Snowy White Sparkly Kanzashi (and Yo Yo) Garland


Sharing a little experiment using Kanzashi templates, Pellon and craft mirrors to create a garland. Another idea that came to me in the shower!

Not only is Pellon interfacing translucent so that the colors of the tree lights will shine through, but it is also soft and snowy white. And as I discovered when I hung my Espejitos on the tree for the first time, little mirrors add a beautiful sparkle and depth to a tree. And - I really, really wanted to play with the new Clover Kanzashi templates.

I started this project out thinking I would use only Kanzashi flowers, but once I realized how many double flowers I was going to have to make and how little time I had in which to make them, I decided to add some yo yos.

Don't they look pretty together?


The garland is easy to make! All you need is:

Pellon - sew in kind - fairly light weight (great way to use up all those scraps that have been accumulating for years!)

craft mirrors - 1/2" and 1"

Clover Kanzashi template (available at most craft stores

Clover Yo yo template (I make mine by hand faster - but whatever works for you)

needle and thread

hot glue


optional: snow glitter and Mod Podge


To begin:

1. Cut your fabric. For the purple Kanzashi template I made my squares 3"x3". For the yo yos, I cut circles 5 1/2" in diameter. Finished flowers and yo yos are about 3" across.


2. Make your Kanzashi flowers (or yo yos) according to the instructions that are supplied with the templates.  To see my sweet daughter, Diane, demonstrate making a Kanzashi flower using a Clover template, check out this short video here

And here is a GREAT tutorial for making yo yos by hand!

The number of flowers you make will be determined by the length of your garland and how far apart you space your flowers. My garland ended up to be about 72" long - I used 18 flowers (and yo yos) spaced approximately 7" apart.

3. Cut a length of yarn or ribbon ( I used cotton yarn) that is about 24" longer that you wish your garland to be.

4. To secure the Kanzashi flower to the yarn, place a spot of hot glue over the center back of one flower and place the yarn right on top. Place the other flower (back side to back side) on top of the string and glue spot and press together firmly but gently.


Note: I found that I could tweak and fiddle and poke and prod my little petals into many different shapes so that several different looking flowers could be made using one template.


To illustrate the steps for attaching each flower (or yo yo) and for adding the mirrors, I chose to use a yo yo rather than a Kanzashi flower but I will refer to it as "the flower".

5. Again, to secure the flower to the yarn, place a bit of glue on the center back of one of the pair of "flowers" and position the yarn in the glue.


6. Place the other flower on top - back sides together - and press firmly until the glue sets.


7. To secure the mirrors, place a spot of hot glue in the flower center and press one mirror into the glue and hold a few seconds. Turn the flower over and repeat.

Caution: BE SURE the mirrors are at warm room temperature before applying the hot glue.


8. Press both mirrors gently together and hold a few seconds until the hot glue sets.


Repeat until all your flowers have been secured to your garland yarn and let dry about an hour. Hang on your tree, your mantle, over a doorway, along a bannister, over your front door.....


This is where I hung mine!


Once I finished the garland, I made a couple more yo yo's to use as ornaments for the Hand Made Tree Challenge going on over at Mega Crafty! See how cool it looks with the colored light shining through the translucent fabric? Just as I imagined it!


A few light strokes of a Mod Podge filled brush and a sprinkling of snow glitter and this little ornament twinkles as it moves in the air currents.


As I was sitting making yo yos and flowers, I started wondering if it would be possible to use the coffee filters I won in Meg's giveaway last spring to create an ornament! If Meg can make snowflakes and flowers and spidey webs using coffee filters, I should be able to make yo yos!

I really had my doubts about this working - but wow - look at it! It worked beautifully!

It is constructed in exactly the same way. I used coffee filters designed for 8 to 12 cups which gave me an ornament that is about 3 1/2" in diameter.






The cost: Full bolt of Pellon purchased at the thrift $1.99.

Craft Mirrors purchased on sale $1.98

I am not counting the coffee filters because they were a gift and I still have 198 left!

Grand total for these two ornaments (and the garland) $3.97 leaving me with a balance in my kitty of $12.79.

And now - I am going to go decorate my Christmas tree!

OH NO another project that

OH NO another project that will fill my closets. I LOVE LOVE LOVE these and I have day dreamed about how and where to use them. MOVE OVER bedtime, see you later. Oh heck at my age who needs sleep anyway.

The flowers are gorgeous.

The flowers are gorgeous. What a great idea! I've just started to play with my Clover Kanzashi makers, they're lots of fun!

WOW Pam- I love how these

WOW Pam- I love how these came out! And so clever using the coffee filters, I'm going to have to try that... I think it will ease me into making fabric ones.

And as always thank you SO much for the links!!

Wow- I love the idea of using

Wow- I love the idea of using Pellon, and these are so beautiful in simple, snowy white! Awesome idea, Pam!

Thanks Erin!  I am delighted

Thanks Erin!  I am delighted that people are enjoying them so much! 

I am thinking - there must be a million gorgeous beads in your "stash" that would work beautifully for the centers!  You have been sharing so many stunning new pieces on your site lately, there must be some worthy leftovers! The white would set them off so beautifully don't you think?

And for those with no stash of beads - big "jewels" - wouldn't they also be pretty as centers?

I bought my kanzashi tool,

I bought my kanzashi tool, but haven't tried yet! It's time to try! Thanks for the ideas!

Oh Mary, I can not wait to

Oh Mary, I can not wait to see what you do with your Kanzashi!  But fair warning - making them can become addictive!

These are lovely! I find it

These are lovely! I find it easier to cut yo-yo circles from squares the width of the diameter. Then just fold the squares in quarters and round off the corners - they can even be a bit off-round, but with a little practice with a piece of paper, you'll make near perfect circles. It beats cutting circles from the fabric, especially if you don't have a circle cutter! Years ago on a Carol Duvall show, she made yo-yo's with coffee filters, tinted with water colors! She made little puddles of water color on a dinner plate, then dipped the edges of damp coffee filters into the colors, letting them spread, blending maybe two colors, just enough to make dainty pastel edges. She made two types - the regular yo-yo's cut from the center flat part, and then used the fluted edges, gathered at the cut edge with needle and thread. I've used them to decorate gift bags, among other things. This is the first time I've seen the Kanzashi flowers - how pretty!

These are gorgeous! The white

These are gorgeous! The white satin fabric really makes a difference. They almost seem to glow.

They DO glow.  And placing a

They DO glow.  And placing a little led tree light inside between the layers makes them glow even more!  (I DO NOT recommend doing this with tiny bulbs that get hot - only cool burning LED.)

1. Those coffee filter yo-yos

1. Those coffee filter yo-yos take the cake!
2. A $2 BOLT of Pellon??!!
3. Now you just need a kanzashi wreath to go with it.... ;)

Yes Elizabeth!  A $2.00 bolt

Yes Elizabeth!  A $2.00 bolt of pellon!  Actually, I had almost discarded this idea because of my concerns about the cost of the Pellon (I gave my scraps away years ago after I stopped sewing garments.)  And then two days later, I happened to pop into the thrift and there it was!  A whole bolt!  Shop worn on the outside layer that's all. Exactly the weight and kind I needed!

My muse at work?  Serendipity? Dumb luck?  My vote is Muse!

Geese, your mind never stops

Geese, your mind never stops creating beautiful crafts! These are so clever and gorgeous.

I would never have thought to

I would never have thought to make flowers from Pellon (and what an amazing deal you found at the thrift store). I made a few flowers with my Kanzashi makers and I love them. I'm amazed each time I make a flower because it is so easy and they turn out wonderful.

I think the white garland look great on the tree. A bit of white looks nice especially when you add the little mirrors.

Oh Robin, I am so glad to

Oh Robin, I am so glad to hear you are having fun with your Kanzashi template!  The flowers glued back to back and embellisted with a pretty button or bead make the prettiest ornaments.

When I first saw Diane's ornaments in her book, I fell in love and still am in love with them!  Try it!  I KNOW you have a million scraps to play with left over from quilting!

WOW!! I love how the pellon

WOW!! I love how the pellon picks up the light and glows. And I'm amazed at the diversity of shapes you were able to tease out of a single Kanzashi template. I could see a whole series of these strings hanging vertically, like a beaded curtain, along the width of a window. It would have a snowy look, and those little mirrors would sparkle here and there. I'm super inspired now!

Wow yourself!  I am inspired

Wow yourself!  I am inspired by your inspired!  Your idea for a series of hanging strings of these mirror center Pellon Kanzashi would be perfect in my kitchen window where the southern light will catch the mirrors and throw light all over my kitchen!  (That is when the sun shines - which is months away now!)  As you can see in the first image in the tutorial - I ambitiously cut a LOT of squares from pellon!

Thank you for you kind words - coming from YOU that is a huge compliment!

Wow, they look lovely, i like

Wow, they look lovely, i like that you made them all in white. Soothing in a green tree. :-)

Thank you Hanna - I always

Thank you Hanna - I always love it when you stop by and I am so glad you like my little snowy Kanzashi!

OMG Pam, will you please

OMG Pam, will you please adopt me? I so want to do what you do, go everywhere you go, craft with you and laugh with you. You are my creative muse, I love what you do and I sense that this just might be your favourite time of the year? Could I be correct? You are amazing. Can we talk about getting the adoption papers happening, I don't think I'm too old. Should that be the case then you will just have to put up with me as your number one follower. If you already have one, then move over I'm here to take that spot. Big hugs.

Adoption is an option, but

Adoption is an option, but that will make you the eldest child!  Are you sure you want that status - it does come with a lot of baggage you know!

I could deal with that.

I could deal with that.

Then consider yourself

Then consider yourself officially adopted!  You are now a Snowflake!


Your Kanzashi flowers look

Your Kanzashi flowers look perfect! Mine turn out a little "off"...can't seem to get them right. Oragami was never my thing I guess.

Your Christmas decor is inspiring, I have got to get more decorations up!

Actually Kathryn, my first

Actually Kathryn, my first and second Kanzashi usually are off too!  But over time and a few more - they seem to improve.  Like magic!  Don't give up!

Besides, how do you think I came up with those different flower shapes?  Trying to straighten out my imperfections - that is how!