Squashed Tomatoes and Dala Horses


Most likely, I will have this gorgeous Dala Horse fabric covering my dining table most of the coming year - except perhaps during the spring while my dining room is being used as a green house!

But the rest of the year, definitely! I have been told that Dala Horses are enjoyed year round in Sweden so why in the world would I not have it out where I can enjoy it every day!

Sasha who writes one of my favorite 'children at play' blogs -"Squashed Tomatoes" - surprised me this past summer by sending me two whole yards of this beautiful Dala Horse fabric. I suppose I could cut it up and make pillows or lap quilts or wall hangings - but I am hemming it and keeping it in one big piece! I have a huge dining table so I can enjoy most of the fabric in a glance!It is just too beautiful to cut.  Can't do it!

Picture 25

Image from Squashed Tomatoes

As I have mentioned in previous posts, one of the reasons I enjoy Squashed Tomatoes so much is that it is written to be more of a journal for Sasha's children to enjoy when they are older and want to look back on family adventures. But it is also an opportunity for me to tag along and visit some really cool spots in Sweden!

I got a huge kick out of joining the children enjoying a "Swedish Winter Playground" - don't they look happy sitting on their boards eating sausages! I would love to just sit there with them munching on a hot sausage! In the snow! In Sweden!

And I totally loved tagging along to visit the Ice Bar in Stockholm; and the Medieval Festival; and the Fairy Tale Path; and of course the Christmas Market in Tyreso!(Check out the Tomte vendor!  I wish he would join in at our local ScanFair!)

Picture 22

Image from Squashed Tomatoes

Valborg - April 30th - is a big deal in Sweden - a time when families come together around a huge bonfire to burn away dead winter debris and officially welcome spring. And of course there is Mid-summer and Skatorsdag (Maundy Thursday) also known as the Easter Witches Walk!

St. Lucy! Another special Day in Sweden! And I can not wait til Maya gets her turn to wear "the white gown"!

Sasha makes it a priority to introduce her children to cultures worldwide by making crafts and celebrating special days - most recently - Kwanzaa and Chinese New Year.

Picture 26

Image from Squashed Tomatoes

I am constantly amazed by the crafty adventures designed to develop and inspire imagination. Dinosaur mountain is one of my favorites!

However I wouldn't mind a seat at the table so I could join in making Edible Snowmen, or Snow Cakes or this cool idea for little bird treats!

I have been playing with the idea for a couple years now of making a special spot for fairies in my garden and when I read this post I absolutely made up my mind that this spring I would do it! Love, love, love the old boot! Don't you?

Picture 27

Image from Squashed Tomatoes

Do you believe these little Swedish Wool Pixies? I do not know how in the world I missed this post this past holiday. Aren't they similar to the Finnish Tontu I made? I just love them to pieces!

I still have plenty of grey and white yarns so there will definitely be a Swedish Wool Pixie or two or three on my tree this coming Christmas!

And look at these adorable Advent Calendars that Sasha's children Maya and Leon made for HER to open during advent! I just love that they did this for her.

Picture 24

Image from Squashed Tomatoes

I so appreciate that even during the busy, busy holiday season, Sasha still finds the time to share the big Gingerbread Cookie Baking Day! And a peak inside their Christmas Day - God Jul. And to share "Julgransplundring" - plundering the Christmas Tree! This last is quite a celebration in itself taking place twenty days after Christmas on January 13th and has it's own traditions for celebrating the day.

So here I am again, Sasha, thanking you for writing Squashed Tomatoes and thereby giving me a chance to share in your family adventures in Sweden.

And an especially big thank you for sending me the most beautiful Dala Horse fabric in the whole wide world! You have no idea how much it brightens my days. I love it. It makes my eyes happy. It makes my heart happy.

Sweet Pam! Thank you so much

Sweet Pam! Thank you so much for this very kind post about my blog and our activities! I'm been meaning to thank you all week but we've been so busy with the half term holiday. I feel so touched that you remember me in your truly inspiring blog! Thank you dear friend! xxx

Sasha has an amazing blog!

Sasha has an amazing blog!

How fun!! I added her to my

How fun!! I added her to my reader because she looks full of great ideas. And when I headed over I immediately found a wonderful owl coloring page that my boys will love. :)

I am so jealous of your

I am so jealous of your beautiful Dala fabric! ;) I can't wait to see what you create!