French Gingerbread Men for St. Nicholas Day!


To celebrate St. Nicholas Day, I made gingerbread men!

But not just any gingerbread men!

Marché de Noël Paris

Last year, Fanie received a very cool surprise - she unexpectedly got to spend part of the Christmas holiday season in Paris and Carcasonne. As she was strolling with a friend through the Marché du Noël, she spotted a window filled with gingerbread men and took a picture just for me! You can read the story of her adventure and see her beautiful pictures right here!


I decided right there and then that every St. Nicholas Day, I am going to celebrate by making gingerbread men that look like those Fanie found in Paris.

I created a cardboard pattern as close as possible to the shape of the gingerbread in the window.  And I used Erin's delicious gingerbread recipe that she shared last year in the Cookie Swap.

Notice the gingerbread men are decorated using pink, yellow, blue, purple frosting. Decidedly "un-Christmassy" colors by American standards to be sure. But wanting mine to be a close as possible to the real thing I chose pink. Isn't this fun? Gingerbread men with bright blue eyes?

And looky!  I frosted hearts!  My very first frosted holiday cookies! Thanks to a few tricks I learned from my friend and crazy cookie maker, Meg over at MegaCrafty I got over my fear and just got on with it!

christmas time in paris

Christmas Time in Paris by nunocalvin

The next few days, I am going to be joined by friends who are sharing holiday customs and celebrations in Japan, Estonia, Poland and Italy. And later this month we will be viewing beautiful Nativities from Portugal, Spain, Italy and France. And we will be spending Yule in Iceland!

I am hoping over the next couple weeks or so to simply create a little corner of the blogiverse where you can sit down with a cup of something yummy, munch a cookie and enjoy a bit of holiday spirit.

Happy St. Nicholas Day.

Hi, Pam! :-D Woah, thank you

Hi, Pam! :-D

Woah, thank you so much for making thoses fabulous Gingerbread mens that I saw in Paris, a year ago! I remember when you mentionned this project to me, last year, but I almost forgot that you were going to make thoses, this year. You are so amazing! :-D I repeat: You are sooooo amazing!

I've been looking for a good gingerbread recipe, so I will defenetely check out Erin's traditionnal recipe. :-)

Much hugs and you remind me that I need to make some blog posts about Christmas, now! Ehehe!


Pam - A friend pointed me to

Pam - A friend pointed me to your blog and I just loved reading the posts and viewing your lovely holiday pictures - the Spirit of Christmas is certainly alive and well on this site! I would love to be part of the cookie swap if I can find the link. Best wishes to you.
the kardlady

I'm so happy you jumped into

I'm so happy you jumped into flood icing your cookies- they look great! Not to mention I bet they are delicious.

Ha!  Outlining and then

Ha!  Outlining and then filling!  What a concept!

Starting from the center and working outward and hoping the frosting would pool in an even line instead of running off the edges of the cookies - one time doing this - the wrong way of course - I was convinced I had no talent for flooding.

What a revelation - learning to do it the right way - thank you my friend! 

Pam, your French gingerbread

Pam, your French gingerbread men turned out great and I love your frosted hearts! Congrats on your first frosted cookies! Thanks for sharing with us! Looking forward to more of your upcoming international-flavored Christmas posts! I'm off to make some hot chocolate and enjoy our Christmas tree lights!
Big hugs,