Christmas Stocking Giveaway #1


Stocking Giveaway time is finally here!

I have two stockings to give away this year! Each one will have goodies inside to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day, Guadalupe Day and other little goodies I have been collecting this year - like Fanie's adorable stamps! If you have been reading my blog, you know what they are!

Also, I am tucking in a couple easy to put together little "kits" from tutorials here on Gingerbread Snowflakes.

And in each stocking will be a little bitty box of those lovely chocolate sprinkles the Dutch love to put on their toast every morning!

Remember the Stocking Giveaway is hosted by Robin at Rsisland Crafts and if you follow this link you will find links to all the other crafty people who are holding Stocking Giveaway's on their own blogs! You can also use the button on the sidebar (right below the 2010 Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap) to reach the links!

Make the rounds and put your name in as many hats as you like! More giveaways will no doubt be posted throughout the week, so be sure to check back often.

If you would like to hold a giveaway on your own blog - it is not too late! Just pop it up on your blog and link to Robin's blog so you can link your site to all the others.

To enter the Giveaway for THIS sweet 12" quilted and embroidered Spoonflower fabric stocking, simply leave a comment below and tell me coolest thing you have ever found hiding in your Christmas stocking! And you can enter giveaway # 2 here if you would like two chances to win a stocking!

The giveaway is open until midnight PST December 5th (St. Nicholas Eve); and the winner will be announced on December 6th (St. Nicholas Day)!

Internationals are welcome to enter!

Good luck everyone!

My Birthday is December 6th,

My Birthday is December 6th, what a great birthday gift!
We always put an orange in the bottom of the stocking for good health in the New Year.

A little heart shaped box

A little heart shaped box with a rose that my husband kept and dried from my wedding bouquet on the first Christmas after our wedding.

I don't know if this would

I don't know if this would the coolest but we always got an apple, orange, nuts and candy in our stocking. We were never fans of the nuts but our Dad loved them so we always gave them to him and he acted like we were giving him a wonderful gift.

The Darth Vader light-saber

The Darth Vader light-saber lip gloss that even lit up, that my mom stuck in my stocking last year.

so cute the thing for xmas is

so cute the thing for xmas is my family all there,thankyou for a chance

The coolest thing I have

The coolest thing I have found in my stocking was.....Oh dear this is a hard one being that i am the stocking stuffer in my house...I would have to say perfume....Thanks for entering me in the draw...Hugs Kate...x

Oh how I've missed you

Oh how I've missed you friend. Been out of action for a while so I've missed lots of your holiday goodness but I'll try and catch up.
Your contest made my mind wander back to a Christmas stocking in the late 70s that had a mood ring in it. You can't very well get any cooler than that!!!
I'm guessing the 70s were the first time mood rings were around but maybe I'm wrong, I don't remember earlier than the 70s ; )
My mother wasn't big on remembering to actually fill our stockings (I mean Santa of course) so that may also have been the last year I had anything at all in my stocking.

Actually, I just read Leslie's comment and a baby in a stocking beats a mood ring hands down. Lucky you Leslie!

Hope you're enjoying your holiday preparations Pam.

I would LOVE to win your

I would LOVE to win your stocking.. it looks GrEaT !
The coolest thing I found in my stocking as a child was a pillow.. sounds weird.. but I thought the pillow was going to my cousin! :)

I love how your stocking came

I love how your stocking came out- the shape and fabric are great! The coolest thing ever tucked into my stocking hmmm let's see. I think it would have to be a folding-up shopping bag and a black cat measuring tape. I saw them in the little gift shop in a inn we were staying in and my husband bought them, snuck them home and there they were on Christmas in my stocking.

I love Linda's idea of

I love Linda's idea of putting a current year's penny in the kid's stockings. Such fun! I always buy (and make) new ornaments for each kid every year. They get to hang them on the tree when we decorate. Their stockings are usually full of batteries, candies, cards or little toys. We used to always give them oranges too when we had the trees in our yard. I haven't decided what to give them this year yet.

p.s. Please toss my name out of the hat :) Thank you for all the advertising you have done this year. My head has been so fuddled lately.

A plaid umbrella. I was 7

A plaid umbrella. I was 7 years old and finally had my own umbrella! It was bliss :-) but not for my Mom who we woke up at 2:45 in the morning :-(. I remember falling back asleep thinking, "I have an umbrella!"

The coolest thing ever tucked

The coolest thing ever tucked inside a Christmas stocking was my newborn daughter, who came home on Christmas Day. The OB nurses tucked her into a large, red felt stocking made by the hospital auxiliary. Wonderful!!

I don't get anything other

I don't get anything other than the usual in my stocking, but for my kids, I have put a current year's penny in every year since they were born. The youngest is now 15, but they still get those pennies out every year, and "play with" them!