Celebrate St. Lucy Eve With Cookies and Model Trains!

Lucia by Hans Arnold

Postcard - Lucia by Hans Arnold. Image in ixot's photostream

St. Lucy Day Eve!

And since tomorrow - with the help of Silvia - Madame Reynard - I am sharing Santa Lucia as she is celebrated in Italy, I am posting a few Scandinavian notes and updates today!

Scan Xmas white

Be sure to join Kathryn at the Pickled Herring tomorrow for the first day of the Twelve Days of Scandinavian Christmas! First day of Scandinavian Christmas begins December 13th.

She has made this adorable Yule Goat button which you will find on her side bar and it will head each post from now until December 24th.

There is going to be so much "Scandi-goodness" to be enjoyed so don't miss it. Twelve Days of Scandinavian Christmas!


Image of Iceland Tree taken by Kathy at the Ocean Rogue Inn

Look at this! OMG! I just received this image in my e-mail!

Kathy, (you might remember - Ocean Rogue Inn owner who sent me pictures of her Temari Snowman) sent her father the instructions for making the Iceland Tree that I posted in early November. And he made her not one but two! 

He sent them to her in pieces, so she immediately assembled one of them and decorated with some wooden ornaments she had on hand.

The paper hearts - she used the heart basket template made by Margit!

I can not begin to tell you how happy this has made me - how satisfying it is to know that something you have shared touches another's muse and imagination.

Actually, I love how the wood ornaments look on this tree so much that for next year, even though I will use the tree again as an Advent Calendar, every day as I eat my chocolate, I will remove the basket and replace it with a Scandinavian ornament.

Skansen Christmas market

Skansen Christmas Market Lussekott (Lucy Buns) by Nenyaki

And now, to the kitchen to bake for St. Lucy Day!

It is traditional for the eldest child in the house to serve St. Lucy Buns to her parents on the morning of December 13th.

You will find a recipe link for Lucy buns as well as several other lovely links on this post from iHanna: Saint Lucia and Saffron Buns.

And more information about St Lucy celebrations and another recipe for Lucy buns here.

Gingerbread is usually served along side the Saffron Buns and here are two very good recipes for gingerbread cookies from readers who entered them in the Cookie Recipe Exchange last year: Traditional Gingerbread Cookies posted on Nagle 5 and Gingerbread Boys posted on Pink Suede Shoe. I have made both of these gingerbread recipes and they are delicious. I almost always get asked for the recipe!

I have one more personal favorite I must bake for St. Lucy Day. And since these are so good, I always have to bake them again before Christmas! So simple. Same basic ingredients seen so often in sugar cookies, but honestly, I don't know why these are so yummy, but even my chocolate chip loving sweetheart has his "hand in THIS cookie tin" all the time!

They are called Norwegian Christmas Cookies and the recipe is available on line at Epicurious right here!

Gingerbread by night

Gingerbread by Night by Helge Carlsen

While you and the children are snuggling in on St. Lucy Eve, sipping glogg or hot cocoa and munching Norwegian Christmas cookies, here is something very fun to enjoy! The most amazing model train set in the world! Don't miss it! Model Trains and Christmas just seem to go together so take this opportunity to enjoy this amazing Miniatur Wunderland.

It is a 5 minute video. Camera's have even been attached to the model train engine so you are literally seeing it as if you were riding on the train.

There are more train ride videos on the side bar where this video lives - including a train ride across snow-covered Sweden!

Happy St. Lucy Eve!

These posts you're putting

These posts you're putting together are amazing!!! Bookmarking the recipe and going to show the train video to the boys! We're off to see a Christmas train ourselves tomorrow.

Thanks Pam for all of the

Thanks Pam for all of the incredible info from around the world! It is wonderful to take a "staycation" and see other folks' holiday celebrations! And, just for the record, my brother actually created my Iceland trees! My dad consulted and Mike did the work- they turned out so beautiful! What a fabulous design you came up with - you are a creative gal indeed! The craftiverse is lucky to have you- :)

I watched that video about

I watched that video about the train set- WOW I still can't believe it.

I just love learning about

I just love learning about all these different traditions and recipes. Thanks Pam!