Tangles Make Good Friends!


I love tangles!And I love gourds! AND I see the gracefully curvy surface of gourds as a perfect canvass for tangles!

Last summer, two lovely artists TeriC and Geneviève Crabe agreed to join me in a little crafty play date - tangling on gourds! Teri's post is here and Geneviève's is here.

Both are very, very busy women and I can't tell you how much I appreciate each of them setting aside time to play with me as well as how much I appreciate their help and encouragement on my tangle journeys.


Tangle Gourd Photo by TeriC

TeriC was the first person to introduce me to the concept of tangle drawings or doodling. You can get a feeling for the range of her work from humorous to pensive by visiting her fabulous Zentangle flickr page! Colorful, playful, joy filled, and inspired! Oh and unconventional!

She has strongly influenced my own tangles, as you can clearly see in my journal tangles below and my gourd tangles above. I love using color as part of the tangle expression as well as creating a sort of "unstructure". Teri is totally responsible!

And Teri and I share a love of daisy like flowers so it is no surprise that echinacea and rudbeckia - and yes daisies - show up often on my gourds and in her mandalas and water color sketches!

Visit Teri at Teri's Painted Daisies where she posts daily and shares her happy, joyful sketches and her adventures. Recent fav's: here, here and here.

She doesn't post quite as often to her mandala/poetry blog - "Teri's Mandala Poetry", but when she does, it is always worth a visit. I find her mandalas and poems inspiring and beautiful - eye candy and nourishment for the spirit.

On her sidebar at Teri's Painted Daisies, you will find a link to her gallery on Zazzle. There is a beautiful, colorful gecko in the group that has my name all over it! Look for it! I am pretty sure you will find her gecko as charming and desirable as I do.


Geneviève and I met in Diane's Blog Tune-up Class last spring. At the time, Geneviève was writing a blog about her artistic journeys - Amaryllis Creations.

Shortly there after however, she became a certified Zentangle instructor and currently devotes a great deal of her time to teaching and drawing tangles which she shares on her blog Tangle Harmony. And as a part of her tangle adventure, during the winter holidays, she published the coolest journal - Tangle Journal 2012.


As many of you know, my drawing skills leave a LOT to be desired. Drawing and sketching are not my first choice of ways to express myself!

But Geneviève's journal totally appealed to me! Every week there is a template to play with! And it is all about tangles! It looked like a lot of fun and I ordered one!

But I got much more than I bargained for! Because through the process of daily making designs and tangles within the structure of Geneviève's templates, I am overcoming my fear of drawing! I am growing! And I find this time with my journal to be meditative and expressive.

I still can't draw! You can plainly see THAT if you will just take a minute to visit the Tangle Journels Flickr page! But then, drawing well is not the point for me - it is all about the moment and getting in touch with what is in my heart and mind.

But OMG you just have to see what some of the amazing artists are doing with these templates. I tried for a while not to visit because I wanted my tangle expressions to come completely from within me. But, look at what I would have missed! Again OMG! These artists are amazing! PLEASE take a few minutes to visit today and again throughout the year!

It's not too late to order a Tangle Journal 2012! I am loving mine! I think you will too! And BTW you can see Genevieve's first four drawings here!


Oh the heart! I promised to tell you about the heart!

It is one of the February templates in the journal. I am playing with this particular template differently than the rest. Every day, I will draw a tangle to represent each friend I am sharing during this month long series.

I am finding out that in making tangles, the whole is greater than the parts! Even mistakes and missteps disappear into the fabric of the finished tangle. I will share the completed heart the end of the month - a heart tangle made of friends who all together have made me so much more than I was before!

I think Tangles is something

I think Tangles is something I need to try. I have always loved drawing geometric shapes and doodles and coloring them in. I think coloring has always been a favorite thing for me. It is very calming and relaxing. Plus, I can let my mind wander while I am doing it. I think on my next trip to the library I will check out a few books.

Pam, thank you so much for

Pam, thank you so much for all the kind words.

I hope you don't mind if I clarify some terminology... Zentangle® is both an art form and a teaching method, drawing with repetitive patterns. The patterns are called "tangles".

For various trademark reasons, we don't use Zentangle as a noun or a verb, only as an adjective. So, "I create Zentangle art". The verb is "to tangle", as in "I tangled a gourd" or "I am tangling".

If you want all the details, click here.

Genevieve - THANK YOU!  I

Genevieve - THANK YOU! 

I really do appreciate you taking the time to clarify the use of the words Zentangle and tangle.  I have found it confusing to say the least but very aware of the copyright in place and intending never to infringe.

Your explaination is very clear and much appreciated and I know will be helpful to anyone wishing to know more about Zentangle inspired drawing.

Oh wow Pam, what a beautiful

Oh wow Pam, what a beautiful way to say 'thank you'. That day was so much fun and sharing it with you both was the best! Thank YOU! Maybe we should make this an annual event.
I love how you are getting into those 'tangles.
You are such a sweetie!!!!


Annual event!  That is a good

Annual event!  That is a good idea!  I am definitely up for it!

You have been a true and loyal friend from the very beginning of GBSN.  I feel very fortunate to know you and call you a friend.

I am still hoping one day we can hike through the poppies together.

Wondering what a "tangle"

Wondering what a "tangle" was,
I looked up the definition: to bring together into a mass of confusedly interlaced or intertwisted threads, strands, or other like parts; snarl.

The Tangles shown here are anything but confused!
I guess that is why there are techniques known as Zentangles and names like Tangle Harmony.

The work is very much quilt-like and nature-ish
Beautifully flowing and peaceful.

Will put on my "To Try" list
thanks for sharing

You are welcome! But i am

You are welcome! But i am sorry you had to look up the meaning of "tangle", Annette.  I should have been more clear.  Actually, I don't use the term "Zentangles" as the word has been copyrighted.  It is necessary to use words like zentangle inspired or tangles or doodles.

Most likely, if you have ever doodled in your notebooks at school or on a pad while on a phone conversstion - you have already "tried" tangling!!

I promise, if you try it intentionally - it can become addictive!

You know I never doodled on

You know I never doodled on notebooks or paper because I wanted the paper to look clean and neat. There was a boy who doodled cartoons which I admired very much. I guess I can doodle/tangle now.

OMG!  Me too!  Nice and neat

OMG!  Me too!  Nice and neat and doodle free! lol!


Such a fabulous idea,

Such a fabulous idea, tangles. I had no idea it was something one could be registered to teach. If I had more time in the day, I'd do it. It's pretty much what my HS class notes look like. ;)

Actually, the word

Actually, the word "Zentangles" has been copyrighted even!  But you are right!  the inspiration came from exactly that - notebook doodling!