How to Weave a Heart Shaped Ornament


Meg over at MegaCrafty has invited all of us to join her Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge and decorate your Christmas Tree with only handmade ornaments.

As if I needed more handmade ornaments! But I am joining in anyway! Can't help myself!

Given the fact that my poor old tree is already groaning in it's box just thinking about the weight of all the ornaments soon to be hanging from its branches, I may not make quite as many new ornaments as Meg will, but I will make and share a few just for the fun of the challenge!

Read all about Meg's Handmade Christmas Tree  Challenge and then be sure to check out Meg's first "ornament" - a felted ball garland! You won't want to miss the tips in her tutorial for combining two techniques for wet felting!

The sweet little woven heart ornament above is the first ornament I made just especially for this challenge.

Don't know why, but for some reason I love hearts on Christmas trees! And this one is very easy and quick to make. Great afternoon project for kids and moms alike!


Instructions for making and weaving on a portable cardboard loom are right here. And if you like, you can make your ornament double sided using the instructions found here.

I decided to keep this one as simple as possible so I only wove on one side of the loom using Diane's beautiful tutorial for weaving on a cardboard loom on Craftstylish; and then backed the ornament with felt. Note: I tend to pack my weft yarns pretty tight, but a more open weave is fine too.

Once your woven fabric is completed and removed from the loom, follow the instructions below to create your ornament.

NOTE: If you are not into weaving but like the look of the ornament, you can easily substitute burlap or another similar woven fabric.

I used a heart because I am into hearts! But simple shapes like circles, triangles(trees), or stockings work just as well! Just keep the shape simple. (You can see the little woven tree ornament I made in July here).

In the tutorial below, I will use the word "heart" to mean whatever shape you have chosen in the hope it will keep the instructions simple.


1. Make a paper heart ornament pattern and cut it out.

2. Using the heart ornament pattern you have just cut out, cut the shape out of felt.

3. Now using the same paper pattern, cut a heart out of cereal box weight cardboard. Trim about 1/8" off the entire edge of the heart so that it is just a little smaller than the felt piece.

4. Cover one side of the cardboard heart with Mod Podge. (I prefer Fabric Mod Podge, but regular Mod Podge works just as well.)

5. Place the heart, Mod Podge side down onto your woven fabric and press gently so that the adhesive reaches as many yarns as possible. Let dry for about a half hour.


6. Apply Mod Podge to the exposed surface of the heart.


7. Place the felt heart right on top of the Mod Podge covered heart, adjusting it as needed so that the cardboard heart is completely hidden.

Let dry for a few hours til the Mod Podge is set.


8. Once the Mod Podge is mostly dry, trim the woven fabric as shown around the entire outside edge of the felt heart. I usually cut the fabric just a "smidgeon" beyond the edge of the felt heart. Remove any loose yarns (there will be some). fluff the edges with your fingers.

9. Thread a needle with yarn and make a little hanging loop. I just run the yarn through the ornament and then secure the two ends together with an overhand knot.


Done! And ready, if you like, for the addition of a favorite button.

Hummmmmmmm..... I wonder if I can make a gingerbread man?

Thank you Meg! I am having a ball!

As it turns out - I CAN make a gingerbread man!  And you can too! Here he is!


I love the rustic look of the

I love the rustic look of the heart ornament.

Whoa that looks like it is

Whoa that looks like it is quite the challenge- I can't wait to see what you do! These hearts are great- I am about to go on another road trip, and need to work on some ornaments, so I am thinking this will be perfect!! Thanks for sharing, Pam!!

Wowee - I love these! I need

Wowee - I love these! I need to bust out some cardboard NOW and make several for my (admittedly also overstuffed) tree. I love how you're mounting the weaving to a backing to stabilize it - brilliant!

Thank you my sweet Diane!  Do

Thank you my sweet Diane!  Do you remember that it is YOU who brought me back to weaving when you taught me to weave on little greeting cards?  If not for that class, I might not have ever returned to weaving and missed out on all the  happiness and satisfaction it brings to me.

Pam, your holiday posts have

Pam, your holiday posts have re-energized my creative juices. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about the "little folks" and will certainly try to make one or more. Today's post should have everyone making at least a dozen of these ornaments!

I want hearts on my Christmas

I want hearts on my Christmas tree this year too. I don't think I've had them before, now that I think about it... Thanks for the beautiful inspiration Pam. I heart your heart. :)

I wonder if the loom can

I wonder if the loom can start out as a heart shape? Then maybe it would have to be cut out of the back somehow.

I love this. It is beautiful.

I love this. It is beautiful.

LOVE LOVE LOVE- All you need

LOVE LOVE LOVE- All you need is Pam's woven heart ornament! This came out fantastic my friend. Thank you so much for participating in this challenge- I'm over the moon to see everything you come up with. It's so fitting that the first ornament you made was woven- I think of you as my weaving guru. And of course- thank you so, so much for the link love for my challenge!

Yup!  It is fitting!  We have

Yup!  It is fitting!  We have shared so many weaving adventures together over the past year and you were the one who suggested double weaving in the first place.  So, yes, woven ornaments are perfect!