Help me! Help me please! I can't make up my mind!

All appearances to the contrary here in the cold, grey, soggy Pacific Northwest, winter is over. The calendar on my wall says it is now officially spring, and in just three more months it will be summer.

When I started this blogging adventure, it was supposed to be for a couple months each year - November and December. But now that my mentor, Diane, has proven to me how much fun it is to blog, I just can't stop! And that means my header needs a new summertime look. Please help me to choose between the two images below by leaving me a comment and telling me which one you prefer.

PLEASE HELP! I am so conflicted!

Me drinking tea on my patio near my pond (which I do every day) while I think about new plants to add to the garden and new craft projects to share... OR...

Butterflies fluttering about among flowers and beaded snowflakes.

I was going to spill the beans and tell you just how K and I created these lovely summertime images in the dead of winter - well spring really, but it still looks like the dead of winter around here! But I have changed my mind. Secret photographer's tricks! That's all I'm saying!

Once again, I want to thank each and every one of you for enriching my life through your participation in my blog adventure. And a huge hug to you Diane for starting it all!

Wow....tough choice! The

Wow....tough choice! The butterflies are sure popular. I almost chose them too, but I'm going to make my final vote for the tea and garden/pond photo!! You still get a touch of vibrant flowers, plus the serenity/and personability of the "tea ceremony". And the lovely green ferns, too. It is very inviting, makes me want to sit next to you and ponder the beauty. This is my first time to your blog, but not my last, I am sooo glad I found it, and sooo glad you will be extending your time. I am from Olympia, WA; so nice to meet another PNWerner :)

We, my daughter and I, like

We, my daughter and I, like the butterflies! So sweet and Springy. Great blog!

The colors in each of the

The colors in each of the photos are so beautiful! I think the butterfly photo would make the perfect banner for Gingerbread Snowflakes. :)

Flutterbys, please! Love

Flutterbys, please! Love your blog and I'm glad you are sticking around!

I like how bright and

I like how bright and colorful the butterflies are.

Hey Pam, I vote for the

Hey Pam,
I vote for the butterflies. Although the other picture is great I think there is too much going on in it for a header.
Good luck with your decision!
take care

You are all so wonderful to

You are all so wonderful to help me decide on my header! I am surprised to receive so many responses and I thank each and every one of you for taking the time to comment and share your thoughts.

I will personally e-mail each of you but wanted to let you know that it would be a few days before I can do that. We are headed to eastern Oregon to spend a few days looking for Zeolites (a mineral species) and then on Thursday I am spending the day with Rachel and Diane. We are going to make loomed flowers together!

Thank you all so much for you help.



I like both, but I kinda like

I like both, but I kinda like the tea for your header because there are cookies (perhaps gingerbread?) and there is a snowflake on the mug. Subtle and sweet :)

They are both sweet, but I

They are both sweet, but I like the bolder, slightly more simple butterflies. I'm so glad the blogging bug got you!

Congratulations for your blog

Congratulations for your blog I discover just now (thanks to Joanie from Ninimakes for the link).
Concerning the photos, I like both, but the tea and cookies, as Bonny said, is a kind of invitation to spend a litlle time with you ...

Hi Pam! They ARE both

Hi Pam!

They ARE both beautiful choices. I think I would choose the tea and biscuits in the top photo as a header.

1) The colours are more natural and easier to look at.
2) The cup of tea and the plate of cookies look like an invitation to stop in and linger for a while. Subliminal for sure, but powerful just the same :)

This is my personal choice and you have to make up your own mind, of course. But you did ask...;)

I really like them both, but

I really like them both, but I think the butterflies do illustrate what your bog is about like Margit mentioned.

They are both beautiful but I

They are both beautiful but I bet you know I am going to chose the flowers!! Love all those happy colors. I'm so happy you are going to be here more than two months!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi I think, that I like the


I think, that I like the one whith the tea best. But the one with the butterflies illustrates what your blog is about best.

I like the tea! :)

I like the tea! :)

The butterflies look great!

The butterflies look great! I'd go with that one.

Butterflies all the way!!! :)

Butterflies all the way!!! :)

Can't wait to see you this week! FOUR DAYS! :) YAY!

The butterflies!

The butterflies!

I like the drinking tea

I like the drinking tea one.
Both are LOVELY, but that's my favourite one!