Celebrating Twelfth Night with Two Special Cakes Again!


Tomorrow is again Twelfth Night - The 12th Day of Christmas and time again for a special cake!

If you missed celebrating Twelfth Night with me last year, pop over for a few lovely recipes - good contenders all for a final celebration of Christmas and the end of the season.

I don't know exactly why we don't celebrate the 12 Days of Christmas in America. Must research! I do think we are missing out big time!

This period from Christmas Day to December 6th is celebrated by many cultures all over the world - mostly by enjoying the company and fellowship of friends and family. AND Twelfth Night especially is celebrated with a special cake!

To continue my tradition begun last year of baking a special cake for Twelfth Night, I made a Clementine Cake!

Joanie introduced me to Clementine Cake last February but by then Clementines had completely disappeared from the local markets. I printed out Nigella's recipe (which Joanie had used) and saved it for Twelfth Night 2012!

Joanie of course put beautiful powdered sugar hearts on her cake - go see how pretty it is!

If you are into almond cakes - you will love this one! My sweetie and I have been eating it for dessert, evening snacks AND breakfast! (FYI it is gluten free)


Image made by Mary at Mary and Patch of her Cadeau de Noël - Christmas Gift to all of us!

It's not even Twelfth night and the cake is gone! But that is OK because........look at this decadent "cake" I just found on Mary and Patch - Cadeau de Noël!

Mary has been experimenting and developing her version of Triple Chocolate Truffle for several years and is kindly sharing the recipe as a Christmas gift to all of us! How can anyone refuse such a gift! Butter, chocolate, eggs and sugar. OMG.

Again, this year - we will be celebrating with TWO cakes for Twelfth Night!

How about YOU?  Have I convinced anyone out there to adopt this lovely tradition and bake a cake for Twelfth Night? I hope! I hope! I hope!

You are So smart to always

You are So smart to always plan for the following year. We have a whole bowl of Clementines right now, but you're right.. they won't be around long!

I think Twelfth night is intriguing... Especially if it has its own cake!

Love that cake!!

Love that cake!!