Eureka! My Table Loom Is Operational!

I bought myself a birthday present last year - a Rigid Heddle Loom made by Ashford Wheels and Looms, New Zealand. And then, I proceeded to spend the entire year finding "other things to keep me busy". Like this blog! That's it ... that's why I never got this loom put together. I'll blame it on the blog!


However, once my friend Hope found out there was an unassembled tabletop loom in my house, she insisted I get busy and put it together. (Hope is incredibly talented at weaving and knitting). So I set aside today as "Loom Assembly Day" and broke open the box.

AARRRGHHHH! Just as I had expected. That box was full of mysterious little pieces of wood dotted with screw holes, and not one but two books of instructions! Now what?

AHA! I am blessed to have a husband that just LOVES to put together mysterious little pieces of wood.

And... he has an electric screw driver! (Which came in handy because Ashford makes these looms out of very hard wood.)

He knew exactly what to do with all those mysterious little pieces of wood, and in no time at all - just look at this, a lovely Rigid Heddle Loom waiting for me to warp! Now I'm in familiar territory!

Time to open the box my weaving stash has called home for the past 20 years. (I forgot - I was totally into BROWN in those days.)

But even with the lack of primary colors, there is some pretty cool stuff in this old stash! I can't wait to get started.

Warping - NOT my favorite. But it is done and the selvage is in place so now I can begin! My "maiden voyage" on the loom will be a table runner - I hope! Will let you know how it turns out.

And just so you know, Hope is starting a new piece too. I can't wait until she completes the weaving and shares the results with all of us. You can see lots more of her beautiful work over here.

how did I miss this post?!

how did I miss this post?! Thanks for the compliments, you made me blush. Have you been finding time to weave at all?

Hey Pam, can't wait to see

Hey Pam,
can't wait to see what you'll create!
I have always admired weavers...I don't have the patience, that's probably why I gave up quilting as well...much faster just to paint it!

Hey, Pam! Did you mean to

Hey, Pam! Did you mean to call this a loon?

This is just too exciting. How cool this would be. Can you imagine if I tried to use something like this? I'd be knotted up in there for days before the neighbors found me!

Thank goodness for husbands

Thank goodness for husbands that love to do these things!! I would be in the same boat as you otherwise.

It all looks fascinating. Please update us after you put a few pieces in.

Ps, your post title needs a correction...loom, not loon. (I have this natural knack for proofreading :)

Congratolations with your new

Congratolations with your new handloom!
I am nostalgic, I bought a handloom of the same type when I was 16 years old, for the first money I earned in a summerjob. I was so exited that I couldnt stand still. So I know how you are feeling. good luck with your weaving, and may you have many happy hours.