The Beginning...

Nothing captures my imagination and stirs my creative juices like the Holiday Season......the lights, decorations, trees and ornaments, carols, special foods and best of all the smell of cookies baking!

I treasure the memories and traditions of my childhood, and have loved sharing them years later when I became a parent and grandparent. The season is rich with opportunities to make family memories and traditions. And in my opinion, there is no better time of the year to craft and bake and decorate!

Out of curiosity, I did a little exploring several years ago to try to discover the origins of our holiday customs.  I found that our American Christmas holiday celebration is a lovely melting pot of customs and traditions - some borrowed from other cultures, some reflecting religious beliefs and some just plain "made-up" and promoted to sell stuff.

The coolest discovery of all was that there are actually many"holidays" in December and in early January which are celebrated  in cultures around the world - cultures and peoples that are now a part of the fabric our American way of life.  So, I decided to totally transform my Christmas celebration from a commercial driven spending blitz frantically focused on one or two days to a month long series of small celebrations to enjoy and honor all of these special holidays as well as  the people that keep them. Nothing huge or elaborate - just small things - a special food or cookie; making or hanging an ornament; lighting a candle; sharing a meal with family or friends......

I invite you and your family to join me this season and be inspired to create and share new celebrations and new traditions, and find the magic and mystery mankind has known during the winter holidays for thousands of years.

Thank you for being a part of the magic. I am looking forward to sharing my holiday favorites with you!