Whole Bunch More People I Appreciate!


During the last few weeks, I have been featuring some of the online friends who have been teachers, contributors, conspirators - people who have enriched my blog content, my online experience and my time spent at the craft table.

But there are many, many more! MANY, MANY MORE! Each adding significantly to my life on and off line during 2011.

I am sharing them today in this giant link post. Hopefully, if you 'see a new face', you will take the time to meet them! I am so lucky to know some of the very the coolest people in internet space!



Amy Grennell is completely responsible for my learning to 'paint in the rain'! She shared her own rain painting adventure here!

Gail - That Artist Woman - is one of the most inspirational teachers I know.  She got me to thinking about the possibilities of using "pastel scratch boards" which I used to create an Etched Gourd Nesting Doll.

Thanks to Donni - The Magic Onion blog - I have actually begun to needle felt 3-D objects. I ordered a kit from her Fairy Folk Shop and I was hooked in the first 10 seconds!

Abigails series Elements of Soft Toy Design on her blog "While She Naps" was a constantly referred to resource during the time I was making my Dala Horse.  I owe every bit of success in the project to Abigail and her well written and clearly illustrated guidelines to making a soft toy.


Dances with Wool comes to us from above the Arctic Circle!  The blog is all about fiber goodness.  Most importantly it is where I learned to make a Finnish Tonttu! The three part tutorial starts here.

Kate at Design Sponge totally inspired me to make her Scandinavian Balsa Wood hearts!

And Danielle over at "Take Heart" taught me to make a yarn wrapped wreath!  I made mine a heart shaped wreath.

Christine at Golden Lilly Crafts participated in the Dala Horse Craftalong and the Christmas Stocking Giveaway and has taught me to make the sweetest little fabric woven hearts!

Alice, our beloved FutureGirl!  How would we ever get along without her?  With her help I learned the blanket stitch and the whip stitch.  And I just bookmarked this post for when I decide I am brave enough to make a knitted garment and I want the seams to be perfect!!


Flower Wreath Top

Image from  "by Annette"

Annette (by Annette) created the flowers in this beautiful wreath using aluminum soda cans!  Check out the whole wreath here! She has inspired me to make a few tin flowers for my spring butterfly wreath.

Cardboard cones purchased at Yarnia inspired angels and santas!  And I have more ideas for 2012!

Wee Folk Art - I find inspiration almost every time I visit but this year during the holidays these gorgeous colorful christmas balls started me on my journey to learn to crochet. On another visit,  I fell in love with this totally adorable Knowme!

Louise Elliott coloring pages!  Yes!  I still color!  Go check out her site.  In addition to beautiful soft toy and doll kits, she offers a set of the most beautiful animal coloring pages - your kids or grand kids will love them. Just download and print! Right now I am working on the lion.


A trip to France inspired these cool gingerbread men!  Not mine!  Fanie's trip to Paris.  She snapped pictures and sent them to me!  AND she made me the coolest ever gingerbread man and snowflakes stamps!  To go with a few others I ordered from her shop.

Sweet Chrysalis has been taking a break from Butterfly Jungle but has fluttered in for a couple of posts recently.  I am very glad to have her back!  She has posted the most informative, comprehensive and thorough series about birthstones I have ever seen posted on a blog.

Tammy - tamdolls workspace - makes the most beautiful bags which she sells in her Etsy Shop.  But she also shares the work of many other bloggers and shop owners in regularly occuring link posts.  But this fall - well - THIS was my absolute favorite post!  Just look at these amazing shrooms!

Bustle and Sew Magazine!  If you are into fiber craft and needle work, you might want to become a subscriber!  I love every single issue!


Annie MacHale wove this sash from some very "rustic" yarn and placed it in her shop!  The minute I saw it - I ordered it!  Her sash inspired me to ask HER to make the strap for my woven bag!

Terri Bibby weaves Saori style and took time out this past spring from teaching and weaving to spin a beautiful bit of yarn just for me to use in my woven bag.  You know - the one I haven't started yet!

Kristen (Craft Leftovers) invited me to share a mending technique to be included in her brand new just published book "Mend it Better".  I will be reviewing it in March.


Try them all!  You won't be sorry.  Every single one of these is delicious!


Clementine Cake shared on Nini Makes!

Nami Nami - recently shared a Yellow Split Pea Soup with Smoked Pork for Shrove Tuesday.  This soup is absolutely w-o-n-d-e-r-f-u-l!

Avital's recipe for the World's Most Delicate Lemon Bars - none better! Easiest lemon bars ever and they seriously do melt in your mouth!

Pink Suede Shoes shared a Cranberry Gingerdrop Cookie last Christmas that was so good it found it's way onto the cookie trays this year! And she was so kind to take time away from what she was doing to help me adjust the recipe so I could add blueberries for my sweetie. She really is a lovely person.

Melody's  Sugar Cookies and Magic Cookie Bars both appeared on the cookie trays!  Melody seems to be something of a cookie monster! And both these cookies are just amazing.  You have to try them.

Marvelous Chocolate Mint Cookies featured on handmade and homemade  found their way on to cookie platters I delivered at Christmas.  An Andes Mint is melted right on top! Chocolate Mint adicts will totally love these!


Every once and awhile, I receive an e-mail from someone who is not a blogger but who reads my blog and shares that they were inspired by one of my tutorials.

Receiving an e-mail describing their experience - especially if pictures are attached - makes my day! I deeply appreciate them taking the time and making the effort to share with me.


God's Eyes stole my heart years ago, but when Susan Burnett sent me a picture of one of her own God's Eyes fashioned from neutral yarns, I was in love all over again! I inspired her and then she inspired me!

Kathy and her daughter Kelsey Nelson sent me pictures of beautiful Temari Balls - one a  Temari snowman! And when I posted the instructions for the Icelandic Tree, Kathy sent them to her dad and brother and together they built Kathy two Icelandic trees!  You can see Kathy's trees here!

It means so much to me to know that people I have never met are reading and enjoying what I share. 


Photo by Donna Bridy

Donna Bridy wrote me last summer asking a few questions about making my punched tin butterflies.  And then - she taught her class how to make them!  And sent me pictures!  Here is one of them! OMG - Aren't they beautiful!

Look for more pictures and the full story in March - including the unexpected material she found at the Dollar Store for the butterfly. wings!

Gill is the lovely woman who spoiled me completely with a gift of Bastelspon. And she continues to spoil me with gifts of her time and friendship sharing in beautiful words Christmas in Norway with her family.  She has inspired me to add a few of her traditions to my own holiday celebrations - you will be hearing about them in November!


Nancy Kelly won the Yarnia Giveaway in January 2011 and when she completed her "garden socks" she sent me pictures!  What a lovely and thoughtful thing to do!  Nancy writes a blog called Zuzu's Petals but it is more of a blog for family and friends and she really doesn't post on a regular basis.  But I follow - because I am a friend!

My friend Bonny stopped writing a blog and now prefers to share pictures of her adventures on her Flickr page.  Bonny is pretty much responsible for my learning to knit socks!  She sent me my very first sock yarn two years ago and just this year, sent me yarn for another pair - from my favorite -  ShiBui yarn.


A heartfelt thank you to each and every one of you. 

This whole series has been a lot of work.

But it has been important to me. Important to try in some way to share how much every comment you leave me, every e-mail you send, every blog post you write serves to enrich my life - online and off-line and in-between!

I mean it when I say I know some of the coolest people in internet space.  And I am grateful for all the friendships that being in that space has brought my way.

In a couple days I will be back with a very unique giveaway!  Hint:  You are already entered!

Thank you for your generous

Thank you for your generous praise & your wonderful blog. You're always so thoughtful and your posts inspiring. I hope you're enjoying your "week off".. (I have been "off" for months and still haven't gotten back into the swing of things!) I came across a story this morning & thought of you - The Dala Horse - http://www.tor.com/stories/2011/07/the-dala-horse.

Thank you for sharing the

Thank you for sharing the coloring pages link! My daughter will love that. She is my artist.

This post, and this series,

This post, and this series, just goes to show that the blogosphere is amazing. <3

Oh, that Clementine cake?!

Oh, that Clementine cake?! That's looks and sounds too good to be true!
(But I know it is.)

You're a generous soul. So glad you are my friend.

I showed my brother your painted original ATCs that you sent to me as a puzzle! He was really taken by those! Of course.


Thank you, Pam! So kind of

Thank you, Pam! So kind of you to mention my blog and recipes. And yes, I am a bit of a cookie monster. :)

I ditto all of the above

I ditto all of the above comments!
Bringing back all your past blog snippets have refreshed
my interest in some really good projects for spring.
One that I MUST DO is the tin can flowers!
What's not to love about them - especially thinking how
sweet they will look in the spring garden!!!!!

I recently did the "painting

I recently did the "painting in the rain" project with some of my patients and honest to goodness, one of the gentleman literally and actually wept when he saw his completed project. He stated, "I never in my entire 89 years thought that I could create something so beautiful." And then of course I was weeping too. He worked every day on a new project and began experimenting on his own- hidden under all those crusty coal miner layers lives a creative and beautiful spirit. I gave him an art box before he went home with all sorts of craft goodies and he wept again. So did I. Thank you for sharing the rain project so we could unlock his inner butterflies.

You are the best! xoxo!

You are the best! xoxo!

Thanks so much for mentioning

Thanks so much for mentioning me in your posting! Glad you like the lemon bars. You've been such an inspiration to me in my blogging. Keep rocking!!!

aaaw that's lovely of you to

aaaw that's lovely of you to thanks others, i love that, and yeaah it's inspirating me as well.
some of the things are thinking of my yought and some idea's are just so beautiful to try out.
thank you, for the sharing agian and the inspiration:-=D

What a beautiful tribute! I

What a beautiful tribute! I love your work and also love your inspirations! I am sure I will be creating some more things with these inspirations! Thank you for sharing!

Wow Pam !!!! I love your blog

Wow Pam !!!!
I love your blog for all the various new crafts I find!

Since I am a fairly new reader, this post makes me feel so behind.
I will send myself this post and go back to "your year".

I look forward to what you will be discovering this year.
I will tag along and try along side you.

I was so surprised to see my own photo! Thank you~*
I was inspired by Diane! Funny how that works

Pam, you are amazing!!! And

Pam, you are amazing!!! And a beautiful person!

Such talented bloggers and

Such talented bloggers and creative people! I also like that through this post (and your others in this series) we get to revisit your crafty adventures over the past year.

What an amazing list!

What an amazing list! Tagging it to peruse later. You're fantastic, Pam. xoxo