Spring - Three Weeks Away!

It still feels like winter around here (snow yesterday) and my winter village is still sitting out, but I know spring is right around the corner because...

My pussywillows are beginning to pop out of their shells...

...And flower buds on my ornamental plum trees are beginning to swell just a tiny bit.

Go outside and look around for branches from flowering trees or bushes that you can bring into your nice warm home.

Within two days, the tight little buds will begin to swell, and within four or five days they will be almost ready to pop open!

Morning of the 6th day! First blossom opens at 7:00 am.

And look at how many popped by noon!

What are you waiting for? Go cut a few branches and bring them inside. Enjoy the show!

I have been far too busy, and

I have been far too busy, and it's criminal. Look at everything I've missed? These are so pretty!

Speaking about seasons, you know... I'm already thinking about Halloween crafting. I NEVER get things ready ahead of time! And this morning, I thought.. hmmm.. I think I'm ready to make those Norwegian woven hearts for the tree this year.

I should probably lie down for a moment.

Teri, I would be thrilled if

Teri, I would be thrilled if you sketched the pussy willows! But you've got to promise to post the results!
Can't wait.

Beautous blossoms Pam!!! But

Beautous blossoms Pam!!! But I jave to admit that I love pussy willows-they are a favorite childhook memory. Would you mind if I tried sketching them?

Here in AZ, we skipped spring and went right into summer-been in the 80's for 2 weeks.

so beautiful! something

so beautiful! something about the bare wood and the flowers makes my heart hurt a little with the loveliness. We don't get a proper winter here (miserable, but no snow or deciduosity) so spring is less spectacular tho no less welcome when it arrives. The return of baby leaves to weeping willows, and ornamental fruit trees flowering around the place are the best bit :-).