Impossible? NOT! First Crochet Reveal!


Me learning to crochet! No longer impossible, improbable, unimaginable, or 'not going to happen'!

I am thrilled, and totally surprised, to share my very first crochet project!


A whole finished project!

Diane is amazing - I mean it - AMAZINGLY thorough and thoughtful teacher! She presented the whole process logically and so clearly that my mind had no problem grasping the stitches.

And my fears that my hands could never adapt to one hooked needle - totally unfounded! Apparently they have become quite nimble over the past two + years of knitting, knitting, knitting.

To get me started at a place where she felt I would be most comfortable, Diane made the magic ring and the first row of stitches (top photo). The rest is my work.

She used this pattern for crocheted snowballs (which I found on Holly Days Closet) as a guide for the stitches to teach me. I believe she had simply intended to share how to make basic stitches and let me practice on a swatch.

However, once she saw how simple this pattern is, she decided to use it as the basis for teaching me stitches!  I am so glad she did because I LOVE making projects!  I hate to practice!  And she knows that about her mother!

I am quite happy with the first 2/3 of the ball - basically single crochet and increases. The last third of the pattern calls for a series of decreases which were so much fun and I was so relaxed with it that apparently my tension got sloppy!

So I am not too crazy about the holes on one side - you can see them quite clearly in the second image! (Diane was not nearby when I finished the ball or I am SURE she would have caught my uneven stitching!)


But it is not so bad - and it is ready to claim it's rightful place on my Christmas tree right next to my very first knitted sock!

Diane tells me I have a lot left to learn. On darn! So I can't really say I can crochet yet?

But - I did realize my goal for the "Imagine the Impossibilities Challenge" going on over on Karah's blog thespacebetween.

And that was - to get over my fear and my firmly held belief that I can't crochet.

Picture 8

Now I am going to practice, practice, practice so I can make these most beautiful crocheted balls designed by Greta Tulner at ATERGcrochet.

No longer impossible!

Bravo! Cheers! Applause! And

Bravo! Cheers! Applause! And now you can take your bow. Job well done and mission impossible possible. Thanks so much for joining our Impossibilities challenge! Linda

From a girl that can't sew -

From a girl that can't sew - this looks daunting! So impressed and you are gonna have one fab Christmas tree next year! Thanks for joining our challenge!

Oh dear! Now I really feel

Oh dear! Now I really feel embarrassed!!! I've been visiting lots of blogs with wonderful home improvement projects which I would never try in a million years. I can be amazed, but feel OK about it. But now I meet you, Pam, who did the same Impossible challenge as me: learn to crochet. But you have created a beautiful, beautiful Christmas ball...and me? I managed a small yamulke for a squirrel!
Seriously, well done on achieving your goal! I'm a way behind you, but with you for inspiration, and that pattern, maybe I can manage a ball too...they'd be nice stuffed with lavender, perhaps...?

I love seeing this again.

I love seeing this again. Thank you so much for being a part of the challenge Pam!!

Beautiful! I can crochet but

Beautiful! I can crochet but not in the round and I have to really pay attention when I go to the next row. It can be tough to learn so yay!

For those of us who don't

For those of us who don't have Diane to teach us in person, this website has excellent videos:

Hurray! Great job! You'll be

Hurray! Great job! You'll be making my "wing it" hat in no time!

Look at you go! You should

Look at you go! You should be so proud of yourself. That is fabulous! I can hardly wait to see what you make next.

Of course nothing is

Of course nothing is impossible to the crafty you! I'm very impressed as well. June has lots of great crochet tutorials on her site, including one for finishing a shape:

You can see all her tutorials listed here:

They include crochet basics, too, so if you don't have Super Diane around, Wonderful June can help you through that new stitch you need to make.

Wish I could take a turn showing you some crochet tricks, too!

I'm exactly the opposite. I

I'm exactly the opposite. I can crochet, but I have huge problems with tension when I try to knit.

I taught myself to crochet from a book back in the '70s when crochet was very popular. I'm left-handed, so I tried to follow the left-handed instruction, to no avail. In desperation, I tried the right-handed instructions, and Bingo! I can crochet!!!

Great job on the purple ball!

Congratulations! I knew you

Congratulations! I knew you could do it! I am so excited for you! Your Christmas tree will be smiling next year.


Pam, amazing! You are an

Pam, amazing! You are an inspiration! Way to go!!

These colorful balls are so

These colorful balls are so beautiful! Please practice a lot so you show us all how to!!

This is awesome!!! You will

This is awesome!!! You will love crochet, there is so much you can do with it.
Here's more links with how-tos and tips -

I didn't like to practice either, so when I was learning to crochet I made flowers - lots and lots of them with many different stitches involved. Have fun & keep up the good work!

Congrats on learning how to

Congrats on learning how to crochet! It looks fantastic.

That's amazing Pam! Do you

That's amazing Pam! Do you think Diane can be hired to teach other "difficult" crochet cases? : )

How fantastic is that!?! What

How fantastic is that!?! What a wonderful little purple bauble. I didn't see any errors at all. You can do anything! I think you'd better make room for more supplies, a new craft has found it's way into your creative sphere and its so fun - you'll be `'hooked" ;)


You guys are just too good. I

You guys are just too good. I know everyone is being encouraged to try a new craft this year.......I'm still in the choosing stage and your ready for obstacle #2 I need to get in gear and stop dragging my feet over here. Great job Pam........why Am I not surprised ????

I'm jumping with joy and that

I'm jumping with joy and that my pattern was easy enough for you. Before you know it you'll have enough balls for a good fight. =) I think it's great that your first project was my first pattern we're first. I look forward to seeing your progress.

ACK Holly I forgot to mention

ACK Holly I forgot to mention that this was your very first pattern ever!  I am still learning how to keep posts shorter and not leave out stuff!

Well just let me say that your instructions were perfect!  And thank you for your role in making this a most successful first attempt!

Great job on conquering

Great job on conquering crocheting !!!
Well, maybe that is a little too strong but congratulations on finishing your first project.
Your teacher deserves a pat on the back as well.
The color choice is wonderful and compliments the knitted sock nicely.

Diane is the most amazing

Diane is the most amazing teacher.  Teaching her mother how to crochet and how to use a computer - proof!

She really thinks the whole process through before she begins teaching so that everything presented is in logical, clear steps.

Pam, you did a wonderful job!

Pam, you did a wonderful job! I've never been a big fan of practice swatches either until I realized that if you make two squares or one rectangle you can turn them into bean bags for the kids to play with.

I'm sure you will be making some new and wonderful crochet projects very soon. You seem very determined when you want to get something done.

I love the look of knitting but the speed of crocheting.

Robin you are right!  Crochet

Robin you are right!  Crochet is faster!  AND I love that you can rip back and still find the stitch you want to start with again waiting for you!

Hey Pam, If you weigh it down

Hey Pam,

If you weigh it down somehow this could easily be a hacky sack.


Funny you should mention

Funny you should mention that, Maureen.  I googled trying to figure out how to close the top and ran into the term hacky sack  over and over!

PAM! This is sooo awesome!

PAM! This is sooo awesome! I love what you came up with, and that you were so successful. I can only imagine all of the crocheting in your future!!

Karah!  What I would like to

Karah!  What I would like to imagine in my future is how in the world I am going to accomplish all the great projects I imagine in my future! :-)


I am SO TOTALLY IMPRESSED with you! It took me a loooong time to be able to master single crochet, let alone doing it in the round with a stitch marker and everything! You are hands down the fastest learner I have ever taught to crochet!

Those openings at the increase points - they totally happen. You can try using a smaller-size hook to stitch the decreases, but I usually just consciously stitch them really tightly - it's the one moment in crochet when I can let my Type-A hands do what they always want to do. :-)

If you're up for it, you could try another ball using the same pattern, but double crochets instead of single ones. Here's a beautiful how-to for a Magic Ring:

I am pasting a virtual Gold Star to your forehead. :-)

I am smiling over here,

I am smiling over here, Diane!

LOVE gold stars!

Thank you for the link.  You know me well.  My fingers are itching to begin another ball!

Double crochet it is!

Just so I am clear - I use double crochet in place of anywhere in the pattern that calls for sc?