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Art Journaling: Summer 2011 Plans

Image from Things Bright - beautiful journal pages!

I still vividly remember the day when I first saw these journal pages on Things Bright. They rocked the entire foundation of what I had considered journaling to be!

I mean, up until I read this post, my concept of "journaling" was to put all the ugly "stuff" rumbling around in your head to paper - to get it out in the open so it could be viewed in the light of day. Or simply set free. Released.

And most of the time, the whole purpose of journaling seemed to be to deal with negative feelings. And quite honestly, I have never found it useful to dwell in the land of negative thoughts and feelings.

Art journaling? Well - for the most part, it seemed too visually confusing and I have had a hard time seeing it as a useful practice in my own life.

And then I read Art Journaling: Summer Plans on Elizabeth's blog - Things Bright and in a flash my whole journaling mindset changed!

Happy thoughts! Plans. Doodly pictures. Working for me big time!

plastic canvas and triangles

Image of Plastic Canvas Favicon featured on Things Bright.  I totally LOVE this!

Diane recently featured Elizabeth on Craftypod in her "People who are Freaking Geniuses" series, and it is no surprise to me to find her there! Elizabeth is quite an amazing woman, and I am honored to say, has become a good online friend.

So even though I do not have Diane's language skills, I am going to do my best here to share why I feel so fortunate to know Elizabeth - and why you might want to get to know her too!

Happy Halloween!

Love this photo from Thing's Bright! I catch it from Diane every year because all my jack-o-lanterns have happy faces! Well ... here is one right on her "hero's" own site! Seeing this big smile on a jack-o-lantern made me feel quite smug if you must know!!

Can you imagine - a blogger writing posts to promote the idea of reading fewer blogs?

At first I just shuddered at the idea of whittling down the collection of blogs in my Google Reader. Most of those blogs are in there because I have found them of value in one way or another. And since I am a dabbler - my interests range all over the place! So a lot of blogs!

BUT there is this little glitch - I don't have the time to read them and that is driving me nuts!

So actually - Elizabeths words really started making good sense. I have printed both posts and have them next to my journal and try to re-read them at least once a week! Because I really DO need to find a better way!

You might find these two posts on the subject as thought provoking as I do.

Creative Encouragement: Read Less Blogs

Creative encouragement: part 2 - 8 Tips For Trimming Your Blog Reader

Ndebele Inspired Tunisian Crochet Potholder

Photo of Tunisian Crochet Potholder - beautiful isn't it? Featured on Things Bright.

Elizabeth apparently has developed a particular passion for something called "Tunisian Crochet!

And now that I am finally learning to crochet, I will no doubt be trying it out before long. I really love the look of the patterns in the stitches so much more than standard crochet stitches.

Diane was certainly smitten and had to give it a try!And from the look of things - she loves it!

If you are intrigued, here are several of Elizabeth's posts on the subject that you might find useful and inspiring:

Ndebele Inspired Crochet Potholder

Tunesian Crochet Bags by Baileyella

Tunisian Crochet vs. Regular Crochet Comparison & Stitch Samples

Welcome to Tunisian Crochet Week

Watching How to Knit Like an Icelandic Man, Tunisian Crochet Style

Picture 30

I have come to greatly admire Elizabeth's dedication to making each and every one of us aware of the ugly tragedy that is Human Trafficking.

It takes a lot of courage to continue every week to bring this unpleasant and troubling subject to our attention.

To be honest, I would at first click through these posts. But she stopped me dead in my tracks with this post - "Slavery Footprint: How Many Slaves Do You Have?" I followed the link she provided to the site that hosts the very clever and in-depth "interview" which helps each of us determine just how many slaves world wide are needed to provide the life style we so enjoy.

Link over and make the time to take this test. Really opened my eyes! Bet you will find some big surprises too!

I am now paying a lot more attention.

Here are a couple posts to help you catch up on recent positive developments in the war on Human Trafficking.

Fighting Anti-Trafficking with a Bar of Soap

Three Girls Rescued Super Bowl Weekend

Hand Blown Glass Heart Ornaments made in Egypt and sold by Women at Risk to support efforts to save girls caught in the trap of Human Trafficking.

And here are three excellent posts well worth your  time to read because together they give you a pretty clear picture of just how much human trafficking affects our lives and why we need to pay more attention.

Elizabeth also provides a link to all the posts she has written on this subject on her sidebar.

Trafficking and Abuse Are Always Shocking.  But They Need to Stop Being Surprising.

Real Crochet Versus Crochet Lace. in which Elizabeth enlightens us about who is really making all those "handmade" garments.

Success is More than Doing What You Love  A peak inside Elizabeth and why she dedicates a part of her life to something other than "doing what she loves".

Yellow & Gold

Golden Fall Day - Things Bright

Elizabeth is committed to preventing the internet from taking over her home life.

To that end, she turns off the computer on Friday afternoon and leaves it off until Monday! She spends her weekends with the people she loves most - her family!

Sort of bids us adieu each Friday on a little post entitled "Into The Woods" - this beautiful shot is from one of these posts this past fall. I am so tempted to follow her example. And once this grateful series of mine is finished, I am seriously thinking of doing exactly that.

It seems to me that taking a couple days off from internet space each week can only be a healthy step toward a more balanced life - whether the time is spent with loved ones or friends or at the museum or out in nature or at the craft table.

You can begin to see, can't you, why I am finding this thoughtful and passionate woman so inspiring! If you haven't been following Things Bright - consider adding her to your reader.

She is definitely a very important part of my own online experience!

I've deleted several blogs

I've deleted several blogs from my reader. So many blogs are similar to one another that it just makes sense to only follow those that really speak to you.

I've been slowly cutting down my computer time. Most days I only go on in the mornings. It's good to get off the computer and spend some time in the real world.

Pam, Thank you for


Thank you for introducing me to Elizabeth; I will check out her blog.
The crocheting called Tunsian is also called the afghan stitch. It is very easy and after you know how to do it you can do this in your sleep. Enjoy!


Elizabeth is a frequent

Elizabeth is a frequent commenter on my blog - and I just thing she's great! I whittled down my reader a few months ago - and though difficult at first, it has been freeing. I love my blog peeps - but I also like actually going out and LIVING LIFE so that I have something to blog about, HA! It's a fine line.

I'm trying to shut the computer down one day a week - but I've gotten a little sloppy about that lately. Maybe tomorrow :)

Dearest Pam, Thank you so

Dearest Pam,

Thank you so much for this sweet, sweet post! You and your blog are so inspiring to me and you are so thoughtful. I'm so glad we became friends. :)

What a wonderful tribute to a

What a wonderful tribute to a valued friend. I am going to check out her blog now!! I too Love to journal and share many of your setiments about the subject. I too combine art and words in my journaling, that makes sence to me!!

I know that I have said this

I know that I have said this before and I don't mean to be boring but I think that I must say it again. I love your blog........pretty colors......beautiful pictures and fun, interesting text! If I could only look at two blogs, OMG, I would choose Sandra Strait's and yours. You always nake my day!!
Thanks you so much for all your hard work,
Betsi~Wally the Swamp Rat

Yea! I love Elizabeth, and

Yea! I love Elizabeth, and have enjoyed getting to know her too. She has such a refreshing and inspiring outlook, and really darn good taste in graphics and colorful things! I too am feeling the internet drain and have been comforted by Elizabeth's ideas about cutting back... which is what I plan to do for March! Great job on this series, Pam! I know it has been a lot of work, but it has been like coming to a party and getting to meet all of your friends. Thanks for being such a great host! xoxo

Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for introducing me to Elizabeth and Things Bright. I work in refugee law, and have an interest in human trafficking issues as well.

Oh, Elizabeth is so

Oh, Elizabeth is so inspiring!!!
I'm going to read her blog.
Thank you for sharing!