Say Hello Again to Margit - My Danish Paper Art Muse.


Mid-summer may be a few months away, but it is not too soon to begin starting seedlings in anticipation of my flower covered Mid-summer well - a gift from my friend Margit.

A gift in the sense that in sharing the details of this Mid-summer tradition unique to her Danish island of Bornholm, she inspired me to create one in my own garden in honor of our friendship.

Last summer, Margit prepared and sent me the story of the wells on Bornholm to be shared with my readers and you can read it again or for the first time right here. Personally, I think every garden should have a flower covered Mid-summer well.


At every holiday I am surrounded with gifts from Margit - sweet and beautiful paper ornaments she has designed and made available on her blog papirklip og æsker. The little egg and the white chicken in the image above are two of many paper eggs and chickens hiding among the branches of my Easter tree!

All that is needed to begin your own collection is to download, print, cut and glue! Here are the links! White Chicken. Red Chicken. Eggs with Yolks. Speckled Eggs. Tulip basket.

Be sure to keep an eye on her blog - I am sure she will have something lovely to add for this year!


Christmas especially inspires Margit and over the past several years, she has created many many baskets and cones to be filled with sweet treats and hung on the tree. I will be linking you to many of them this coming November!

This past Christmas season, she created angel baskets and then - an entire nativity! That sweet little angel you see hanging on the Scandi tree was her first of the season. She also created a set of free standing angles and this one spent the holiday as the tree topper on my mini-tree.

Here is a link to a full set of six smaller versions of the 3-D angels.

If you place Margit's blog address in your reader, you should be able to get to all the Chistmas angels (and even a snowman, a soldier and a Nisse basket)!  Scroll back through past posts and you will find them in a jiffy!


Paper has never really personally inspired me as an artistic or crafty medium. But Margit is changing all that! I am often happily at play with Danish papers and paper art books that Margit has sent to me. She has opened doors into Danish paper craft and I am eagerly (and at times timidly) crossing the threshold into a whole new world!


I absolutely find these Danish paper trees enchanting! My little 4" first attempts are the prototypes for a forest of giants!

And what is Margit up to now? Butterflies! A little yellow butterfly and a Garden Tiger Moth. I am thinking - maybe try to make them in tin?

I believe she will be making more. Wouldn't they make a lovely garland to welcome spring? Or glue two back to back and let them flutter in the breeze at the window?

Margit, thank you for all the whimsy, magic and beauty you bring to my life. And for sharing detailed histories of Danish customs and culture. And for our walks on Bornholm. And most of all for your continued friendship.

I remember these lovely paper

I remember these lovely paper ornaments!

Dear Pam For some time your

Dear Pam

For some time your new posts would not appearwed when I visit your blog although I receive the mail informing me that there were new posts, I believe I was a litle bit fool but now I think having overcame it.

Just writting to thank you for point out the beautifull blogs of Michele and Margit as they are simply wonderfull, I am completly astonished with them.

Obviously your posts are always waited with some anxiety as you have accustomed us to beatifull things



I'm afraid to get into paper

I'm afraid to get into paper crafting. Not because it might be difficult but because it will become addictive! I think hand made cards are so beautiful. Then I would need paper, stamps, ink, etc.