Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge - More Ornaments!


The Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge ends tomorrow! And I am sliding in just under the wire with my finished ornaments!

My plan was to show them all together on the little four foot tree I use as my year-round seasonal tree. However - that is not going to happen! During a very long phone conversation with a dear, dear friend this afternoon, my sweetie decided it was time to decorate his "Star Trek Tree"! My seasonal tree is now covered with Star Trek ornaments!

So - I am sharing the images of the ornaments taken BEFORE he got to the tree!


Meg's idea for using cookie cutters as a needle felting guide grabbed me and wouldn't let go! I decided to find out just how complicated a shape I could use! Apparently, almost any cookie cutter out there will work for Meg's amazing felting technique!


HAD to make a snowflake!


Bees wax sheets and cookie cutters pair together to make great ornaments! Cutting sheets of bees wax designed for candles using cookie cutters is a piece of cake ornament making technique! Use a needle to carefully string through a hanging loop and your ornament is ready for the tree!

These little wax ornaments are very effective for catching and scattering the light from tree lights. No matter where on the tree an ornament is placed, it will glow!


I fell in love with cutting Danish paper ornaments last year and decided I really, really needed a couple trees on on my Crafty Tree!


There is nothing to these! I simply traced a Danish pattern four times and cut.


Stitched all four together as shown with needle and thread! That is all there is to it!

I used saved copier paper - you know the sheets that blow through before beginning printing with like three words printed on them!


Simple designs work beautifully! Make one of your own, cut out four, stitch together and guaranteed, it will be love at first sight!


And if you prefer, your little trees make great  table toppers! Imagine a whole forest! O yeah - I am having a whole forest!!


And finally, I collected scraps of yarn left over from several projects completed this year, wound them into little balls and added a couple tooth picks. You might remember this tutorial from last year!

This would make a cute gift topper for knitted or crocheted gifts using yarn left from the gift.

Now to the boring old task of accounting!

Felted ornaments: Actually I had the roving. But to be fair, I am charging my bank for four 1/4 oz balls of roving from the Pendleton on line shop. Four at $1.50 each equals $6.00.

Bees wax ornaments: Found bees wax candle kits at the thrift last summer. I purchased two at $1.00 each.  I used the wick as hanging loops. Total cost $2.00. And I still have tons of bees wax left.

Danish Paper Trees: These are basically free! As I said, I used those wasted sheets of printer paper that go whizzing through my printer just before it begins printing! Why does that happen anyway?

Yarn Balls and Knitting Needles: Again, using up those little scraggly balls of yarn that are beginning to accumulate now that I have learned to knit! And I still haven't exhausted that $3.00 bag of yarn purchased at the thrift and used for the woven ornaments. So really no cost there. But I did purchase a package of fancy toothpicks - one end is carved. $2.89.

Total spent for materials for the above four projects - $10.89. Add $3.97 spent on the mirrored Yoyos and $4.24 for the woven heart, and $.25 for the gingerbread man and the sand dollar ornament and the grand total is $18.35.

Meg is posting highlights of all the entries here! Go check them out!

Hi Pam- Just wanted to let

Hi Pam-
Just wanted to let you know I tried needle felting after seeing some items on your blog. It is easy and fun.

I put my butterfly on your Flicker group.

Your butterfly is gorgeous! 

Your butterfly is gorgeous!  So much texture and detail.  I just know you have to be feeling very happy with your very first needle felting project!  Brovo YOU!

And thank you so so much for adding it to my flickr group.  :-)

Really love the felt cookie

Really love the felt cookie cutter ones. I made some from craft foam sheets this year. I can't wait to try the felted ones! All your ornaments are so cute!

I am just getting started on wordpress with a craft page. Learing how to post and all - but hopefully I will be able to get my Christmas crafts posted soon!

Keep up the good work!

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!!

Lovely Lovely Lovely!!!!!

For Heaventy Christmas!

For Heaventy Christmas! These are amazing! beeswax ornaments?! Are you kidding?!! And you KNOW I'm about the Danish paper ornaments.

Merry Merry Christmas, my friend. You outdid yourself this year with your amazing holiday posts.

Pam these are adorable you

Pam these are adorable you have been so busy. I've been caught up in the Christmas rush that blogging and doing stuff has taken a back seat, but i am enjoying your blog today for a few precious minutes. Have a wonderful Christmas and safe and Happy New Year and I look forward to having lots of breakfasts with you in 2012. Hugs from Downunder

I especially love the felt

I especially love the felt ones. I think I'm going to do a squirrel. We have a squirrel shaped cookie cutter & Joe has a "squirrel tree" holding an ornament I get him each year. :) I love, love, love handmade ornaments!!

Elizabeth!  A felted squirrel

Elizabeth!  A felted squirrel would be adorable! Even if I did have a cookie cutter that was shaped like a squirrel, I wouldn't dare make on!  My sweetie would no doubt use it as target practice!

A whole tree of squirrel ornaments.  OMG Send me a picture sometime.  I would LOVE to see it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that felted

I LOVE LOVE LOVE that felted snowflake. Thank you so much Pam for participating- the challenge wouldn't have been complete without you. You did amazing with your budget and all the different ornaments you were able to make. I love those paper cut trees... and they have my wheels turing about maybe valentine's ornaments!

And the not being able to photograph the tree all together because it was taken over by Star Trek had me laughing so hard! That's hysterical.

It's TRUE!  My little tree is

It's TRUE!  My little tree is covered with all manner of Klingon and Star Fleet and Romulan star ships!  A few years back I made a Saturn, Jupiter, Mars etc.  The tree has been naked waiting for ornaments all month so I figured I would be able to at least get a shot of all the ornaments together!  Oh well.  these things happen in the best of families!

I had soooooo much fun playing.  And, obviously so did you and everyone else that participated!

I am so enjoying your blog. I

I am so enjoying your blog. I made the santa and trees
on the yarn cones, got rave reviews! Felting is on my
to-do list when it snows and blows after the holidays.
I know I can do it with your complete instructions.

Mikki!  Yes you CAN felt! 

Mikki!  Yes you CAN felt!  And using Megs excellent tutorial, you will find it fun and addictive.  You will find yourself wanting to make a needle felted ornament with every cookie cutter you own!

Thank you  - I am glad you are finding things you like here!  I do work hard on content!!!  I would love to see the snowman and santa you made!

Thank you for sharing your

Thank you for sharing your beautiful and creative ornaments with us, Pam! It's been fun to see what you come up with! Are we going to get to see your husband's Star Trek tree?! Our Star Trek ornaments have to share the tree with our other ornaments until we move Stateside again and have access to the rest of my sci-fi ornaments that are in storage. We're looking forward to having a specifically designated sci-fi tree in the future!
Thanks for sharing your gorgeous photos with us!
Big hugs,

Our Star Trek ornaments

Our Star Trek ornaments shared space on our big tree for years.  But finally there were so many, and the "Pam" collection grew as well.  It really is nice to have them all together on a tree.

So what other sci-fi ornaments?

I love the paper trees, what

I love the paper trees, what a nice idea! Thanks for the ENORMOUS amount of information you are sharing these days!

Thank you, Mary.  I have been

Thank you, Mary.  I have been working hard on the Christmas posts!  But there is no way i could have shared about Japan, Poland, Estonia and Italy without the help of the wonderful, generous friends that wrote the texts and shared personal memories.  Way better than that canned stuff you see on all the commercial sites.  I am indebted to them all.