Kathy = Christmas in Poland and Happiness at the Dinner Table!


Image by Kathy - Polwig.com

Thanks to a very busy food wizard and mom of three, during the winter holidays I was able to share a little about the rich traditions and customs that are a part of the Christmas season in Poland.

Kathy sent me the images and the text for "Five Beautiful and Meaning Filled Christmas Traditions" and then shared them on her own blog Polwig.com as well - "Polish Christmas Traditions: Top 5".

When I first asked Kathy last summer if she would be willing to share a few Polish Christmas traditions in December, she responded immediately with an enthusiastic YES! And despite being especially busy with her own holiday plans and preparations, she put together this beautiful post for me to share with my readers.

Christmas traditions in Poland date back a thousand years and at first, Kathy was overwhelmed at the task of trying to share the abundance of celebrations that have become a part of the holidays over all that time. She decided in the end to concentrate on her personal top five favorites!

If you missed her post in December, take the time to visit and read it now because Kathy so beautifully and richly shares these traditions and her own memories from her childhood in Poland.

Picture 4

Image by Kathy - Polwig.com

"KATHY" is a household word at my house!

Seriously - it is true! When my sweetie asks me what I am making for dinner and I reply "a new recipe from Kathy" - or "Kathy's Adobo Chicken with Avocado and Mango" or "Kathy's Moroccan Bean Soup" (or for that matter any one of the many recipes I have already prepared from her recipe files) - his face lights up with a big smile because he knows he soon to be served something delicious!

All I have to say when I put something new in front of him is "it is one of Kathy's recipes" and he dives in eagerly!

A few recent recipes I have slated to try soon:  Ethiopean Spiced Chicken Stew; Chopped Salad with Almonds, Cranberries and Goat Cheese; Potato Salad with Chives (cream cheese and sour cream stand in for mayo be still my happy heart); and two vegetarian dishes I would also consider to be comfort food - Vegetarian Chili with Portabello Mushrooms and Vegetarian White Kidney Bean, Swiss Chard and Lemon Soup.

I have even learned how easy it is to make fresh, homemade tomato sauce!  Thank you Kathy!


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Image by Kathy at Polwig.com

And FYI, Kathy's cooking skills are definitely genetic! Read all about her mother's unbelievable Thanksgiving FEAST!

After reading this post, I wrote Kathy begging to be considered for adoption into her family!

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Image by Kathy at Polwig.com

If you have not had the chance to read Kathy's post about "Bevell's Hardware Amazing Train" read it now! And bookmark it for next Christmas to share with the children!

And if you are lucky enough to live within a day's drive of Blackstone, VA, make plans to visit next holiday season. (Read more about the train and it's history here.)

What a magical tradition to add to your holiday festivities! Kathy really out did herself sharing pictures of all the many vignettes and details. So, since I probably won't have the chance to see it in person, I am especially grateful for all the time and effort she put into this post.

Many of her posts in the household and kids portions of Polwig.com thoroughly document the wondrous adventures Kathy shares with her children. I have loved having the opportunity to tag along while they are "Pumpkin Picking in Virginia"  and "Fall Camping at Twin Lakes".

Picture 9

Image by Kathy at Polwig.com

And of course you just KNOW I have this post bookmarked for next November - her "Little Presents Activity - KidsAdvent Calendar".

I need one more advent calendar around here like I need a hole in my head - but OMG I am seriously tempted. I hope sharing it with you will stifle some of that temptation!

Kathy isn't posting quite as frequently as she once was, but as her twins have become 2 years, then three years and four years...... well you get the picture! It gets harder and harder to find time to blog and still give them attention and take them on adventures and keep up with all the myriad of things associated with being MOTHER!

(Personally, I am kind of enjoying this slower pace! When I do get to my reader, I do not find myself behind 20 posts! I am finding that I kinda like that in a blog these days! :-)

Thank you so much Kathy for continuing our friendship in spite of how busy you are these days. And for allowing us all to share in your family's adventures.

And especially thank you for making our dinner table a much more exciting place to hang out than it ever was before I met you!

My sweetie says "ditto that!"

Your hubby is so funny! It's

Your hubby is so funny! It's great that he is willing to try new recipes.

I've come to realize that I like bloggers who blog a few times a week versus every day. Of course I have a handful that I enjoy so much every day is fine with me. Sometimes it can be too much overload and color stimuli.

I always enjoy your posts that show us different ways other people/countries celebrate holidays and their lives.

Wow! These recipes all look

Wow! These recipes all look amazing! I really appreciate you sharing all of your wonderful blogging friends with us!

Thank YOU SO MUCH !!! You are

Thank YOU SO MUCH !!! You are so sweet. I feel like now my post should be delivered from the car, even though I have a ton or recipes waiting to be published on my computer, so your hubby will not be hungry :)

You are SO WONDERFUL and TOTALLY made made my not so chirpy day.

Kathy, I am sorry your day

Kathy, I am sorry your day has not been "chirpy".

So it is especially my pleasure to "make your day" my friend!

And don't worry - my sweetie will not go hungry! But he does appreciate all the delicious dinners you have "brought to his plate!" We both do.


You are such a supportive and

You are such a supportive and loving blog friend! Kathy's getting lots of kudos from me and others around the crafty web! I'm always just blown away by what people can accomplish!