Crochet? An Impossible Dream?


Imagine the Impossibilities! A current challenge taking place among crafters who have decided to imagine that something they thought was impossible is actually possible!

The Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge is being hosted by Karah on her blog the space between! Pop over and see if you are up to the challenge!

I don't usually get involved in too many challenges and I wasn't sure I could think of anything that I would qualify as impossible.

And then I thought of crochet!

I can't do it! I have tried many times! My great grandmother tried to teach me. Diane has attempted to teach me three times. I can't even get the whole casting on with only one needle in hand while knitting thing! Two needle cast on is the only one that makes sense to me.

I am a girl who is happiest with TWO needles without hooks in my hand!

But - now that I have seen these gorgeous crocheted ornaments on Wee folk Art - I MUST give crochet one more try.

These crocheted balls designed by Greta Tulner literally have me weak in the knees! I am smitten to the core! After seeing them, I immediately ordered patterns for me and for Diane from Greta's shop ATERGcrochet!

Oh and while you are there - check out this adorable crocheted owl!

My sweet, patient daughter has agreed to try again to teach me to crochet. In exchange, she wants some knitting tips!

So my Impossible dream for the month of January is simply to learn to crochet a few basic stitches. And my impossible dream for Christmas is to make one of Greta's beautiful Christmas balls.


I just recently met Karah. Living on an island, she has access to way more "beachy treasures" than most of us and she created this amazing Christmas Tree for the Homemade Christmas Tree Challenge out of materials available close to home.

I first saw it on the final post of the Homemade Christmas Tree Challenge hosted by Mega Crafty this past December and was completely blown away. Isn't it amazing? And beautiful?

Pop over to Karah's post because you will not want to miss seeing a close-up of those snowmen!

Diane is coming over for my first - well actually forth lesson - this coming weekend and I promise - succeed or fail - I will reveal all!

Well, given that it's YOU and

Well, given that it's YOU and that it's DIANE, you've probably crocheted a to-scale replica of the statue of David, by now. Although, maybe with a fig leaf.

Yay! You can do it! I have

Yay! You can do it! I have never tried to learn to knit because I have so many crochet projects I want to make. But it's on my bucket list ... Can't wait to see your creations!

Pam, if you want inspiration

Pam, if you want inspiration and really good tutorials, check out Lucy's blog : Attic 24. She is a crochet whizz!
I have followed several of her patterns and they are beautifully explained. Love Gill.

NOT an impossible dream! I'll

NOT an impossible dream! I'll come prepared to bring you into it gently. And I'll very likely show up not even remembering how to do a knit stitch. :-)

:-) I love you!

:-) I love you!

This is wonderful for it's

This is wonderful for it's knitting I crochet like a mad women but have always wanted to knit maybe I'll give it one more try. Thanks for sharing.

Mmmmm love those crocheted

Mmmmm love those crocheted ornaments and the owls are SO cute. We want to hear how you do and if you get bogged down, try to tell us what is confusing you so we can all pitch in, tell you many different things and REALLY confuse you. ok? LOL! You can do it!

Good luck, Pam! Crochet can

Good luck, Pam! Crochet can be a lot of fun. Wish you were closer, so I could help!

YAY Pam I'm so excited that

YAY Pam I'm so excited that you are going to play along too. You sound just like me when it comes to crochet. I've had several people try to teach me in exchange for knitting lessons and they can all knit but are baffled by how I end up making horrible knots out of simple crochet. I just can't get it!

What a great impossible challenge to take on. If you can get it then maybe (just maybe) there's hope for me to learn too. : ) Good Luck!

Bwahaha!! It's me in

Bwahaha!! It's me in reverse! :) I've taken up knitting...and it's the 4th time!! I love those crochet balls! I don't think I'd seen them before...will definitely have to check them out.

You can do it!! :)

Best of luck with your

Best of luck with your crochet challenge. I love it myself, it's knitting, as you know that challenges me!
Fantastic tree, I'll check out that site :)