Meet My MegaCrafty Muse!


Mega Crafty! Where do I start? I guess the beginning would be the best place!

I don't remember if she found me or if I found her! But pretty soon after meeting, I was the lucky one to win her crafty giveaway in which she filled up a BIG cardboard box with crafty goodness for every possible celebration occurring during the year.

Once I began following Meg's blog, it didn't take me very long at all to recognize that Meg is a very crafty gal indeed!

During the past year I have followed her crafty lead into lots of new crafty directions. One of my favorites -  knitting and felting creatures like this adorable owl!!

I found the pattern on Fiber Trends after NOT winning THIS giveaway! Just take a minute to take a peak at these patterns!  Cute! Cute! Cute!



Picture 19

First Saori weaving - image by MegaCrafty

Meg joined in while I was weaving Saori style last spring - this is her first Saori.

And as we e-mailed back and forth about weaving on cardboard looms, she suggested I try weaving both the front AND the back of the loom instead of simply winding the yarn around the back of the cardboard as I suggested in the tutorial.


I used the technique to first make two woven journal covers and then used smaller looms to make double sided woven ornaments - including a gingerbread man during Meg's Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.

Picture 16

Image of needle felted mittens by MegaCrafty

It was also during the Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge that Meg taught me the technique for felting shapes using cookie cutters! And her brilliant idea for making felted balls using a plastic container, a bit of soap and water and some serious wrist action!

Picture 17

Felted ball garland by MegaCrafty

She made dozens and dozens of tiny felted balls and strung them together into a beautiful felted ball garland for her Christmas Tree.

Once her entry in the Christmas Tree Challenge was completed, Meg shared it here on the big final reveal! She is just amazing I tell you! Her finished tree is just plain clever AND beautiful. Go see!

As part of the challenge, Meg shared trees created by all the other participants in her Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge Round-up - and that is where I met Karah who writes a blog The Space Between.


Karah lives on a Caribbean island and used the ever present driftwood to create a tree as her entry into the Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge.

And shortly after Meg's challenge ended, Karah joined with four other bloggers and co-hosted the Imagine the Imposibilities Challenge to which she sent me an invitation! Check out some of the 361 entries here!

At first I was somewhat reluctant to take on another project but the idea seemed so intriguing, and Meg was going to play, so I joined in with the hope that I would finally, with the help of my daughter, learn to crochet!

Having already tried on four previous occasions to learn to crochet and failed, I was pretty sure me learning to crochet would be classified as impossible!

Thanks to Meg introducing me to Karah - and my patient daughter's determination to succeed in teaching me - my misbehaving fingers finally settled down and "got it"! The proof is above!

Picture 15

Dala Horse card by MegaCrafty

Meg joined in the Christmas in July Dala Horse Craftalong with two very unique Dala Horses - this sweet quilled Dala Horse card and a Dala Horse made using a Dala shaped cookie cutter and polymer clay.

Both the quilled card and the polymer Dala horse appeared in my mail box in August and were hung in the very front of my Christmas tree during the holidays!

Picture 18

Felted Snowman by MegaCrafty

Meg manages to accomplish all of this - and more while struggling to deal with ever-present dizziness that has interfered in her life so much that she had to give up her job. She can only work at anything she does in short bursts and then must rest.

To date, the doctors have not been able to determine a cause nor offer a cure. I can't even imagine how she manages to cope with this problem and still keep alive her positive attitude and crafty brilliance.

But she does. And this little series, in which she shares how she prevailed in a crafty battle with a ball of felonious fiber, showed the wool who is boss, and finally fashioned this lovable felted snowman, shows you exactly what this gal is made of! Tough stuff!

Here are a few more of Meg's posts that inspired my own crafting this year!

Pysanky Gourds

Edible and adorable marshmallow snowmen

Cookie and candy witch hats

Ghost Treat bags


Oh and Meg is responsible for me finally learning how to outline and then flood icing! See my beautiful hearts?

Whew! Meg! You really have been a huge influence in my crafty life this past year! I had almost forgotten just how much we had actually shared until I started writing this post! I had so many browser windows open to use for links my computer nearly exploded!

Thank you for every single new thing you have taught me. Every thought you have shared. Every bit of encouragement. Every new way of looking at a craft that wasn't quite working. Every solution you have given me when I was stuck. And every inspiration for me to build on. I believe you qualify as a MUSE!

WOW! Meg is Mega Crafty! I

WOW! Meg is Mega Crafty! I will have to check out her blog! Thanks again for introducing us to another great crafter and inspiring blogger!

Wow Pam I'm speechless...

Wow Pam I'm speechless... what's the typing equivalent of that? Wordless? Typeless? Your post was so touching and such a surprise! You've been such an amazing crafty influence in the past year we've come to be friends. You've broadened my horizons, pushed me in new creative directions and helped me through creative problems. You are a wonderful person whom I'm very lucky to have come to know. I enjoy and admire all of your craftiness so much! Thank you very much for this sweet post my dear friend- the feelings are most definitely mutual.

Another wonderful post about

Another wonderful post about another amazing blogger/crafter. Meg has made some fun projects. Felting, especially those balls, is a workout I'm sure but that snowman is adorable!

*OK Pam, I am once again all caught up on your posts Phew!*