Michele Pacey = Brilliant Use of "Trash"

Picture 12

Wreath made of milk cartons by Michele Pacey

Michele Pacey! Recycle/reuse genius!

She has restored my faith that recycled materials can be made in to objects that truly do have lasting value.

She has rekindled my interest in playing with the boxes and cans and cardboard and junk mail usually sent to the recycle bin or the dump.

She inspires and amazes - no - blows my mind - every time I log onto her blog Michele Made Me!

I mean just look at this wreath! It is made of milk cartons! It is beautiful! And I am pretty sure, after all that work, it will never see the inside of a land fill!

Picture 15

Sweet,  Inspired Heart tutorial by Michele Pacey

When I wrote Michele a few weeks ago asking permission to use a few of her photos for this post, I had no idea that I would want to share at least 20 - no make that 50! Narrowing them down to a few - very difficult. 3 or 4  - forgetaboutit!

She just now posted these beautiful hearts made from - tissue boxes!  OMG!

Picture 10

Heart Garland created by Michele Pacey

With my new found crochet skills, I will be able to make these! Those of you who already crochet have time to make a garland before Valentine Day! And then put it up again at Christmas! Check it out!

Picture 11

Junk mail snowflakes - Michele shows how!

Here are more brilliant tutorials you won't want to miss! (And these are just from the last few months!)

Junk mail snowflake gift toppers

Sun Kissed Heart Wreath

Cork Stamps

Heart House Ornament

Check out the complete collection of fabulous tutorials right here!

AND BTW - Michele has a very good eye for creating beatuiful photographs. Check out these stunning winter photos taken at her house in Canada!

Picture 16

TP thistles  - tutorial by Michele Pacey

Michele has opened a shop The Tut 'n Pattern where she sells seriously cool tutorials for making with recycled materials - like this absolutely incredible Thistle Ornament made using TP rolls.

And you will find ornaments using juice cans and egg cartons and  - perfect timing for Easter - a basket using juice cans and cereal boxes!

Picture 17

Wreath created by Michele Pacey (You won't believe what she used!)

And then in December, Michele started The Wreath Blog in which she features wreaths and only wreaths - made by brilliant wreath makers throughout internet space! She has even disabled comments so hopefully readers will follow the link and comment directly on the featured artist's blog.

I have never seen so many beautiful wreaths in one place! Go visit!

Picture 18

Michele's loverly stash!

Having become very disillusioned with the whole "recycle" thing, I am especially grateful to Michele for re-awakening my desire to create beautiful objects of lasting value from recycled materials.

One of the biggest problems I have with the whole "recycle" thing is that materials I use for what are most likely "temporary" crafts are being rendered un-recyclable by means of the addition of paint and glue - etc . When they are disposed of - they are no longer recyclable but must go to the land fill. It seems the whole purpose is defeated.

Thank you, Michele, for so brilliantly pointing me back to the potential of lovely and long lasting art to be found in simple materials normally tossed out.

Because of you -  sharing your gift of seeing truly remarkable and useful possibilities in ordinary, everyday boxes, bags, cans, and cardboard - I have a project already in work for Easter! Using aluminum soda cans!

I had not taken the time to

I had not taken the time to read your post about Michele, but wow- am I glad I did! I am continually amazed at how talented people are- How the heck does she make stuff we throw away look so gorgeous?! That is talent!!

I hadn't been over here in a

I hadn't been over here in a little while but it's really nice to visit and see the sweet comments people have left on this post. Pam, thank you so much for the feature and for being open to crafting with recyclables again. I think the durability of any craft can only be assured by a crafter who creates with care, and I know you do.

From what I can read in the

From what I can read in the comments you are  a super-hero!  It is lovely to hear these comments and the obvious appreciation of your creative genius and craft engineering skills.

Thank you for sharing both so generously.


Amazing! I look at a lot of

Amazing! I look at a lot of recycled craft sites and I noticed the same thing that you mention -- we make something interesting by adding glue and paint to trash, but eventually it gets tossed out. I don't know how long crafts made from the low-grade paper used in packaging would last but with care some of these wreaths should last quite a while. Very inspiring! Her photographs are excellent.

Michele's work always

Michele's work always inspires. I love how unexpected many of her designs are.

I am always amazed at what

I am always amazed at what people can make from what most would consider garbage.

Oh my. Oh. My. I'm

Oh my. Oh. My. I'm completely blown away.

So glad you featured

So glad you featured Michele's amazing talents. Her mind works in extraordinary ways.

Indeed it does! 

Indeed it does!  Extraordinary mind! And an amazing ability to see stunning posibilities in the most ordinary materials!

Great to see Michele's

Great to see Michele's amazing work here at your awesome site,She is a sweet talented lady,with a warm heart..I am her follower & I always enjoy her work!
Thanks for writing this post about her..

You are welcome Khadija!  It

You are welcome Khadija!  It was my pleasure to share her talents and the inspiration that has redefined my own attitudes toward reuse of recyclable materials.

Very Cool

Very Cool

Oh wow, so much yummy eye

Oh wow, so much yummy eye candy Pam! thanks for sharing, will check out the wreath blog right now.