Santa, Snowman and Pretty Trees - Stash Busting with Yarnia Cones


Been playing with Yarnia cones again!


After making Angels, I just couldn't stop myself from winding a few more cardboard cones from the "stash" I picked up on a visit to Yarnia last summer.

I suppose Styrofoam cones would work too, but for some reason I find working with these cardboard cones so much more relaxing and satisfying.

You can find the how-to for winding the yarn onto the cones here. Notice that I do use Mod Podge as my adhesive - mainly because it dries quickly and I just happen to love working with it! But spray adhesive would be the second best option. Wet glues that take hours to dry are not a good choice.


I just HAD to try my hand at making a snowman and a Santa. So instead of letting my muse select yarns from Yarnia scrap yarn bags, I personally made the choices this time!


We will start with the snowman! P1120933

So meet the bug-eyed version of my snowman! I had this great idea to felt a couple eyes now that, thanks to Donni at The Magic Onions I have felting skills. Only problem is that I could not make the eye balls much smaller because they could not be felted right onto the snowman. I had to make them separately and then glue them in in place! So - this is as small as I could make them without drawing blood!

And as it turns out, hot glue and fiber have an enormously strong affinity for each other and once the glue dried and I realized how buggy eyed my showman was going to look, there was nothing I could do to remove those felted balls!

Once the eyes were in place, I used a bit of embroidery thread on a needle and ran the thread through the bundle of yarn, behind the eye, came out right under one eye, and back under the other eye leaving a little loop for the smile. Once the yarn was embedded in the hat yarn again, I clipped it.

This was the best method I could figure out for hiding the black yarn so it wouldn't show through the pale pink "face" yarns.


I decided I would have to live with my snowman and his mutated eyes and moved on to his arms. Ice picks are the most wonderful craft tools ever invented! Did you know that? Careful to avoid the yarns, I punched a hole in each side of the body.


Since my twigs are about the same size as the ice pick, the twigs fit perfectly and no need for glue.

The best part of making my snowman is that I figured out that my new felting skills would now solve the problem of a "carrot" nose! (Remember - my snowmen never have noses because I don't know how to make one?) They will soon! Don't you LOVE his little nose!

Note: I mostly saved the eyes by cutting away as much as possible of the felted eye balls leaving only what was permanently stuck to the "face". I am thrilled  how much it helped.


Santa was much, much easier!


For one thing, I figured out that glass head pins would serve very nicely for eyes! These were eventually painted black FYI!


A bit of fluffy yarn wound around the bottom edge of the hat and at the bottom of the skirt, a pink felted nose and some lovely roving for a beard glued on with hot glue, a little white fluffy pompom (also secured with hot glue) and the Santa was done!

What I love so much about making "cone" Santas is that there are endless faces possible using whatever bits and scraps you have in your stash.

Seriously - except for the cones, cone trees, snowmen and santas are the best "Stash Busters"! Challenge yourself to use only what you have on hand.


More trees! Had to make more because I can't begin to tell you how adorable these Yarnia trees look with my miniature Gingerbread Village!

So again, yarn winding how to is here.

The trees on the outside left and right were wound by my muse using yarn scraps from Yarnia scrap bags. The tree in the middle - wound using a lovely nubbly green yarn I spotted at the thrift and "knew in a twinkling" it needed to be a cone tree!

I believe the decorations don't require much explanation! Again - stash busting! And your stash is different than mine!

But I did want to mention that I did not stitch the gingerbread buttons to the tree. The red thread was "stitched" through the holes and tied in back and the button hot glued to the tree.

The gingerbread cookie on top? Ha! THAT IS a REAL gingerbread cookie - at least 6 years old! And it is still perfect so why not?

And the sweet little blue optic dots winding their way around the tree on the left - totally inspired by this photo here! Thank you Carina!


Winding yarn around a cone - whether it be a Yarnia cardboard cone or a Styrofoam cone - is quick and easy and fun! And once the glue is dry decorating your cone will bring giggles and fun and delight and holiday spirit!

I love these, they could make

I love these, they could make adorable tree toppers! You are amazing

Totally digging the cones in

Totally digging the cones in the second but last picture. Particularly the one on the left, I love it so much I could ask it out to wine and dine it!

I second Christine's motion

I second Christine's motion to nominate you Crafter of the Year. How do you get so much done?! And why did my apple fall so far from your time-management tree? :-)

I love seeing these all finished! They're just adorable - I love how each tree has its own decorative theme, and they're totally charming grouped together.

Your Santa and Snowman are

Your Santa and Snowman are both amazing! You have been very busy with your yarn cones lately. Definitely no waste at your house.

These are lovely I absolutely

These are lovely
I absolutely loved the Santa.

Pam If I had the power to

Pam If I had the power to give you an award it would crafter of the year. You've done so many amazing activities and shared them which we all know takes so much time. You must work 24/7. I love your cone trees and Santa and the snowman. This is the type of craft I like where I can sit, enjoy and be as creative as I want and to be surrounded by heaps and heaps of crafty items, well it's the next best thing to heaven for me. Christmas at your house must be awesome.

Those are ADORABLE!

Those are ADORABLE!

I love your Santa and

I love your Santa and Snowman. They are so cute! I'm starting to get into the Christmas spirit. Thanks!