Maryline Collioud-Robert - Another Renaissance Artist

Picture 30

Image by Maryline Collioud-Robert

Beautiful image, isn't it? It is one of my favorites from Maryline Collioud-Robert's "Inspiration" series.

Take a minute to enjoy more of her stunning "inspirations" here and here and here! And if you want more - and I just bet you do - there is a side bar link to all her "Inspirations" on her blog Mary & Patch.

Picture 26

Image by Maryline: Quilt by Inge Mardal and Steen Hougs

This past summer Maryline invited her readers to join her in St. Jean de Luz, Pays Basque in the very south of France (near the Spanish border in Basque country) for Quilt en Sud - Grand Festival de Patchwork et D'Art Textile. Not only did she share beautiful images of the village and strangely beautiful sea side terrain, but she also shared many, many of the amazing - and I mean amazing - quilts on display during the festival.

Picture 28 Image by Maryline: Quilt by Pascal Jaouen

The festival hosted incredibly talented and creative quilt artists - and thanks to Maryline taking time to share her photographs, even though I am half way around the world, I was able to enjoy the exhibit. Take a minute to enjoy this collection also!

Maryline has taken the time and effort to include links to all the quilt artists featured in the above posts.  Make a cup of tea and spend  a little time meeting truly talented and inspired individuals. And then visit Maryline's web site to view galleries of her own unique and beautiful quilt art.

As a recognized quilt artist in Europe, Maryline was invited to show her own art quilts at Quilt en Sud; and just recently her work was featured in "Masters-Art Quilts vol.2: Major Works by Leading Artists".

Picture 31

Image by Maryline Collioud-Robert

Love these bracelets! And I can't wait to try making them with some of my "borrowed" children! Maryline shares the tutorial right here.

Picture 27

Image by Maryline Collioud-Robert

And the tutorial for these simple but beautiful greeting cards is here! I am thinking I might combine Maryline's tutorial with Michele's tutorial! I have tons of saved calendar paper! Beautiful - right?

Picture 32

Image by Maryline Collioud-Robert

Occasionally Maryline shares her personal  collections and even recipes!

As many of you might guess, this post in which Maryline shares her family's collection of special Christmas children's stories, melted my heart! What I loved best of all is that even though her children are grown now, she still adds a new book every year!

And this decadent cake - OMG - my sweetie the chocoholic absolutely love's it!

Merci! Maryline! For all the beauty and inspiration you share.  And for sharing your joie de vivre!

I am totally in love with the

I am totally in love with the posts she did showing various log cabin quilt layouts. I have no idea how I found her site - maybe you - but I check it when I can. I'll have to go back and look at that amazing quilt exhibition!

Beautiful pictures! Love the

Beautiful pictures! Love the one of the men in the boat that was turned into a quilt. I also like the bracelets. Looks like a fun project to do with some "borrowed" children lol.

Her quilts are amazing!

Her quilts are amazing! Thanks for sharing.

I have a question for you.... maybe you have a good tip for how to keep track of all the amazing websites and blogs out there... I only manage to keep track of blogs that do email subscriptions, otherwise I tend to forget, but there are so many beautiful sites I would love to remember to check back on once in a while.....

Dyhana, I use Google Reader. 

Dyhana, I use Google Reader.  I'll write and send the link.

My! Pam you are so nice! I'm

My! Pam you are so nice! I'm so glad our paths crossed somewhere in the internet universe! Just knowing someone like you is going to read my posts makes them worthwhile to write! I wish you a very long, successful and creative career in the blogosphere, and most happiness in your private life!
THANKS, Merci infiniment! Maryline

Maryline, it was my great

Maryline, it was my great pleasure to share some of the beauty and inspiration that has enriched my life this past year. 

I am looking forward to what is in store on Mary & Patch during 2012!