Third Blogiversary Giveaway #3




The winner of this giveaway will be showered with Spoonflower goodies!

Part one of the "Spoonflower Giveaway" - I will be sending the winner two 9" stockings cut from Noel en Russie by Nadjia Petremand which I ordered earlier this year from Spoonflower. There are a total of 6 stockings on this one yard of fabric and I ordered it with the intention of sharing!

Nadjia is one of my favorite designers on Spoonflower.  Check out some of the fabulous designs featured on her Spoonflower page.


One of my two "Giveaway Stockings" this year is also from this fabric!

I am including two stockings so you can maybe keep one for yourself and make one to participate in the 2011 Stocking Giveaway later this month.  Or simply make them as gifts for your favorite children! If you back them with felt, you can actually make four stockings!

Picture 4

Part Two of the "Spoonflower Giveaway" - the winner gets to select two ornaments from the top ten winners of the Spoonflower Hanging Ornament Contest.

Here is the winner of the contest! (You must link to see it but it is worth the trip!) And I am especially excited because for the very first time ever one of the patterns I voted for actually not only got in the top ten but it is the winner! This never happens!

I am ordering the wining pattern for my own tree, but you might prefer a gingerbread man with a half eaten head, or a Dala Horse, or beautiful little tea pot! Select two and I will have them shipped to you from Spoonflower!

What I think is really great is that the contest was set up so that one ornament would fit on an 8"x8" swatch so that you can order several swatches and get several different ornaments!

Great idea Stephen and Kimberly! Thank you!

To win the two stockings and the two Spoonflower ornaments, leave me a comment on this post before 6:00pm PST on Saturday, November 5th.

The giveaway is open to everyone including internationals.

Good luck everyone! And Happy Winter Holidays!

Eep! Your giveaways are just

Eep! Your giveaways are just so lovely, Pam! :-) Can I be in this great one? :-D

I'm probably too late to join

I'm probably too late to join in with the competition (am in the UK and have NO idea what time it is over there!), but thought I'd take the opportunity to say hello and thank you for creating such a fabulous blog. I stumbled across it just over 2 years ago when my son was a tiny, non-sleeping baby and would sit up at night while he was refusing to sleep reading it. I've tried out a good few of your ideas and you have me hooked on Mod Podge!

He's now nearly 2 and a half and usually sleeps much betterso I have less time to catch up on your blog, but he's been vomiting tonight (fun), so here I am.

I really do love your writing. It's pure comfort in blog form.

Lise x

have enjoyed your blog for

have enjoyed your blog for almost all 3 years! you are very talented and your tutorials are great. thanks for the opportunity to win.

Well, I'm just in time! I

Well, I'm just in time!
I want I want I want!

Spoonflower is groovy, isn't it?

Goodness! What beautiful

Goodness! What beautiful fabrics! 'Spoonflower' just do the most wonderful fabrics! I have to say, I do love the owl and the gingerbread man..... and the teapot is so unusual!

Just discovered your lovely

Just discovered your lovely blog. Very fun!

This is my first time seeing

This is my first time seeing your blog. I love the winter holidays, also. Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Whoo Hoo! What fun! I'd love

Whoo Hoo! What fun! I'd love a chance to win and help you celebrate! Congratulations on three years, Pam! Wow!! I can't wait until I get to 3 years and beyond!

Oh my gosh! I have never

Oh my gosh! I have never seen Spoonflower before, and I am totally in love! Thanks so much for sharing this with us,and congratulations on your blogversary!

Spoonflower is awesome. I

Spoonflower is awesome. I have purchased several wonderful fabrics from them.

So cool! I love adding new

So cool! I love adding new handmade ornaments to the tree every year.

How fun, and very generous! I

How fun, and very generous! I love Scandinavian everything! And thanks for new ideas in creating lovliness!

These are beautiful fabrics.

These are beautiful fabrics.

Those stockings are so so

Those stockings are so so beautiful! Consider me entered!

These Christmas stockings are

These Christmas stockings are so beautiful I am going to go and order some right now. Happy blogiversary and thanks for sharing with everyone .

oh, I do love Spoonflower.

oh, I do love Spoonflower. Off to peruse those ornaments now!

Happy Blogiversary! I bet it

Happy Blogiversary! I bet it is exciting, I can't wait until I get to my own! PS. The ornaments are adorable!

I'm a spoonflower fan and

I'm a spoonflower fan and love these Christmas fabrics. Happy blogiversary!

Pam, I have been thinking of

Pam, I have been thinking of what pattern I will be ordering from Spoonflower ever since you first mentioned the website on your blog! There are soooooo many to choose from but each
Is just as beautiful as all of them. Nancy

Happy Blogiversary Pam. What

Happy Blogiversary Pam. What a generous giveaway! Love Gill.

Happy "Blogiversary" Pam -

Happy "Blogiversary" Pam - What a generous giveaway!
(I wonder when that word will make the dictionary...or has it already?)
It is amazing how our shops are suddenly all done up for Christmas. Time to get sewing, I guess. Gill

Happy Blogiversary Pam - how

Happy Blogiversary Pam - how generous you are to do not one but three giveaways!! These stockings are gorgeous - what a great idea!!

Congratulations for your 3

Congratulations for your 3 years of blogging!!!
Finger crossed for me :)

(What happened with Bustle&sew giveaway? I'm a winner, but I haven't received nothing yet. Can you help me?)

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Pam!

Happy 3rd Anniversary, Pam! So exciting! Thanks for these fantastic giveaways! I can't wait to start listening to Christmas music!
Big hugs,

Oh my gosh, I'm glad you

Oh my gosh, I'm glad you linked to the winners! A couple that I voted for also won! That's so great. I'm off to buy a few swatches now. Can't wait to include these in our holiday crafting.

Ack! Bugger... this looks

Ack! Bugger... this looks like I am entering for the giveaway which I am not, so just take my comment reference out of, please, Pam. Just letting you know that I deeply appreciate your continued support and friendship, and that you are one of the reasons I finally got back into blogging. We have never met, but you are a source of inspiration that reaches far beyond mere craftiness. You are one of those people that make me just. plain. happy.

Happy anniversary! And thank

Happy anniversary! And thank you for offering this giveaway!

Happy Anniversary Gingerbread

Happy Anniversary Gingerbread Snowflakes! Those stockings are adorable. Thank you so much for all of your inspiration this past year, you get me so excited about Christmas.

What an awesome giveaway!

What an awesome giveaway! Now that Halloween is past, I'm starting to totally focus on Christmas crafts and both these would be wonderful! Thank you for the chance to win.


These are so nice! You are

These are so nice! You are so nice! Happy 3rd blogiversary again!

I love all of these! I was

I love all of these! I was looking earlier for something like this but couldn't find it. :)

What wonderful fabrics. Great

What wonderful fabrics. Great idea for a giveaway- thanks Pam and Happy Blogiversary!