Time Again to Say THANK YOU!


Tangle Template taken from Tangle Journal 2012.

I heart you! Every single one of you reading these words!

Just by being here you are giving me the precious gift of your attention and your time. THANK YOU for visiting and for being a part of my internet space.

The rest of the month of February will be devoted to saying THANK YOU!

So many lovely people have given me so much this past year that it will be necessary to post every single day to cover them all!

Gifts of time, comments, e-mails, helpful links, inspiring tutorials, eye candy, food for thought, good advice, and yes, even gifts as in presents! Several lovely friends have taken a great deal of time and effort to participate in sharing Christmas in other cultures, or to join me in "craft-a-longs" and other crafty adventures.

There is just no way the words "thank you" can ever be enough.

I hope you will join me each day because I know you will enjoy meeting all these incredible women (if you don't know them already). And I hope you will take the time to visit them and say hello!

So what is the deal with that big empty heart at the top of the page?

You will find out in the next post! :-)

Thank You for all the

Thank You for all the wonderful creativity and inspiration you share with us!

Oh Meg, you are welcome!  But

Oh Meg, you are welcome!  But the reality is that YOU have been a huge HUGE source of inspiration ever since I first met you last year! I love how your mind works!  Love bouncing ideas off of you! And love seeing what you come up with next!

And PS I am still working on your snowflake!  Apparently Merino wool is not a good choice for felting!  But I have four ounces of it so I WILL win!