Stocking Giveaway Winners!


My favorite cookie monster in the whole wide world decided this morning that he wanted to draw the names for the stockings!

I loved the idea, so I prepared the paper slips while he donned his "Santi" atire!

I was in stitches when he showed up to draw names with his satin blind fold (normally a part of our wedding photography cache and reserved for grooms removing garters!)

He was determined that the drawing be completely fair!


Drawing for the knitted stocking - giveaway Stocking #2




And the winning number is....... number 55! That would be June!


Drawing for the Spoonflower pattern quilted stocking- Giveaway Stocking #1




And the winner is........ number 15! Congratulations Sheila! 

Sheila is a blogger - a quilt blogger!  Find her on Sheila's Quilt World!

I will contact you both by e-mail for your addresses. If I have not had a response by December 10, I will draw another name or names.

Thank you one and all for sharing your stocking stories. I am so glad I thought to ask about favorite stocking memories because the answers and the stories brought smiles to my face every single day.

Brew up a cup of your favorite holiday beverage, put your feet up and take the time to read through these memories of Christmas past. I promise, you too will find yourself smiling and feeling the holiday spirit in your heart.

O.M.GOSH! The mailman brought

O.M.GOSH! The mailman brought me a wonderful surprise!! I have to tell you that the pictures do NOT do your work justice--GORGEOUS! And we had so much fun opening all the little goodies inside!! I've used up my month's quota of exclamation points :-) so I'll just say Thank You for jumpstarting my Christmas spirit!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations to the

Congratulations to the winners!!

Congratulations to the

Congratulations to the winners!

WOW! Thank you Pam & "Santi"!

WOW! Thank you Pam & "Santi"! The stocking is beautiful!!