Celebrate St. Nicholas Day with Cookies and Stockings!


Gracie is all ready for the holidays and not so patiently waiting!

Waiting is not something I am finding easy these days either!

Spent the whole day yesterday taking "beauty shots" of the upcoming tutorials and now I am going crazy having to wait to share!

There are two very special events coming up the end of this month and hopefully many of you will participate! I am giving you a little heads up now so you can prepare and mark your calendars!

In The Netherlands, the celebration of the Feast of St. Nicholas begins the last part of November and both events have been scheduled to mark the beginning of that celebration.


Robin is hosting the 2011 Stocking Giveaway beginning November 28th. Oh! I have mentioned that about 50 times already this year? Sorry!

I hope that some of my friends and followers will join in. Maybe I am a little crazy, but really, I have been having a ball planning and making and stuffing my stockings this year! There are goodies for celebrating St. Nicholas Day, and St. Lucy Day and Guadalupe Day and cute little hand made stamps and...!!

All you need to do is to make or purchase a Christmas stocking - any size, any design. If you like, you can tuck in a few surprises for the recipient but this is not necessary.

Then you host a giveaway on your own site for your stocking and also add your name and blog link to the linking system on Robin's Stocking giveaway site. You can even link in now and get that out of the way!

She has a button all ready for all participants. Everything you need to know about signing up and participating is right here.


Look for this button to appear on my sidebar on November 30th! It will take you to the 2011 Cookie Recipe Exchange! And I am hoping lots and lots of you will join in and share your favorite holiday cookie recipes!

All you have to do is to make a post on your own blog sharing a picture of and recipe for your favorite cookie - or cookies! Then, using the fabulous Inlinkz system, you will be able to add a picture of your cookie and a direct link to your cookie recipe post to the Cookie Recipe Exchange!

If you want to see what that looks like, click on the side bar button from last year - the one with all the sugar cookies on it or follow this link!

Diane and I decided to leave last year's link in place so you can sample some of the recipes shared last year. I hope to see lots of old and new cookie monsters joining in the exchange this year!

Some of my online friends are not bloggers and yet wanted to participate last year so they sent me the recipe and I posted it for them. I am willing to do so again this year for anyone who does not have a blog.

Mark those dates! November 28th and November 30th.

Um, love the cookie idea too,

Um, love the cookie idea too, entered in diary and ready to play. I must go and finish my stocking first up.

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..." , the songs are slowly ringing in my ears, and my heart is getting that warm and fuzzy feeling! Both of these blog parties sound like a blast, so I'll be signing up! Thanks for sharing Pam!!

Pam, I hope I hope I hope

Pam, I hope I hope I hope that I can join in on both of these swaps. I would love to do the stocking swap. It sounds SO fun! I think I'm going to have it all ready before she even posts it. I always run up on my deadlines!

Your cookie recipe swap is groovy. You can bet I'll be here.

Thank you for reminding me of

Thank you for reminding me of Saint Nicholas day! I am planning something special (if it turns out! LOL)
We had something the other day and I thought of you and how you might enjoy it...Sugar Skull Soul Cakes!

Thanks for the link-up Pam!

Thanks for the link-up Pam!

I was thinking the other day about your cookie recipe exchange. My kids are interested in making cookies this year so I know I will be checking out everyone's cookies this year.