Enchanted God's Eyes (Ojos de Dios) - a Journey


Gorgeous hand spun yarn rescued at a thrift.

Treasures left to be discovered on my path by crows, jays, sea gulls, robins and chickadees.

Inspiration from Susan, a reader who shared a picture of a gift she made a good friend.

The seeds of a new God's Eye (Ojos de Dios) to add to my collection.

I have never outgrown my absolute enjoyment of weaving a God's Eye. Perhaps it has to do with something Susan said about "the symmetry and intent of protection of the God's Eye".

I still remember learning to weave my first - at Girl Scout camp - sitting at a long table placed near a smoldering fire in the huge, old stone fireplace which also served in winter to keep skiers warm and toasty after a day on the slopes. (My summertime Girl Scout camp was a ski "resort" in winter!)

We were each given two pine twigs and allowed to select our favorite yarn from the supply at hand.

Sitting down at a spot bathed in New Mexico sunshine, I struggled to follow the instructors words - "bind the two twigs together with a half hitch" (or was it a clove hitch). They wobbled and twisted out of place at first, seeming quite unruly and impossible. But slowly, as winding began and continued, the twigs settled down into their proper place and the pattern emerged. And a young girl found herself completely enchanted.

Some of you who are new to Gingerbread Snowflakes may not know that I have made three tutorials to share the enchantment. Links are included at the end of the post!

russell's ojo

Susan Burnett, a reader who lives in Houston, Texas (and fellow ex-pait of New Mexico - yay!), left me a comment last summer telling me she had just made her first four God's Eyes. She gave them as gifts and the happy result - one of the recipients immediately took her to a craft shop to get her more dowels and yarn!

A month or so later she sent this picture of a God's Eye made for a very dear friend. I responded first to the yarn - muted, natural colors with interesting texture - and then to the little gather of feathers.

Something deep within began stirring. Not to make a God's Eye exactly - I have tons of colorful yarns for that! But something was stirring.

What I did know for certain was that my treasured feather gifts, picked from many paths and gently carried home, would definitely be a part of it. A beautiful way to honor the gift givers.


During a quick trip to a thrift last month,  I happened upon this gorgeous stash of hand spun wool yarn - the natural, slightly silky/sticky feel of lanolin still clinging to the fibers.

$1.00 - including the plastic bin! How could this be? No way would I leave it there buried in piles of unwanted cast-offs. I brought it home where it would be appreciated! I know many of you reading understand.

And now that stirring again. And I knew!

I needed to create a God's Eye using this beautiful hand made yarn and my feather gifts.

Had it not been for Susan, I might have never have noticed.

Thank you Susan. Enchantment is back.


For those of you wanting to seek your own enchantment making God's Eyes:

*Basic instructions for making a simple God's Eye

*Adding Beads to a God's Eye

*God's Eyes as a display frame for found treasures (perfect for children who find treasure while at the beach or in the forest). Includes the tutorial for reverse weaving.

You can find links to Susan Burnett here


Added January 21, 2012:  I received a comment today (thank you Annette) linking me to Jay Mohler.  I do not publish link posts from people I do not know and usually not even when I do know them.

However, I was thrilled to have his name and so now I am adding the following links to Jay's site Ojo de Dios by Jay Mohler because I had intended to leave you with a link to his incredible Ojos yesterday but neither an internet search or my brain would give up the information!

Go visit Jay's site.  He is has devoted a good deal of his adult life to making Ojo de Dios and has become a master.

Ojos de Dios by Jay Mohler

Jay's Story

Free instructional PDF

Jay's Etsy shop

I think I mentioned my sister

I think I mentioned my sister in law buying some cool,chuncky yarn for me last year. I know you warned against trying novelty yarns...but this cat (as in cat curiosity) just had to try it. I'll admit that I had to re-weave this a couple of times to be happy with it. Now I need to remember how to send you a picture. I shall try by email :)

That is stunning! Gods eyes

That is stunning! Gods eyes are so simple, yet beautiful.

I have never made a God's Eye

I have never made a God's Eye but you have placed the desire into my heart . So glad you rescued that gorgeous yarn and the results are stunning. I have many fond mmeories of camp as well and lots of crafts but never a God's Eye, thanks for sharing. Sheila

Your new God's Eye is

Your new God's Eye is stunning! I love the story of you rescuing the yarn from the thrift store and how you have gathered your feathers. And this shape, I just love it!

You have once again inspired me. I found a really nice local shop and owner that is now selling my crafts. She took everything I brought with me on consignment. Then I took Russell (the recipient of my God's Eye you have pictured) and she will be selling his hand forged knives as well. I know she will like God's Eyes as well. So I better get to work (playing....shhhh, don't tell) on some soon.

Peace and love,

I am so glad I found your

I am so glad I found your blog earlier this winter! I am just crazy about all things Christmas, and share your fascination with yarn, fabrics and crafts. I learned to crochet and sew from my mother and grandmother, and after years of raising children, am finding the time to pursue these crafts again! I read your post and tutorial about the little portable weaving loom made of cardboard, and now am a little weaving-crazy, too! :)

I read your post about learning to crochet after years of knitting.... I am embarking on the reverse: I am a long-time crocheter who is determined to learn to knit! I taught myself, using a book (Stitch 'n Bitch) a couple winters ago, but just absolutely labored over each stitch... my fingers want to crochet! But this morning I signed up for a beginning knitting class at a local shop, and I am hoping some direct instruction will help keep me focused and practicing! Wish me luck! I hope you will find success with your new skill, too!

I do ramble... sorry! Have a wonderful day! I'm looking forward to seeing your next post and project!

So pretty. I noticed that one

So pretty. I noticed that one has three dowels and the other only two. Is one more traditional than the other?

Meg, this ia a great question

Meg, this ia a great question to which i have no answer!  But I THINK the two stick variation is traditional with the Huichol - I believe.  But current artists who have taken up the practice of weaving God's Eyes are doing some amazing things by using three, four or more crossed sticks.

I personally like two sticks and three,  And I prefer them to be relatively simple.  But if you google God's Eyes, about the second or third entry is "images" and there you will find some pretty amazing God's Eyes - some with lots of sticks!!

When we went camping this

When we went camping this past summer up in Northern Ontario, my little one befriended the  couple camping next to us. It always amazes me how he does that with perfect strangers. The next thing I knew, he and the lady (Nancy was her name) were happy as clams chatting away making these weavings with sticks and yarn. I didn't know until now that they were called God's Eyes. Thanks for bringing back that sweet summer memory. And thanks too for the education Pam. Your God's Eyes are beautiful!