Robin Turned Me into a Christmas Stocking Santa!


Robin hosts the Christmas Stocking Giveaway on her blog RSISLAND CRAFTS.

Her stocking giveaway is right up my alley! It is all about Christmas! And stuffing stockings with all kinds of surprises and treasures! Participating makes me feel like Santa, Father Christmas and St. Lucy, and a Christmas Elf!

And planning stockings to give away gives me lots of excuses to purchase from crafty blogger's online shops and visit the Dutch Store and the Scandinavian Shop. So you could say that I am happily thinking about the stocking giveaway most of the year!

This past year, all my enthusiasm even infected my sweetie who suggested we have a drawing instead of using the random number widget and volunteered to draw the lucky winners!

It is a lot of work for Robin to host this drawing each year as she creates buttons for all participants and creates links to their sites so anyone wishing to enter to win a Christmas Stocking can visit all the stockings up for grabs.

I don't yet know if Robing is going to host the Christmas Stocking Giveaway again this year, but if she does - I highly recommend you consider making (or purchasing) a stocking and joining in. Everyone needs to feel like "Santa" sometimes!


Finding Robin's comment on my recent "Road Less Taken" post about supporting FREE and INDY, in which she shared that she has begun making an intentional practice of support made me very happy indeed!

I am so grateful to every single person who has decided to follow in Diane's footsteps in support of bloggers who offer free content and tutorials to the online community.

In Robin's words:

"I used to randomly support small businesses but since you and Diane have been talking about how you do it each month I have adopted the same thing. I think it is important to show a little handmade love and support each month.

I make an online purchase each month and I try to find someone locally to buy from also. There are so many little Mom and Pop type stores around here that need some love and support. So many little shops are going out of business locally it's sad."

I appreciate that, like me, Robin also includes support of local INDY shops. If these small businesses are to weather the economic challenges they are faced with these days and continue to keep their doors open, they definitely need our help. If we don't chose to spend our dollars in their shops instead of the big box stores, we may find them gone.


I would have never dreamed at the beginning of 2011 that I would be carrying around a bag again. I gave that up years ago - preferring instead to stuff a wallet and keys into my back pocket and be off.

I have thoroughly enjoyed carrying my shoulder bag that I made from Joanie's Forager bag pattern right here.

And then Robin sent me the beautiful little zippered pouch and key FOB you see above. Everything little and loose goes into that pouch! My keys are so easy to find! And with the addition of my wallet and a couple notebooks made for me by online friends, I am always "ready to go"!

I know for most of you this sounds crazy - spending the last 20+ years of my life purseless! But it is true! I really, really hated dragging around that ubiquitous fifth limb.

But now it seems all that has changed and most likely I am going to spend the next 20+ enjoying my beautiful Forager Bag and very handy pouch and key FOB! I can't really explain why, but they are working perfectly for me where previous bags failed!

newborn viking hats with braids

Image of crocheted Viking hats by RSISLAND CRAFTS

Robin tends to be very active on line and still manages to keep a very well stocked shop on Artfire and a smaller shop on Etsy.

You will find lots of her Key FOBS for sale in the Artfire shop as well as crochet patterns for making these adorable Viking Hats. Every kid needs a Viking Hat - right? 19 Staten Island cheer leaders do!

Robin has filled her shop with PDF patterns and hand made items - from mittens to scarfs to Halloween treat bags. Love the colors in her rainbow scarf with curly cues!

A visit to her flickr page give you a quick peak into all she has been up to!

bright wonky houses group2

Image of Wonky House quilt blocks by RSISLAND CRAFTS

And she is always up to a LOT!

She is extremely active in joining in swaps like the Wonky House quilt block swap above. And participates in the Traveling Stash (sign up before Feb. 26th for a chance to receive the stash!).

And she participates in many charity projects like Stockings for Kids this past winter.

So that may explain why she felt compelled to join the "UFO Finish Challenge" on Sew it's Finished.

Robin's is a pretty staggering list of UFO's she has slated to complete this year!

Thank you Robin for hosting the Christmas Stocking Giveaway. For my Zippered Purse and Key FOB. For joining in to support Free and INDY. And for making time in your days to read and comment on almost every single one of my posts!

Robin even leaves congratulations to the winners whenever I post the name of a giveaway winner. Amazing. And very thoughtful thing to do.

Thank you Pam for such a

Thank you Pam for such a sweet post! I will definitely be hosting another round of the stocking giveaway this year. I think both the bloggers who give away stockings and those who enter enjoy it. It snuck up on me last year so hopefully this year I can be more prepared. It's not like Christmas changes each year, right? lol.

And thank you for all these wonderful posts! I know it takes alot of work to get these posts ready. It's fun seeing what interests you on all the different blogs you follow. Plus, it allows us to see blogs we might never have found on our own. I find new blogs all the time by seeing them on other blogs.