Delicious! Decadent! Delectable! Chocolate Bread Pudding


A lovely, yummy Chocolate Bread Pudding - disappeared so fast I never got a picture! It used to be right here!

If you are looking for a simple but decadently rich and delicious dessert to serve on Valentines Day, give this one a try! Seriously, anyone can make this! No way to fail.

Truth be told, I am not exactly a fan of bread pudding! But this one is different! It is made using croissants! And very good chocolate. And eggs and cream. Once the "pudding" is baked, all that croissant - chocolate - cream - egg goodness turns into a bit of heaven!

The recipe can be found in the February issue of New Mexico Magazine, and is also available online! The link will whisk you off to the land of seriously enchanted chocolate where you will not only find the recipe for Chocolate Bread Pudding, but also links to many of New Mexico's fabulous and unique chocolatiers and a recipe for Cocopotamus Hot Chocolate!

If you are not into baking - even a simple sweet chocolaty treat, why not order your sweetheart a unique box of chocolates with a New Mexico twist! Maybe a little something in edible gold or silver, Earl Grey, red (or green) chile, or maraschino cherries?

The best part of Valentines! Chocolate - right?

You had me at delicious,

You had me at delicious, chocolate and New Mexico.... I will try this! I have never really had luck with bread pudding, but how can you go wrong with chocolate and croissants?! Thank you for sharing, Pam!

Oh, that sounds so wonderful.

Oh, that sounds so wonderful. I have pinned it. I love your dish as well. Beautiful.