Don't Miss the Third Blogiversary Giveaway on MegaCrafty!


Did you know Meg is celebrating her third blogiversary?

Pop over to MegaCrafty and say happy happy and while you are there don't miss the chance to enter the blogiversary drawing for a Simply Screen - Silk Screen Kit by Plaid. She has already tried out a Simply Screen kit, loves it, and wants to share the fun!

I am NOT going to enter so that everyone will have a fighting chance to win!

I won her second blogiversary prize last January (that's how I met Meg!) and I just won the Pantone Guide to Communicating with Color! I LOVE winning Meg's giveaways but I think it only fair I give someone else a chance.

Pop over right now and enter! Giveaway entries close January 27th!

Happy Blogiversary Meg!  And many, many, many more!

OK!  OK! OK!  We are just

OK!  OK! OK!  We are just ging to see how impossible!  lol!  I am going to enter.  BUT if I win you must promise to select another winner!

Thank so much for the mention

Thank so much for the mention Pam! Big hugs to you. I couldn't begin to figure out the odds of you winning two giveaways in a row (but they were separated by a year's time so maybe the odds weren't that long). But three in a row? That's got to be practically impossible.

: )