Danish Crafty Goodness from Margit


Do you remember in December I suggested giving little "kits" to crafty friends?

Well, my friend Margit did exactly that! And during my little uh - computer break - I occupied myself doing exactly what I said crafty kit gift recipients would be doing in January - contentedly playing!


Right before Christmas a big fat envelope containing all these lovely supplies for Danish paper craft appeared on my doorstep!

(I added the little Danish paper ornaments already made from downloads from Margit's site and from the Danish paper cutting book shown here!)

Apparently at Christmas time in Denmark, sweet paper craft folders are available in shops and it is a very good thing I don't actually live in Denmark because I would probably buy out the inventory!

I love this concept!


The outside folder doubles as an image guide of the crafty goodness within and a set of adorable "crawling gnomes" to be cut out and used on holiday cards or as decoration. (Like I would EVER be able to touch this folder with scissors.)


Inside the folder - patterns and instructions for all the little ornaments offered in this "kit" - trees, nissers, cards, braided hearts, cones.


Everything you need to construct the ornaments on the cover (except tools like scissors) are included inside the folder including, card weight paper, gloss paper, golden heart art stickers, music paper and a Danish napkin to use for motif for cards and cones, a roll of very good double stick tape and 12 strips of paper for a German Star!


Having just come off of a very intense two months of holiday blogging, playing with this little kit and making sweet, simple ornaments has been a lovely and restful way to recharge my batteries!

Except for the little gold and white braided heart perhaps! Could have used a mug of glögg while working on that one!!


Margit also tucked in these lovely German stickers - nativities and angels (to add to my small collection) and a very cool book filled with patterns and instructions for making all kinds of birds in the form of braided hearts!


The book is titled Jule Fugle Flet (Christmas Bird Merge) - 24 birds for Christmas Trees. Written by Lars Holmsted, also a resident of Margit's island home - Bornholm, Denmark.

I have succeeded in making one of the birds (without glögg!) but I can't show you because he is a gift for someone special!


The rest of my German sticker collection! Gift from Gill.

Christmas is over of course! But birthdays are on the horizon! Kits for making - always a good choice! And NOW I speak from personal experience!

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What an awesome package she

What an awesome package she put together for you! :) I can't wait to see some of the final products! :)

Pam, The back of the folder


The back of the folder can be copied onto cardstock and then you can play! The folded birds look to be woven together like the hearts - is that correct? And would you be doing a blog about this and how to do it? Hem, hem, PLEASE!?!


Maureen!  I would never have

Maureen!  I would never have thought of that!  But what a great idea! 

Yes, the birds are braided together like the hearts. I probably would not do a post however since this is a recently published book.  Although the technique is not necessarily copyrighted, the designs definitely are!

Pam, I found out years ago


I found out years ago that copy written materials can reproduced for personal use only. It was the owner of a cross stitch store that told me when I mentioned that I hated ruining my patterns in the process of making something. Now your copies can NOT be used in personal gain in any way. Not made into kits and sold, copied and sold, or the item produced from the copied pattern sold. After finding this out I haven't ruined an original pattern since. It is also so much easier to make items you love out of a hard bound book once they are copied onto regular paper. My books also don't get dog eared or dammaged. Hope this helps!


Those kits are fantastic.

Those kits are fantastic. Love those trees, the shape is great!

What a wonderful package. I

What a wonderful package. I love those sweet woven birdies! Hope you relaxed over the holidays a little and put your feet up.
Happy New Year to you sweet friend!