Christmas Stocking Giveaway #2


Stocking Giveaway time is finally here!

I have two stockings to give away this year! Each one will have goodies inside to celebrate St. Nicholas Day, St. Lucy Day, Guadalupe Day and other little goodies (such as Fanie's adorable stamps) I have been collecting this year! If you have been reading my blog, you know what they are!

Also, I am tucking in a couple easy to put together little "kits" from tutorials here on Gingerbread Snowflakes.

And in each stocking will be a little bitty box of those lovely chocolate sprinkles the Dutch love to put on their toast every morning!

Remember the Stocking Giveaway is hosted by Robin at Rsisland Crafts and if you follow this link you will find links to all the other crafty people who are holding Stocking Giveaway's on their own blogs! You can also use the button on my sidebar (right below the 2010 Holiday Cookie Recipe Swap) to reach the links.

Make the rounds and put your name in as many hats - er stockings - as you like! More giveaways will no doubt be posted throughout the week, so be sure to check back often.

If you would like to hold a giveaway on your own blog - it is not too late! Just pop it up on your blog and link to Robin's blog so you can link your site to all the others.

To enter the Giveaway for THIS 14"stocking - hand knitted by me, simply leave a comment below and tell me coolest thing you have ever hidden in someone's stocking! My other stocking - giveaway #1 - is here. You can enterit too if you like!

The giveaway is open until midnight PST December 5th (St. Nicholas Eve); and the winner will be announced on December 6th (St. Nicholas Day)!

Internationals are welcome to enter!

Good luck everyone!

I must have been boring as I

I must have been boring as I don't recall anything exciting going into those stockings :-( Thanks for the chance to win.

The coolest thing I have ever

The coolest thing I have ever hidden in a stocking were the keys to my husbands truck

My son-in-law collects pez

My son-in-law collects pez dispensers so I always look for unusual ones to put in his stocking. December 6th is my birthday so this would be a great present.

Oh, Pam, you know how much I

Oh, Pam, you know how much I want to win this one!! Let's see...I put a gift certificate to a fancy Teatime at a local colonial house for two in my husband-to-be's stocking once.

The coolest things I've put

The coolest things I've put in a stocking is every year I put hot wheels in my son stocking until he left for the Army.

My best friend has always

My best friend has always been a big horse fan (she now owns two of her own horses), but when we were in grade school, I snuck a gift certificate for a horse riding lesson into her St. Nick's stocking that my mother gave her. She was so ecstatic.

this stocking is so

this stocking is so cute,thankyou for a chance

Oh Pam this one is just

Oh Pam this one is just adorable...I love it...Thanks again for adding me into your draw...Merry Christmas...Hugs Kate...x

In for one... then in for

In for one... then in for two! Thanks for another chance to win! Merry Christmas :)

You know I love a good

You know I love a good knitting project- this stocking came out wonderful Pam! Best thing I've tucked into a stocking... I think it might have been a bunch of little things that were clues to a gift that was under the tree.

Pam, this stocking is so

Pam, this stocking is so beautiful! What a great knitter you are! This is great fun seeing everyone's stocking for the giveaway party! My favorite thing to have put in a stocking is novelty candy- I'm a sucker for sharing all sorts of funny sweets! Merry Christmas!

I once hid a picture of

I once hid a picture of myself as an adult(!) sitting on Santa's knee. I hid the picture in my boyfriend's stocking, but wouldn't tell him what I had asked Santa for. I'd asked Santa for a marriage proposal. The delivery was a bit late (New Year's Eve), but I got my present :)

You did such an amazing job

You did such an amazing job on this stocking Pam! The pattern took a bit of effort but the end result is wonderful. Adding some kits from your patterns is a wonderful idea!

p.s. You can leave my name out of the hat :)

The coolest thing ever tucked

The coolest thing ever tucked inside a Christmas stocking was my newborn daughter, who came home on Christmas Day. The OB nurses tucked her into a large, red felt stocking made by the hospital auxiliary. Wonderful!!