Arielle Takes Us on a Mid-winter Vacation to Tropical Okinawa, Japan!


Arielle's photo of billboard advertising Christmas dinner from KFC on Okinawa, Japan. 

The winter holidays were extra special for me this year because four very generous online friends were willing to share their own stories of Winter Holiday celebrations and traditions in Japan, Poland, Estonia and Italy.

I completely understand how much work and thought and time went into the pictures and words that made up each story. I am grateful beyond words.

The next four posts will be dedicated to these four lovely women who have given me, and all of you, a little peak into their own holiday experiences and memories.

Arielle's post sharing Christmas Holiday celebrations on the Japanese island of Okinawa can be found here.


"We just don’t ever get used to the beauty of the Okinawa sunset!  Absolutely breathtaking!"

Arielle currently lives on the island of Okinawa, Japan where her sweetheart is stationed. She simply loves Okinawa and despite missing her family back home in the USA, she relishes the opportunity to soak up as much Japanese culture as possible while she is there.

Arielle is not a blogger and does not have a treasury of images and blog posts that I can share; so I wrote and asked if she wouldn't mind sharing a favorite picture or two of Okinawa.

What a surprise when she sent me six to choose from! Like I could actually not include them all!!

So, here is a very special treat from Arielle!

A lovely little trip - her pictures and her words - to visit the sub-tropical island of Okinawa, Japan. Perfect timing for the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere!


"I hadn’t ever seen water this clear outside of the tropics.  (Okinawa is a subtropical island, so I probably shouldn’t have been as surprised, but as a country girl coming from North-Western Pennsylvania, it’s still startling to me.) 

You can see the variations in sand, as well as all the coral reefs.  I love being able to see all the sea creatures I had only ever seen in an aquarium, up close and personal!  And I am forever out on the beach picking up sea glass and sea shells!"


"And I love exploring the tidal pools!  This is one of my favorite types of coral I’ve found.  Isn’t it awesome?!  The black sea cucumber stretched out underneath it definitely pales in comparison."


"Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium is the only aquarium in the world to have breeding whale sharks!  My husband and I hold season passes so we can go up on the weekend and sit and marvel at the gigantic aquarium they have!  It’s truly awe-inspiring to stand so close to creatures that large!"


"Of course, Okinawa wouldn’t be part of Japan without the gorgeous origami paper cranes!  I loved the variety of color in this group."


"And I’ve made it a mission to find as many different kinds of Kit-Kats as possible while we’re here.  I enjoy sending them home for my parents to try – definitely something uniquely Japanese. 

Some of the more interesting flavors have been “Veggie Juice Mix,” “Mango Soup,” and yesterday I found a “Sakura Maccha Latte” (Cherry Blossom & Green Tea Latte) flavor.

  They seem to be seasonal, so I make a point to stop at several Japanese grocery and convenience stores just to check out if they’ve gotten a new selection of Kit-Kats."

Who knew - Mango Soup Kit-Kats!? Aloe Yoghurt! And all this time I thought Kit-Kats were - well - you know - Kit-Kats!

I hope you have enjoyed this mini-vacation as much as I have.

Thank you Arielle for reaching out to me in friendship during this past year and for sharing so beautifully your passion for life in Okinawa.

Such gorgeous pictures! I

Such gorgeous pictures! I need to get out more often and see if I can find some beauty in my area.

I love seeing all the different ways other countries serve/make the foods we know and love.

Such gorgeous pictures! I

Such gorgeous pictures! I would love to travel to Japan someday. At least I can enjoy a little taste of it right here!