. I have entered a few when I was really dying for something, but normally don't because I don't want my friends to think I'm in it for the stuff. :)

I'm so excited to see all of your holiday posts & share this season with you!!


Dear Pam It has passed a year

Dear Pam
It has passed a year in September that I found your blog and since then never let it go. I love to read your posts ... congratulations and see you next year.


Happy Three Years!! That is a

Happy Three Years!! That is a great accomplishment! Thank you for posting so many great things. I don't read and comment very often, I'm in school and hope to graduate in the spring, but when I do visit I am always happy. :)

How fun to have a Class to go

How fun to have a Class to go to and then have Show & Tell!

When I was learning to sew, I signed up for a quilt block of the month. I paid for the first block with the fabric and directions. When I brought it back completed the next month, I got a directions and fabric for a new block. Not too overwhelming but some accountability.

Thank you for not being overwhelming and for providing accountability by asking us to share.

Happy Blogiversary my friend!

Happy Blogiversary my friend!

Congratiolations! I remember,

I remember, that you wrote that you only would post on your blog until Christmas, I was rather sad about that, but then you continued, and I was happy again.
It has always been a great time reading your blog.

Congratulations Pam! I'm only

Congratulations Pam! I'm only slightly over 6 months and feel like that's an accomplishment, but THREE YEARS -- I'm in AWE!!!!