Christmas Elves are Arriving Everywhere! Don't Miss the Yule Lads Arrival in Iceland!


It is time! The first one will be showing up any minute now! And will be followed by twelve of his kin over the next 12 days!

Who? Why Jolasveinarnir of course! Also known as Yule Lads. From now til Christmas, one Jolasveinar will come down from his mysterious hiding place in the mountains of Iceland to join in the celebration and merriment of the holiday season. It is their happy task to seek out good children and leave them little treats.

But if you join them here  on Yule Jol in Iceland, they leave treats for grown-ups too! Just click on the drummer boy to see who arrived each day!

I have directed my readers to this beautiful and generous site, Yule Jol in Iceland since the first holiday season on this blog. I never tire of pouring a cup of coffee, grabbing a few cookies and logging on each morning to see which Jolasveinarnir has arrived. I love reading the poems describing each Jolasveinarnir and then clicking NICE when the question is ask "have you been naughty or nice? There is always a gift waiting!

Added Dec. 12th after opening my "nice" gift!  Don't forget to click on the actual gift.  You will not be disappointed!


AND while you are visiting Yule Jol in Iceland, catch-up on the Advent Calendar.

This is a truly beautiful virtual Advent Calendar filled with lovely images of vintage holiday cards and sometimes spirit filled, heartwarming verses.

In this season of being bombarded from every direction with loud garish reminders of techno plastic spend your brains out Christmas, this beautiful Advent Calendar offers a quiet place to find the warm and enchanting spirit of the holiday.


In case you missed it, here is a little tutorial for making your very own Jolasveinarnir elves.


How to make Estonian Pakapikk elves.


The Pickled Herring show us how to make Swedish Tomte


And how to make these little fellows which are Nisse in Norway and Nisser in Denmark!

Santa's elf? Of course I have a Santa's elf! Diane made him for my Advent Calendar!


And now, for some fun, here are a few links to take you into the magical world of Christmas elves!






I know you are all very busy with holiday preparations.  But don't miss this bit of elf magic!  You NEED it!

And don't forget! December 12, Jolasveinarnir begin arriving in Iceland and bringing little gifts right to your computer screen wherever you are!


Apparently there ARE elves living in Finland!  Dawn just left a comment with a link to a blogger from Finland Dances With Wool who has just posted a series of three how-to posts for making Tonttu!

The head

The body

The Hat

And I thought I was all done with Christmas making! :-)  Thank you Dawn.  I am so thrilled to find out there really are elves in Finland!


Great pictures lovely ideas

Great pictures lovely ideas for this Christmas

Hi Pam, Loved the pictures of

Hi Pam,
Loved the pictures of the elves, especially the one Diane made for you!
I thought you might like to see how to make a Finnish Tonttu. Lene from Dances with wool showed how over a couple of posts.

All the best,