Playing with Finnish Tonttu and Danish Nisser


Here he is! My very own little Finnish Tonttu! I love him to pieces!

Up until December 11th, I was convinced there were no little Christmas elves to be found in Finland. On December 12th, thanks to a lovely reader named Dawn, I was directed to Lene who offered a complete how-to for making Finnish Tonttu on her blog Dances With Wool.

One of my very best gifts from "Santa Mom" this year was a bag filled with lovely hand spun yarns from Shepherd's Lamb, a sheep ranch in northern New Mexico producing excellent quality organic Lamb and beautiful wools for knitting, crochet and weaving. Apparently, she has been visiting their booth at the farmer's market in Santa Fe quite frequently this past year buying fresh lamb for her and beautiful hand spun yarn for me!

FYI, if you are into lamb dishes, like I am, you might enjoy some of the recipes included on the site! And if you are into wool, like me, you will be as excited as I am for their online shop to open!

Anyway - back to my little Tonttu -  two of the yarn skeins in the bag exactly matched the yarns Lene used for her Tonttu! So, my Tonttu already has a history - designed by a spinner living above the arctic circle in Finland and made with hand spun yarns from sheep raised on a sheep ranch in my beloved northern New Mexico.

Not having a wooden ball 1/2" in diameter in my stash, I decided to use my last little 1" felted ball for the head - which meant that I had to make the hat and body a bit bigger!

Links for the tutorials to make your very own Tonttu can be found in the December 11th Christmas Elves and Yule Lads post, or again at the bottom of this post.


While listening and catching up with the November and December podcasts (which are available from Craftypod), my hands were busy printing out, cutting and assembling these charming and playful Danish Nissers which have been in my bookmarks since 2008!

Actually - that is not exactly a true statement - there was so much inspiration and useful content in this set of podcasts, that I frequently had to put my little Nissers aside to take notes!

In case you hadn't guessed, the Nissers were designed by Margit at papirklip og æsker and the two Nissers with the tree and the Nissers with the ladder can be found in her 2008 archive along with printable gift tags and an entire Nativity to print out and make!!


This Nisser is actually 7" tall and is quite happy sitting on my mantel with my Santa and Father Christmas figurines. You can find him as well on the above link to the 2008 archive!

So now, unless someone tells me differently, I have a full set of - Christmas Elves!

Here are the links for the Tonttu tutorials on Dances With Wool:




Happy 8th Day of Christmas!

Love your new additions, Pam!

Love your new additions, Pam! Too cute! Thanks for sharing your bright and happy photos with us!
Big hugs,

I am so enjoying having you

I am so enjoying having you in my inbox and reading your blog as it appears on your page! I have especially loved reading about customs and decorations from a variety of countries! Thanks so much for all that you do!

He's so CUTE! And colorful. I

He's so CUTE! And colorful. I thought of you this Christmas when I performed at our annual downtown musical showcase. We did a Finnish song (in Finnish)!