Check Out These Adorable Temari Ornaments Made By a Reader.

Mommy's Ornament 008

This adorable Temari snowman appeared in my e-mail just a couple days ago!

Mommy's Ornament 009

And this beautiful Temari "Pomander "Ball!

I just love it when readers who do not have blogs send me pictures of what they have made using tutorials posted on Gingerbread Snowflakes! Getting pictures like these make writing a labor intensive crafty blog all the more worthwhile.

I immediately wrote the maker and requested permission to share her images with my readers, because her beautiful ornaments are a perfect example of why I see Japanese thread balls - Temari - as a lovely canvas beckoning creatives to play.

Mommy's Ornament 006

So this is the play area!

And the happy crafters are Kathy and her daughter Kelsey. Kathy and her husband own a sweet little inn on the Oregon Coast in one of my most favorite beach towns - Rockaway Beach. Running an inn is hard work so I am surprised Kathy has time to craft! But I am so happy she found the time and that she shared her Temari.


This is one reason I personally love the Rockaway Beach area - Twin Rocks! Winter Solstice is the perfect time to photograph these lovely sea stacks - if you really work at it you can get the setting sun shining right through the "window"!


And the other reason, besides the beautiful beach area is that Rockaway is relatively quiet compared to some of the bigger towns like Lincoln City and Seaside, so you really do feel like you have escaped to some quiet and secluded little spot on earth where you can walk the sands and listen to the ocean and dream.

Anyway - back on track - I just had to share these hoping to spark some ideas for embellishing Temari balls! Wrapping the balls is cake! And then it is playtime!

Another reader has begun sending me pictures of her beautiful God's Eyes which I will be sharing in January. (January is going to become "Fiber month" on Gingerbread Snowflakes!) Her God's eyes are very natural looking and really appeal to my love of the natural world.

If any other crafters are playing with Temari this season,  please send me pictures or add them to my Flickr group so they can be displayed on the side bar!

The snowman is is so darn

The snowman is is so darn cute! Beautiful pictures, too.

Holy Moly are those photos of

Holy Moly are those photos of Rockaway Beach gorgeous! I would love to travel there one day! It is so cool that readers are sending you pictures of crafts that you inspired them to make! That is so wonderful, Pam! These are great...and I think I saw some hearts made with the weaving to check those out!

Thank you Erin!  Actually I

Thank you Erin!  Actually I got very gutsy and took pictures of two little 4x6  prints of the Rockaway images.  So not the sharpest in the world.  Haven't yet digitized most of my photo files.  Daunting task.

But thank you for the compliment!  We made many trips and spent many freezing cold evenings on that stretch of sand!

And yes, receiving those pictures was a huge thrill.  Made my whole month!

Okay, p.s. In my excitement I

Okay, p.s. In my excitement I called you "girl", but I promise I'm more respectful than that is real life! :)

Lol!  "Girl" is good!  I have

Lol!  "Girl" is good!  I have no problem with "girl"!

Ohmyword, the pomander is

Ohmyword, the pomander is Killing me! Girl, I swear, your blog is becoming a siren call to me. I don't have time for all the ideas it's giving me!!

Goodafternoon :) I am so

Goodafternoon :)

I am so excited to have found your blog, such luscious and incredibly fun projects ! Rockaway is one of my favorite spots also. Cutting out horse patterns today for the felted Dalas <3 so lovely, thanks for sharing!!