12 Very Cool Crafty Kits For Crafty Gift Givers


Christmas Candy made by Diane and me using Sculpy! 

Most of you reading this post are crafty! And I would be very surprised if every single one of you didn't know at least one or two crafty people! Maybe even some crafty people can be found on your holiday gift list!

I am thinking, with the cold dark days of January coming soon, a gift that would give a friend or loved one something to look forward to making would be a perfect choice!

I am thinking - an already assembled kit or you can make your own kit from downloaded tutorials or patterns and a bundle of supplies (or gift certificate to pick their own!) I have also included a few books that - when paired with a few "tools of the crafty trade" - become a "kit" that gives all year long!

So - no more introduction. Let's get to the good stuff. 12 Really cool ideas for crafty kit gifts!

Kanzashi book

1. You are just in time to enter  Spoonflower's 12 Days of Giveaways one of which will be a free copy of Diane's book Kanzashi in Bloom AND 6 gorgeous Spoonflower fat quarters selected by Diane herself! A little bird told me that the giveaway for Diane's book is scheduled for Monday - December 5th!

If you miss the giveaway, you can order Diane's book here and tuck it in a box with a packet of fat quarters from you favorite local small business or indie fabric shop. Or order the fat quarter fabrics Diane selected from Spoonflower's Shop.

candy land lane

Image courtesy of Little Dear Tracks.

2. Ok - are you not in love with this! The kit of patterns is available here in the Little Dear Tracks shop. I am not big into making felt 3-D, but this one stopped me dead in my tracks! Order the kit and then pick up a pile of felt squares, maybe a bit of embroidery yarn and I guarantee somebody will love you forever!


Image courtesy of Tangled Harmony

3. My friend Genevieve at Tangle Harmony just finished designing this totally cool Tangle Journal. Each two page spread per week offers space for journaling next to a drawing to be filled in with tangles. Go read all about it here. I have already ordered a couple!

To make the gift complete, add some fine line Sharpie or Micron pens and maybe even a small box of colored pencils. Just imagine how lovely it would be for your friend to sit quietly at the end (or beginning) of the day and jot down a few thoughts and add a bit to the tangle. There is a tangle page and journal page for each week of the year.  A good gift to yourself too!

Pics2010 1015

Image courtesy of The Pickled Herring

4. You will find the tutorial for knitting this easy and pretty sofa pillow right here on the Pickled Herring. Print out the tutorial, make a pretty "book cover" and then order some fantabulous handspun yarn right here on Blitz Knits or from Yarnia Shop. Gift certificates work too! Or shop your favorite local indie yarn shop.

kit picture

small green rainbow

Images courtesy of Garden of Leah

5. Here is something anyone can easily assemble and it will bring sparkles and color and light into their life every single day throughout the year! I love that Leah has created a kit so that anyone can make a mobile using her beautiful glass creations.



Images courtesy of Duo Fiberworks

6. I have the pig pattern! I have the pink yarn! Now all I need is January!

Somebody you love would most likely love to knit and felt their own piggy bank to save their spare coins for something very special they have been wanting on Etsy! The adorable pig pattern can be ordered here in the Ravelry Hedgehog Lane shop and if you mention the word " makegift" when you order you will receive 25% off your order! Pick up a couple skeins of Cascade 220 yarn or have Lindsey make you up something special and felt-able from the Yarnia custom yarn shop.

I am in love with the nesting dolls also available in the Ravelry shop. (FYI 25% discount applies to all orders you place from the Hedgehog Lane Ravelry shop not just the pig and nesting dolls.) Put together a selection of red, white and yellow felt, some embroidery threads and maybe a bit of stuffing and you can't help but put a smile on some lucky friend's face when they open your gift.


Image courtesy of Bustle and Sew

7. The Little Book of Hints and Tips for Stitchers is an abridged "hard copy" version of Helen's online e-book The Stitchers Companion. You can purchase the "hard copy" right here. And then tuck in a couple of sweet little embroidery patterns and some lovely embroidery floss.

There are enchanting patterns to be found in Helen's shop, Bustle and Sew. And a beautiful collection of patterns with Danish design influence in Carina's shop Polka and Bloom. And so you can't go wrong with floss selections because both Helen and Carina offer a complete list of floss colors in their patterns.


Image courtesy of Things Bright

8. Elizabeth at Things Bright, just opened a new Etsy shop, Things Bright Vintage. And look at what she has in the shop! This beautiful vintage Clutch KIT. Everything needed is included. This is definitely a one of a kind gift for a crafty mom or sister or aunt or BFF! There is only one so you had better hurry over!

Picture 2

Image courtesy of Louise Elliott Cloth Dolls and Rag Toy Kits

9. You already know I am completely enchanted by Louise Elliot Animal and Doll Kits. This image is just a sampling of the magical animal kits that are available. She has even designed a couple dinosaurs and a dragon! The kits include that fabulous fabric you can get nowhere else! And the pattern and how-to - all at a very fair price.

Louise hails from down under, so you will need to order asap if you are in the States or Canada. But even if you wait to order until mid-month and the kit won't arrive before gift giving time, you could always ask Louise for permission to print off an image of the kit you have ordered and put it in a card. I don't know about you, but getting a gift I know is coming after Christmas is very exciting!


10. I LOVE this hat. I have made Yarnia "kit" hats for gifts! They go together so quickly you are done before you start and find yourself wishing for just a few more rows.

Lindsey features these really cool "hat kits" in the Yarnia Shop. The yarn is wound on a cardboard cone (for crafting when empty) and the pattern is tucked inside. For $10.00 and a pair of needles, this is a great gift for young knitters in the family!


Image courtesy of Nini Makes

11. Joanie at Nini Makes and her daughter have just opened their brand new little shop featuring enchanting embroidery and applique designs; and this adorable gnome pattern "Gnomebody's Home" is the newest addition.

The pattern using a combination of applique and embroidery can be stitched and framed or displayed as a log cabin quilted cushion shown above. Get the pattern from Nini Makes and then add some fabrics and floss or a gift certificate to your crafty friend's favorite local indie shop so she can select her own.


Image courtesy of Fairy Folk Shop.

12. I have enjoyed my little felting kit from Fairyfolk Shop more than I ever expected. Donni has several needle felting kits available for beginners and her kits are, in my opinion, the very best way to introduce a crafty niece or sister to the magical world of needle felting.

Her needle felted mushroom kit is just one of several kit options in her shop. Her kits include the needles, foam, roving and instructions. Why not be responsible for turning someone into a needle felting addict in 2012 and give them one of Donni's kits!!

Happy Holiday Shopping to all!

Hi Pam That is the most

Hi Pam

That is the most beautiful Christmas gift list - some I've seen, but some lovely new ideas to find out more about too - wonderful! And thank you so much for including my little book - have a great Christmas and very happy New Year.

Helen xx

Hello! Thank you for

Hello! Thank you for featuring the clutch. I almost couldn't bear to put it in the shop, it's so good! I'm loving #9. I'm also loving how looking at all these great crafty kit ideas actually make me look forward to the after-Epiphany days of January.... ;)

These are some great ideas!

These are some great ideas! I've already shared the Little Dear Tracks idea with a friend who grabbed it up, and I have my eye on a felted mushroom kit! These are all really unique, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for putting together

Thanks for putting together such a fun list! :)

Thank you for this list!

Thank you for this list! I'll be checking out quite a few of these to finish my Christmas shopping in the next few days... :)

I *love* the candy you and Diane made! I've never worked with sculpy before, but it doesn't look intimidating. Any suggestions (or links) for getting started? THANKS!

Oh my... what gorgeous kits

Oh my... what gorgeous kits you have featured, Pam. I want to make them all!!!
Thanks so much for the kind words and the link love :-)
Blessings and magic,

Wow Pam! That is a huge list

Wow Pam! That is a huge list of fantastic kits and ideas. There are so many beautiful ideas here. That gingerbread house is so adorable, if I made one would that mean I wouldn't have to attempt the real thing? ;)
Thanks for including my little gnome too. This list must have taken forever to write up, you're so generous with you time.
Happy weekend to you friend. Jx

Pam, thanks so much for the

Pam, thanks so much for the shopping suggestions! I ordered the Coca-Cola recycled snowflake ornaments from one of your previous posts - one for me and one for my friend who loves Cola almost as much as I do! I'm putting Diane's Kanzashi book on my birthday list for next year. Thanks for all the cute ideas!
Big hugs,