Sharing Beautiful Handmade Gifts


I am feeling loved!

My holidays were made brighter than ever this year by friends who sent me art from their own hands. I am not usually one to show off my Christmas gifts but I have to make an exception!

I can not begin to tell you how much it means to me to have friends who will go out of their way to make something special for me. I am so blessed and grateful.

You might be thinking - the tin and breads above? Art? Absolutely! Beautiful and delicious cookies and holiday breads, many of them Italian, made for us by our dearest friends in the whole wide world. Of course, as you may have guessed, every crumb is gone by now but the happy memories linger. Scott and Darlene live in Colorado now and we miss them every single day.

And next, in the order received:


Rachel found this sweet little star fish ornament while shopping with Diane and Kristin this fall! How I wished I could be with them at the time, but this dear little star fish reminds me I was with them in thought.


Alice completely surprised me with this adorable crocheted owl ornament. I just don't know how she makes every stitch so perfect. Don't you love the colors? My owl is hanging right next to the star fish from Rachel and the blue star ornament Alice made me last year. Hands off Mom!


Linda sent me my very own Päkapikk all the way from Estonia! She spent her holidays in Estonia at home with her family, and amid all her celebrating, can you believe, she selected this doll, made by Siiri her good friend and doll maker, and sent it to me. Really worked at the pose so I could be sure you got to see the red and white striped bloomers under the skirt! OMG how I love having a Päkapikk! Did you notice that Siiri embroidered my name on the doll?

Picture 4

Last year, Linda introduced me to these delightful creatures who bring treats to good children in Estonia during the month of December; and this year her daughter Annabel's drawing and a photo of my own Päkapikks appeared together on google images! Top row two in the middle! Somehow seemed so cool to me! The "inspirer" and the "inspired"!


Linda's daughter Annabel sent me this handmade card - tucked in with the Päkapikk doll. I am so thrilled to have one of her very own handmade cards - see more of Annabels beautiful cards here. Notice the wonderful texture in the paint.


Chris joined in the 2011 Stocking Giveaway this year and had quite a struggle getting her first stocking to work right. I tried my best to help - but long distance makes it difficult at best. She finally gave up on it and made a felt one similar to this one! I wrote her to tell her I loved it and she made me one too!


The other side is turquoise! I just love how she is able to create whimsy and design with such simplicity.


Erin was the winner of my blogiversary Spoonflower ornament giveaway in November. She loved the first place winner (red bird) as much as I did and actually used the pattern to create this sweet little beauty for me!

Love the fabric she chose and I especially love the little necklace of beads made from her own fabulous stash. Both birds are hanging right next to the beaded card rack Diane made me years ago.


A sneak peak at just one more to be shared on January 6th - 12th Day of Christmas!

Happy 9th Day of Christmas everyone!

Pam. Pam! Can you believe I

Pam. Pam! Can you believe I am just now getting over here to catch up? Yes, you can! and I thank you so much for spotlighting my stocking. I don't think you know this, but you are the only one I made anything for and only one of five people who received a gift from me, two of whom were my brothers. I so appreciate your willingness to listen, to help, and to laugh throughout the year. You are a wonderful friend.

Thank you, too for your recent comment on my blog. I know reading and commenting time is at a premium, believe me!

I'm going to try not to blather on like this after I read every post, but I had to tell you how great it is to finally see what you've been doing, giving and receiving!

These gifts are so cool! That doll...!! swoon!

Oh, yea! How awesome to see

Oh, yea! How awesome to see my little birdie on your tree! What a wonderful array of handmade gifts- that doll with your name on it is just fabulous!

Happy New Year to you

Happy New Year to you Pam.

Everything is so heartwarming and many made with love. I've come to appreciate handmade gifts much more in my latter years. I adore the crochet owl. Warm wishes

Can you say spoiled?

Can you say spoiled? Everything looks great but that little owl really caught my eye. Adorable.

I am SO happy that I get your

I am SO happy that I get your blog posts in my email every day -- I enjoy every single word -- and the pictures!

Those are great gifts, Thanks

Those are great gifts, Thanks for sharing. Little Christmas is almost here.... after that I hope you take a well deserved break for a few days! : )

You are so lucky to have such

You are so lucky to have such talented and generous friends!

all so sweet and wonderful :)

all so sweet and wonderful :)